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FIC: Sanguine Revival 10/? (Spike/Darla, Spike/Dawn this chapter, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
E-MAILS: Salustra: ; Cathelin: .
TITLE: Sanguine Revival 10/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter- Spike/Dawn.
SUMMARY: This chapter:- Dawn visits Spike's crypt and gets an interesting lesson.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- ;
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SPOILERS: Through Season 5 BtVS: Fool For Love, and Season 2 Ats: Darla.
WARNINGS: Het sex, technically underage but no more so than was shown in the series. (Remember Buffy and Angel?) Mild violence.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 4,188 words.

Previous chapters are here –

Small worksafe manip beneath the cut.

Dawn is sitting in Spike’s crypt. They'd gotten Mom in for tests, and it looked like Spike was right. Which only made Buffy more grumpy than ever, and Mom is in the hospital for biopsy surgery, and Dawn can't take being alone with Buffy right now.

Spike comes into the crypt, scenting Dawn's presence. "Niblet?"

"Down here!" Dawn calls back. Spike raises an eyebrow, but heads downstairs. Dawn is sitting on the bed, knees pulled up to her chest.

"You awright, Little Bit?"

"Buffy's a bitch." Pouting childishly, she picks at the hem of her jeans.

"Tell me something I don't know. " Spike snorts. "What did she do now?" He comes over, sitting on the bed, a few feet away from her.

"You'd think she'd be thankful you were able to tell something was wrong with mom. But no, she's just being all pissy coz you were right."

Spike sighs. "C'mere, Niblet." He holds out his hands. "I wish I weren't right. I really do. Your mum's awright, you know? A nice lady."

Sniffling, she crawls closer to him. "What if the doctors can't make her better? And all Buffy seems to care about is that it's some spell to get at her."

"Well...." Spike holds Dawn close. "I know a shaman who could probably fix her. He's really good at what he does."

"Really?" Her big blue eyes fix on his hopefully.

"Yeah. Assuming we can actually *tell* your mum about it without Buffy shooting the idea down."

"Well, I guess you'll just have to tell mom when she's not around." Dawn shrugs, tucking her head beneath his chin, sure that Spike will take care of it.

"That'd work. Maybe you could distract her for a while, give me a chance to talk to your mum." He holds Dawn close, arms wrapped around her, very much aware of her. So much more aware of *everyone*, now that he's not gelded anymore.

"I could..." Dawn mumbles. Perking up she lifts her head, "I could act all shy and everything and trick her into telling me about boys, you know, about how evil boys are?"

Spike chuckles. "Oh, *that* would be good. Have her wondering if you've done something you oughtn't."

"How do you mean?" Dawn gives him a cheeky grin, "You mean like letting a boy put his hand up my skirt?"

"Yes." Spike growls a bit. "Who was putting his hand up your skirt?" Dawn just giggles coquettishly in reply as she bounces out of his arms and off the bed. Spike gets up and follows her, blocking her path. "Who?"

"Who what?" She tries to look confused, failing dismally.

"*Who* put his hand up your skirt?"

"What makes you think any of the boys at school have?"

"You just said...."

"I said *like* letting a boy put his hand up my skirt." Dawn giggles again.

"So have any of the boys at school done anything even vaguely forward with you?"

Giving him a winning smile, Dawn crosses her heart, and avoiding a proper answer says, "I promise, no boys from school have put their hands up my skirt."

"That's not an answer, young lady."

"Yes it was." Walking around him, she heads for her school bag, "Will you help me with my homework?"

"I'll help you with your schoolwork." He moved back over to the bed. "But you *still* haven't answered my question."

"I haven't?" Pulling out a couple of books, she drops them beside him on the bed. "I've got an essay on act one of The Tempest."

"No. You haven't." Spike reaches out and pulls her to him, bending her over his lap.

"Now. Have any of the boys at school touched you any place they shouldn't?"

"Depends what you mean by places they shouldn't." Wriggling in his hold, she giggles again.

"Hmm. Well..." He decides to see how far he can push things. He rubs a hand lightly over her jeans-clad ass. "How about here?"


"That's not a proper answer, young lady. You keep it up and I'll have to give you a spanking."

"Fine." She huffs. "Yes, I've had my butt pinched. And you wouldn't spank me anyway."

"Ahh, I might. I'd get a hell of a shock, but it would be worth it. Anyplace else?"

"Well...someone pinched me on the arm too."

Spike growled a bit. "The *arm* isn't someplace I'm worried about." He slid his hands under her torso, briefly cupping her breasts through her shirt. "How about there?"

