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Sanguine Revival 4/? (Spike/Darla/OC, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
E-MAILS: Salustra: ; Cathelin: .
TITLE: Sanguine Revival 4/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter- Spike/Darla/OC
SUMMARY: This chapter- Spike gets the chip out, and he and Darla show the doctor their gratitude.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- ;
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SPOILERS: Through Season 5 BtVS: Fool For Love, and Season 2 Ats: Darla.
WARNINGS: Het sex, threesome(m/m/f), oral sex, dual penetration.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 5,114 Words.

Walking into the Doctor's surgery Darla stands to one side, holding the door open. Spike dashes quickly into the room, pulling back the blanket as he gets in out of the sun with a relieved sigh. Shutting the door behind him she looks around them. The room is painted a pleasant light cream, with a number of fake windows painted on the walls. The furniture is comfortable and modern. Nodding at the receptionist she motions for Spike to approach her.

Spike walks up to the young woman. " Here t'see the doc. William Aurelius."

She looks up at Spike with an amiable smile. "Yes, Mr. Aurelius. The doctor is expecting you. Please go in."

Spike looks back at Darla. Smiling encouragingly she takes his arm. "Is it ok if I go in too?" She asks the receptionist.

"Of course Madam."

As they walk away the receptionist gives Spike a once over, she sighs, "Why are all the best ones dead or gay?"

Inside the office a young-looking Native American man sits, with lovely dark skin and long black hair hanging to his waist. He looks up as Spike and Darla enter.

Walking over to the desk Darla holds out her hand. "Dr Whiteagle. A pleasure." She purrs. "Darla Aurelius. This is William." Taking Spike's hand she draws him forwards.

The doctor nods. "Darla. William. Call me John. Please, sit down." He gestures to the chairs. His voice is rich and warm.

Spike sits in the offered chair. Settling in the other chair Darla gives Spike's hand a squeeze. "Thank you John." She smiles. "Dr Melman told you of William's case?"

The doctor nods. "He did. Very challenging. It helps that William is...unliving. Simplifies the procedure greatly, no blood pressure to worry about. But I can do it. "

"You have done something similar before?"

"Close enough. Removed inoperable brain tumors from living patients. Much trickier procedure."

Turning to Spike she asks him "Didn't you say you approached a doctor before?"

Spike nods. "Yeah. He cut my head open and pretended to take it out, but din't."

"Why didn't he take it out?" Darla frowns.

"He din't want me free. He was one of the docs that put it in."

The doctor shakes his head. "Shocking lack of morals. One should never limit another's free will."

"Human's have never been all that brilliant at morals. The only free will they're interested in is their own," Darla says in disgust. "No offence meant of course."

"None taken. I'm sure the doctor in question was white."

Spike nods.

"The white man has never cared about the interests of those different from himself. My people understand oppression."

"Of course." Darla murmurs. "I remember how it was in my early life in Pennsylvania. I heard about the things that were done to your people - shocking."

The doctor nods back. "So. There's just the matter of my fee." He writes a figure on a piece of paper and passes it to Spike. Spike looks at it and nods. "Bank transfer acceptable?"

The doctor smiles. "Of course. I'll give you the account number. You can use my phone." Spike takes the phone and arranges the transfer.

Darla takes a peek at the fee. Totally acceptable in the circumstances. "Can you tell us about the procedure and when you can do it?"

"As for when...right now. Basically I use psychic harmonics to penetrate the bones and flesh and grab the object that doesn't belong and pull it out without disturbing the flesh."

"It is quick then? So that the chip cannot fire, or anything else, before you remove it?" She asks seriously.

The doctor nods. "Very quick."

"Good." Darla sighs in relief.

"We'll need to do a CAT scan first, of course, to precisely locate the chip. But then we can set up and do the procedure right away."

Looking at Spike, Darla asks him if that's ok. Spike nods as he is talking to the bank in German, making the transfer arrangements. The doctor smiles and gets up to go arrange for the CAT scan.

Waiting until Spike finishes on the phone Darla slides into his lap. "In a few hours you'll be free, able to hunt, to do what ever you want."