Squeaking with surprise, Dawn turns her head to look up at him. Her lips quirk as she answers again with - "Maybe."

He squeezes again. "That refresh your memory any?"

She grins cheekily, "No, I haven't been pinched there."

"Has anyone else *touched* you there?"

"One boy might have."

"*Might* have?" He asks squeezes a third time again.

"Well, I'm not sure it counts...I mean, we were playing 'Seven Minutes' after all, so we had to do *something*."

"Seven Minutes? Not aware of that one, how do you play it?" He doesn't take his hands from her breasts.

"Well..." Dawn giggles as she squirms out of his hold, turning to sit in his lap properly. "The names of a boy and girl are drawn out of a bowl, and the two go into a closet or such to spend 'Seven Minutes in Heaven', of course, you have to do something, otherwise reputations get ruined."

"Ah. So you *have* been a naughty girl then."

"Not that bad." She tries to give him an innocent smile. "I mean, I've had one boy put his hand on my chest, and another on my butt. But they were really clumsy." She scrunches her nose, "I've kissed three boys altogether and none of them kissed very well, my girlfriends are much....ooops!" She slaps her hand over her mouth.

"Girlfriends?" He has a wicked gleam in his eye. "*Very* naughty."

"You won't tell mom or Buffy will you?" Dawn gives him a look of wide-eyed appeal before starting to babble, "I mean, I know Buffy never did anything with her friends and with Willow and Tara..."

"Mmm.." He grins wickedly. "I think that depends."

"Please Spike!"

"Well, I need to know if you were *really* naughty, or just lying to get attention."

" will you decide?" Dawn bites her lip nervously.

Spike runs a finger along the neckline of her shirt. "Well, if you were really naughty, as an evil nasty vampire, I of course would need to protect your secret. As I'd be sure to get blamed for it."

"I swear I wasn't lying, will I prove I wasn't?" Dawn asks, furrowing her brow. "And, why would you get the blame anyway?"

"Your sister is certain I've been corrupting you. What with all the stories I've told you, all the time you've spent here alone with me."

Crossing her arms, Dawn huffs, "She's just being a bitch to you. She doesn't really think you've been corrupting me, I'm too young. She just doesn't like you telling me scary stories."

"Niblet...Your sister was the same age as you when she and Angel...well..."

"Oh, oh yeah. I keep forgetting that, with the way she and mom talk..." Dawn sniffs with annoyance.

"So you see why Buffy worries about you being alone in a crypt with an evil vampire." Spike grins.

"I guess." Dawn giggles, "Even though, you've never actually done anything except tell scary stories. Not like the boys as school."

"True. The question is...did you ever *want* me to do anything else?"

Blushing brightly, Dawn shrugs, "Well, I don't know. I mean, you're sexy and everything, but you're my friend, and you like Buffy."

Spike sighs. "I've had an obsession about your sister, yeah. But she cured me of that pretty well a few days ago."

"Why? What'd she do?"

"Oh, the usual. Beat the crap out of me and told me I was beneath her."

"Oh my god! She's such a fucking bitch!" Horrified, Dawn throws her arms around him. "Is that why you went away?"

"Yeah, it is, Niblet. Only came back because of you and your mum."

"Really?" She mumbles into his neck.

"Yeah, really."

Tightening her arms she asks, "You won't ever leave us coz of her will you?"

"No, Niblet. I won't." He holds her close, stroking a hand over her back.


Spike purrs and rocks her against him. "I love you, pet. You and your mum both. You're the only ones ever been decent to me."

"Love you too. So does mom. You're the only one who tells us about what's really happening. The others all obey Buffy's rules about not telling us." Lifting her chin, Dawn rests it on top of his shoulder.

"I try, Niblet. I try to be honest. I may be evil, but it's much easier to tell the truth than to lie."

"You know what I think?" Dawn pulls back to smile cheekily, "I don't think you're really all that evil at all."

"You think so?" Spike grins. "So perhaps I need to do something evil, just to demonstrate it for you?"

"Like what?"

Spike moved his hand down the back of her shirt and up under the hem, touching her bare skin. "Something like that...for a start."

"Ah but that's not evil." Dawn smirks, "Or at least, no more evil than the boys at school."

Spike chuckles. "I have to start slow. You know, the bloody chip. Because you can always stop me." He starts pushing up her top now with both hands, stroking her skin.

Biting her lip, Dawn drops her eyes and starts to wriggle purposely in his lap. "What if you didn't have the chip?"

"I'd probably have you naked and pressed onto the mattress by now."

Her mouth drops open as she stares at him, " would?"

"Yes. I would. Does that shock you?"

"A bit...I mean you've never...said anything before..."

"No. Figured your sister would kill me. She probably still would, but I don't care anymore."

"I wouldn't let her." Dawn replies defiantly, eyes flashing.

Spike pushed the shirt up as far as he could, sliding his hands around to cup over her breasts inside their lacy cups. "Think about it, though, Niblet. All the time you've spent here, the nights I've shadowed you when you snuck out. Ask your sister about how Angel followed her around, see if the story doesn't sound familiar."

Smirking, Dawn raises her arms slowly, "But she can't use it against you can she, after all, she asked you to protect me, watch over me. Plus, in the world of Buffy - you were only doing it to get in her pants."

"Oh, I'm sure she still could hold it against me." He lifts her shirt off her. He leans down to kiss the top swell of each breast. "But I don't care."

"You don't?" Dawn whispers, moving around in his lap until she's straddling his thighs.

"No. I want you too much."

"Really?" Tentatively, she rests her hands on his shoulders.

"Yeah." He strokes his fingers over her lace-covered breasts, his thumbs moving in circles over her nipples.

Parting her legs, Dawn sinks deeper onto his lap, gasping as she comes into contact with his groin. "Oh! You're...are you?"

"Yes. I want you, Dawn. But the choice is all yours. I can't *make* you do anything."

Blushing, Dawn drops her eyes, "I...I don't know, I mean, it's not like I've done very much with a guy before. And...and, you seem..." She rocks her hips lightly against him, "You seem... bigger than..."

"Well, yes. I am. Though there's lots of things we can do short of that." Spike grins. "I know *lots* of naughty things to do."

"You do?" Dawn looks back up curiously.

"I do."

"Like what?"

"We could spend all night listing them off, Little Bit."

"Well, maybe you could tell me about a few of them?"

"For a start...I can do very interesting things with my tongue." Spike grins.

"Your tongue?" Dawn asks, wide eyed.

"Yes. It's rather longer than normal. And I can use it between your thighs in ways that will have you moaning and screaming."

Shivering, Dawn finds her gaze drawn helplessly to his mouth. "C...can I see?" Spike chuckles again, opening his mouth, letting his tongue press out to its full length. "Oh... my... god..." Dawn whispers.

Spike pulls it back it. "So would you like to find out what I can do with it?"

Dawn gathers herself enough to give him a 'duh' look. "Like I'm gonna say no."

"Well that's the point, luv. You *can*." He reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, revealing her lovely breasts.

"*I'm* not the stupid Summers sister." Dawn replies with a small snort, crossing her arms beneath her bare breasts, pushing them up. Spike leans forward and twirls her tongue around one of her nipples. "Oh!" Dawn gasps at the feel of his cool tongue, her hands automatically coming up to rest on his shoulders again. He pulls her nipple into his mouth, gently pressing his teeth against it.

Gasping again, Dawn arches her back, pressing against his mouth. His mouth moved to her other breast, repeating the process, as his fingers pulled and teased on the abandoned nipple.

"Th...that feels nice..." Dawn murmurs, one hand sliding into the short hairs at the back of his head.

"Just nice?"

"No, more than nice." Licking her lips, Dawn rocks her hips in slight movements. Spike purrs, letting the vibrations dance over her nipple. Squeaking at that, she shivers hard. His hands slide down to her jeans, unsnapping and unzipping them. Sliding them down. The cool air of the crypt against her hips and thighs causes Dawn to shiver again.

"You're so beautiful, sweet girl."

"I am?" Dawn asks quietly, shyly.

"You are. Very beautiful."

"Wow." She whispers, blushing brightly. She's always believed that her looks could never match up to her sister. Buffy had always been one of the popular girls until she was Called, Dawn had always been one of the 'odd' group at school.

His hands slide over her hips, and he lifts his head to kiss her lips. With a small moan, Dawn melts into him. She opens her mouth to his kiss with eagerness.

"Sweet as candy," he whispers when he finally breaks the kiss.

"Huh?" Breathless, Dawn blinks at him. Her cheeks and lips are flushed, and her blue eyes are starting to glaze. She's never been kissed like that before.

"You are sweet as candy."

"Oh." She flushes again, the rosy colour spreading down her neck and onto the top of her chest. "Th...thanks."

"You're quite welcome."