Spike purrs and nuzzles against Darla's neck. "Yeah. Free." He looks up at Darla with glittering eyes. "Free to do whatever I want."

Licking along his jaw she breathes "I wanna watch you hunt. Watch you seduce a pretty little thing and drink her down as you fuck her."

Spike growls and hardens, squeezing Darla tight to him. "God, Darla. Would love that."

Giggling excitedly she wriggles in his lap as she gives him a quick kiss before returning to her own seat just before the doctor returns.

"If you're ready," the doctor says entering the room. "We can do the scan now. Follow me please," He says gesturing out into the hall for them to precede him.

Spike gets up, pulling Darla with him, as they go back through the corridors. The doctor stops at one spot. "Take off your watches and anything with a magnetic strip or electronic. The field wipes them." There are some lockboxes on the wall and the doctor opens three of them, putting his own watch and wallet in one of them.

Locking her bag into one Darla stands back waiting. Spike gets rid of wallet and watch and his gameboy and a few other small electronic devices and locks it. He's the last to finish, and they proceed. They get to an anteroom.

The doctor nods at Spike. "You'll need to strip. There's a side room, you can put on a gown there."

Spike grins. "No need." He pulls off his clothes, striding into the CAT scan room itself and laying down on the table. Darla smirks at the thought of Spike in a backless hospital gown as she takes a seat in the anteroom. No wonder he decided to just go naked.

The doctor and the attendants all can't help but stare at Spike's naked perfection.
Clearing his throat the doctor turns to the attendant "Right, hmm yes. Start the scan please."

The attendant straps Spike's head in place and pushes him into the machine. The technician starts the machine and there is a loud repeated banging sound as the machine starts to work.

Darla jumps at the first bang and watches carefully. She can't help but feel nervous. What if the chip has damaged his brain tissues?

The doctor is watching the scan carefully as it emerges, periodically taking a peek at Spike's naked body, still visible. "Perfect," he whispers softly.

"What was that?" Asked Darla, noticing that he spoke. "Is there something wrong?"

The doctor blushes and shakes his head. "No. Just an observation. So far no problems at all." Noticing the blush Darla raises her eyebrows, smirking a little. It was always the same story, wherever Spike goes, people can't help but stare and drool over him.

The scan continues. Spike hates the noise. To his sensitive ears, it’s more than irritating. He shuts down almost completely, trying to block it out. After what seems an eternity, it stops.

The doctor stares at the screen, apparently memorizing it. He nods after he has it fixed in his memory. "It'll be no problem to remove it. There's no damage. Whoever put it in did a very excellent job of penetrating the tissues without damaging them."

Smiling with relief Darla says "Well at least they can do *something* right."

The doctor's eyes are drawn to Spike again. "They seem to have."

Standing she comes to stand beside the doctor, "So you can remove it now?"

The doctor nods. "Yes. We'll take him to my operating room now."

The attendant lets Spike go and he walks back to the anteroom. He grins at the doctor and comes over to him, brushing against him. "I'll be sure and thank you afterwards, doc. *Real* nice."

His voice is full of promise and the doctor shivers. "Yes. Well." He clears his throat and Spike chuckles and starts pulling on his clothes. Smirking again at Spike's flirting Darla looks the doctor over from head to toe. Very nice. Hmm perhaps they *could* have some fun with him afterwards.

Once Spike is dressed again, the doctor leads them through the halls once more. They come into a very serene room, painted in blues with stylized animal figures on the walls. There is a soft pile of furs and skins on the center of the floor, and a woven basket and a number of earthenware containers. Entering the room Darla can almost feel the tension ebb out of her body. It was going to be ok.

Spike grins at the doctor. "Do I need to strip again?"

The doctor smiles. "Well...quite is easier if you do. I have to, at any rate." The doctor starts removing his clothes and sets them aside, going to the basket and taking out several small pots, and starts to paint himself.

Spike raises an appreciative eyebrow. The doctor is quite handsome, muscular and dark, and that long hair ripples in dark waves across his back. Spike strips off his own clothes as well.