" else? Were you going to tell me about that we can do?" Dawn drops her eyes shyly as she asks.

"I thought you wanted a demonstration of my tongue first." He grinned wickedly at her.

"Oh. Oh yes." She nods and giggles a little, nervously. He purrs and starts kissing down the center of her body. A kiss at a time, moving closer and closer to her delicate sex. Dawn's hand flexes where it rests on his shoulder, her small nails digging in slightly.

As he works his way downwards, she tries to shift a little on his lap, the jeans bunched around her making it awkward and her balance wavers. Spike lays her back and works the jeans down. "You trust me, sweet girl?"

"Always." Dawn replies simply, eyes wide and trusting as she looks up at him.
He lowers his mouth between her thighs and kisses over the delicate lips, and then licks up and down them.

"Ooo!" Squeaking, Dawn grips her fingers into the bedclothes beneath her. "Oh!" Spike purrs a little as he presses his tongue between her lips, sliding it up and down before flicking across her clit. He's actually wanted to taste her for a while. He never thought he would have the chance.

Eyes open wide as she stares at the ceiling, Dawn pants and shivers. She it would Spike moves his tongue down and into her. Short thrusts, as he can feel her maidenflesh there, still intact, then back to her clit.

Lifting her head, Dawn looks down to meet Spike's eyes. Her thighs are shaking the tiniest amount from pleasure. He looks back at her, lifting one hand to thread fingers with hers. Such sweetness, such strength. Dawn starts to rock her hips instinctively, mewling quietly.

Opening her legs further she tries to press herself closer to his mouth. His tongue curls and flicks and works on her clit, over and over, pushing her closer to climax. He occasionally presses back into her, tasting her juices, but without pressing past her maidenhead he can't get in deep enough to give her more than marginal pleasure there.

Moaning his name, Dawn clenches her fingers where they're threaded with his. She starts to squirm as she draws closer to orgasm, the feel of his cool tongue on her heated flesh is incredible. His other hand slides up her body, cupping her breast, thumb rubbing her nipple as his assault on her clit redoubles.

Arching helplessly, she whimpers loudly. She can feel the tightening in her stomach as she draws close to climax, gasping for breath she starts to writhe. He keeps flicking, starting to purr, letting her feel that on her clit and pushing her closer and closer. Wanting to see her.

"OH GOD!" Screaming as she comes, Dawn bucks hard, her thighs trying to close.
Spike let her press her thighs on him. He didn't need to breathe, and feeling her on him was delicious. As was the taste of her sweet juices on his tongue as he lapped them up.

Gasping desperately for breath, Dawn mewls and shakes through her release. Her mind feels muzzy with pleasure, her only thought 'Ohgodohgodohgod...'

He keeps licking, cleaning away the traces of her climax. Letting her shake and then relax. He moves back up her body to kiss her, and stroke her hair. His other hand is still curled with hers. "My sweet girl. I want to make you feel like that over and over again."

"Oh God." Dawn mewls again, shivering at the thought. She's never come so hard in her life, had no idea it could feel so incredibly intense. Spike chuckles softly and kisses her.

Moaning, Dawn returns the kiss eagerly. She gasps against his mouth as she realizes she can taste herself on his lips and tongue. He holds her close. "I will, you know. If you let me. Make you feel better than you ever imagined."

"Let...let me think on that..." Dawn giggles breathlessly. After a few seconds she continues, "Hell yeah!" He chuckles, kissing her again.

Upstairs, there is a slam as the door of the crypt is forced open. "SPIKE!" Buffy's voice screeches.

Spike groans. "You stay here, pet, I'll deal with her." He gets up, heading up the stairs before Buffy can come down. Dawn nods fearfully, scrambling under the covers as he climbs the ladder.

"Spike! Where are you?" Buffy screeches again kicking the side of his TV and knocking it over.

"Keep your pants on, Slayer. Here I am. Can't a vampire take a nap in peace?"

Buffy just glares at him or a moment before storming over and thumping him on the nose. "OW!" He grabs his nose and falls back. "What now?"

"I want to know what the hell you're playing at." Buffy practically snarls.

"What? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"It was you wasn't it? You did this spell to make her sick!" She raises her fist again.

Spike puts up his hands. "No, how the bloody fuck would I do that? I'm no sorcerer, and I've no bloody money to pay anyone to do it, even assuming I'd *want* to hurt your mum. She's nice to me."

"Because you want to hurt me! Because I won't sleep with you!" Nobody had ever said that the slayer was one for making much sense, especially when she's upset.

"If I could cast a spell to hurt someone, Slayer, it wouldn’t be your *mum*. It'd be you."

"See!" Buffy screeches, "You admit that you want to hurt me!"

"Yes. *You*. Only fair, after how you treated me. But I'd sooner cut off my own arm that hurt your mum."

"But..." Buffy falters for a moment. "If it wasn't you..."

"S'not a spell. She's sick. It happens. The docs can hopefully fix her, now they know."

"But I'm the slayer...normal things *don't* happen to us."

"Your mum isn't a Slayer. And normal things happen to normal people all the time."

"But..." Sniffling, she wraps her arms around her waist.

"I know. It shouldn't. Your mum is one of the good ones." The old Spike of a few days ago would have tried to comfort her, tried to hug her. But not now.

"What if the doctors can't fix it?"

Spike nodded. "I know of a shaman that could maybe help. I can give you his name, Giles can check him out, you don't have to trust me. I know you don't trust me. But he's respected, big clinic and all."

"A shaman? Isn't that like what gypsies are?" Buffy looks at him confused, she really doesn't trust gypsies, not after finding out the truth about Angel's curse.

Spike shook his head. "No. Native American type."

"Oh. Ok. Well, I'll ask Giles."

"Good. So, anything else? Need to rough me up for information?"

"No. Just..." Huffing with annoyance, Buffy storms towards the door. "Just behave yourself fangless."

"Don't I always?" He grins cheekily at her.

"Moron." With a last huff, she flounces out the door, slamming it behind her.

Spike lets out a little sigh of relief as she leaves. He climbs back down the stairs, forgetting about the little trickle of blood from the blow to his face. "All clear, Niblet."

Dawn pops out from beneath the bedcovers with a grin. Her grin drops quickly from her face "Oh god Spike! You're bleeding."

"I am?" Then he remembers, picking up a rag and wiping it away. "Nothing, Niblet. From your sister, *this* was practically a love tap."

"She's such a bitch. Sometimes I wish..." Dawn trails off as she throws herself back down on the mattress.

"Wish what?"

"That she'd just go away and leave me and mom alone. I wish we'd moved back to LA when she started college." Frowning angrily, Dawn cross her arms over her chest.

"She's horrible to me, and rude to mom, and downright nasty to you."

Spike strokes a hand over Dawn's back. "Yeah, Niblet, I know."

Sighing, she kneels up and wraps her arms around his neck. Spike hugs her close and kisses her gently. "Nothing to do for it, I suppose, but hang about and hope things get better."

"I guess." Resting her head on his shoulder she presses in close. "Good job she didn't know I was here though huh?"

"*Very* good. She'd've just staked me on the spot."

"Didn't sound like she was far off anyway." Dawn replies angrily. "What did she *want* anyway?"

"What she usually wants. Use me to work off her hostilities."

"Bitch." Dawn mumbles.

"That's the word, yes." That coaxes a smile from Dawn and she giggles a little.

After a moment she reluctantly pulls away. "I suppose I should be going...?"

"For today, probably a good idea. But you can always come back tomorrow. If you're wanting another lesson, that is?"

"Oh yes please!" She flushes brightly as she realizes exactly how eager that sounded.

Spike chuckles softly, caressing one heated cheek. "That's good. Because I'm really wanting to keep teaching you. And touching you."

Shivering she leans into his touch. "I...I'm glad. I want you to too."

He smiles and kisses her again. "You'd better get dressed and go, before I change my mind and get us both in a lot of trouble today."

Biting her lip, Dawn nods and pulls away, reaching for her clothes. It's obvious that she'd much rather stay here, but she knows that she should get back, if only so that her mom doesn't worry. Spike watches her dress, savoring the last glimpses of her body before she's covered again.

"So, you're gonna tell mom about that shaman right?" She asks as she slips on her shoes.

"Yes. I'll tell her, and I'll give the name to Giles so he can check it out."

"Cool. Did you wanna come over tonight?"

"I'll come by at least to talk to you and your mum. If your sister will let me in the door, that is."

"She'd better." Dawn's face is tight with determination. "Else I'll...I'll...hurt Mr. Gordo."

Spike chuckles. "Good for you." He pulls her in close for one last, lingering kiss. "You be a good girl, I'll see you later."

"Ok." She smiles brightly before fetching her schoolbag and starting up the ladder. "See you later."

Spike watches as she leaves, not really wanting to let her go. But after she's gone, he pulls out his newly-acquired cell phone and dials Darla.

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