Darla watches appreciatively as both men strip off. The doctor's skin is a lovely pale caramel color where Spike is milky pale. She moans quietly at the thought of being between them.

The doctor looks up at Spike. "Lay on the furs, please." Spike stretches out on the furs, his perfect form like a pearl on the soft furs. He writhes a little, luxuriating in the feel.

The doctor looks down at Spike as he finishes painting up. "Such a sensual creature, aren't you? So close to your feelings."

Spike nods and looks back at the doctor. "Yeah. All my kind are."

Eyes fixing on the sight of the doctor’s heavy cock as he kneels beside Spike Darla feels heat gathering in her abdomen and thinks 'Spike was right, we shall have to thank him very nicely.' Moving over to the wall she leans against it.

The doctor smiles. "We'll begin now. Just hold still, eyes closed." Spike obediently closes his eyes, and the doctor starts chanting. Power gathers around him, and his body starts to shimmer. His hand and arm vibrates and becomes a blur. He plunges it into Spike's head and pulls it right back out, and then he becomes all solid again. He unclenches his fist and inside it a small silicon chip.

Darla jumps at the sudden movement. As he unclenches his fist she moves forward. "Is that it? It's tiny."

The doctor nods. "That's it." Spike moans and opens his eyes. "Wasn't bad. Kinda tingled."

Taking the chip Darla holds it between her thumb and forefinger, smiling cruelly she says, "May we take it with us? I have an idea what to do with this."

"Of course."

Spike lifts up off the furs just a bit on his elbows. "Darla. Why don't you take off your clothes and join the good doctor and me in nakedness?"

"Why William. What a delightful idea. After all we should make sure the doctor is aware exactly how thankful we are." Dropping the chip into her bag, she pulls her soft silk shirt up over head. Unzipping her skirt she lets it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it she walks towards them, hips swaying, dressed only in a peach lace bra and g-string.

Dropping to her knees behind the doctor she presses close to his back. "We are you know" she whispers in his ear, "*Very* thankful."

The doctor shivers as Darla presses against him. "So it seems."

"Will you let us *thank* you?" She asks breathily.

Spike gets up on his knees and pushes against the doctor from the front, tangling a pale hand in his black hair and kissing him. "Very grateful." The doctor is hardening fast, as they sandwich him.

The doctor nods in answer to Darla's question. "Oh yes."

"Oh good." She purrs slipping her hands around his waist to stroke over the muscles of his chest and stomach.

John moans. "Oh yes, very good." He slides one hand over Spike's back and reaches the other behind him to stroke over Darla's belly.

The doctor's long hair tickles delightfully over Darla's skin. Slipping off her bra she presses her breasts against him, moaning at the feel of his silky locks rubbing over her nipples.

Spike looks at Darla over John's shoulder. "How shall we thank the good doctor?"

"Hmm" Darla pondered this for a moment. "Maybe we should just let him lie back and let someone else do all the work for a change. Would you like that John?"

John nods, licking his lips. "Yes. Very much."

Spike and Darla guide him down to lie against the furs. Looking at each other they grin. Spike leans back over and kisses him again and slides his hands down over John's belly, who moans and presses against Spike's hands.

Moving downwards Darla runs her hands over his feet and shins, up to his knees. Coming to his thighs she starts to knead the muscles. John arches and shivers as he feels Darla's hands on him as well. Two such beautiful beings tending to him... it's a good day to be a doctor.

Bending down Darla starts to press wet kisses to the skin of his thighs as her hands slide up to his hips and around to cup his tight ass. Spike moves down to lick and kiss on his throat. John arches. It's a vampire, one he has just freed, but he has only the tiniest reflex of fear. He moans loudly as Darla kisses his thighs and cups his ass.

Moving upwards centimeter by centimeter along his thighs Darla eventually gets to his hips where she laves her tongue over his hip bones, one side and then the other, moving inwards slightly each time.

"Ohhhh fuck," John groans.

Spike chuckles. "I can get to that later if you'd like." He keeps brushing his fingertips over the doctor's upper body, finding all his little sensitive spots.

Pushing John's legs apart a little, Darla settles one leg between them. Sliding down she starts to rub her silk covered crotch against his shin as she blows warm air over his cock and balls. John whimpers and moans. "Ohhh yes, please." His hips twitching a bit in response to Darla's teasing.

Spike looks down and smiles at Darla as his mouth finds one dark nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Holding Spike's eyes she moves her face downwards, opening her mouth and hovering over John’s scrotum. After a moment she lets her tongue trail over his balls.

Spike smiles and slides down to join her. He starts licking up and down John's erect cock, then does obscene little patterns with his tongue over the sensitive head. Taking one ball into her mouth Darla sucks hard, flickering her tongue over the surface. Letting it go with a pop she moves to do the same to the other.

John's hands clench in the furs, even as Spike moves down swiftly to take all of his rather generous member into his mouth, sucking and licking and curling his long tongue around the shaft. "Oh FUCK!"

As Spike moves up John's shaft once more, Darla trails her tongue up the vein on the underside until she meets Spike's tongue on the crown. Twining her tongue around his she shares a tongue heavy kiss, the hard shaft held between their mouths. It's all John can do not to buck up off the furs. "Sweet Maker!"

Wrapping her hand around his cock Darla holds it upright as she and Spike take it in turns to lick up and down and around, dipping into the slit and lapping away the precum.

John pants and moans as they work over his shaft, lifting up to watch the beautiful sight. This is almost too much to believe, a fever dream, too good to be true.

Meeting the doctor’s gaze Darla takes the head into her small mouth, moving down his shaft until her jaws are stretched around his cock. Stopping there she holds still as long as she can, sucking and tonguing and moaning.

John keeps his eyes on Darla's blue eyes, and on her face, seeing her lips around his shaft and her mouth stretched and filled. He groans and fights not to buck.

Pulling up slowly she laps at the slit before moving back down. When his shaft is almost touching the back of the throat she pauses a moment, breathing deeply through her nose before she quickly forces her mouth down that extra bit until she gags hard around the head of his cock, knowing the tightness will be exquisite.

John shudders. "Oh god Darla. Can't hold out much longer..."

Pulling up she gasps for air "Good." Taking his cock back into her mouth she forces her mouth down again until she gags once, twice, three times, eyes watering.

John can't hold out. He bucks and releases, shooting hot seed down her throat, his whole body shaking and shuddering. As he starts to cum she pulls off his shaft, lapping at the shots of jism, directing them at her mouth and Spike's.

Spike takes the shots that come his way. He keeps an eye on the doctor as well, his face blissful. Very nice. As John drops back down to the floor Darla moves to take Spike's lips in a cummy kiss. Spike kisses Darla hard, licking at her mouth and stroking hands over her body.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she arches into his touch. "Lube?" she gasps out.

Spike reaches into the pocket of his duster and pulls out a tube. Giggling Darla makes a comment about boy scouts and being prepared.

"Always," Spike says. "Never know when you might get a chance for a good buggering."

Kissing him once more she moves into position on hands and knees, arms on either side of John's hips. "Tell me John. Do you believe in always being prepared?"

Lowering her upper body she starts running her breasts over his half hard cock. Taking it in one hand she rubs the tip over her nipples as she strokes up and down the shaft firmly. John starts to harden again and nods, looking at her, unable to quite form words. He thought the blowjob was more than enough thanks. He can scarcely believe there is more.

"And are you?" She asks stumbling over the next words, unfamiliar as they are, "Do you have... any ... condoms?"

John nods. " my pocket."

Standing Darla walks over to his pile of clothes. Retrieving the condom she fumbles with the packet as she rejoins them. Spike takes the packet and tears it with expert fingers, working it over John's erect cock.

Smiling thankfully at him Darla blinks back a few tears at the reminder of her illness. It wouldn't be safe for John to have sex with her without a condom and she doesn't like the thought of him being ill because of her.

Spike looks up at Darla, curious as to what is upsetting her. He reaches a hand over and strokes it over her face. Taking his hand she kisses the palm, shaking her head slightly. "Later." She murmurs.

He nods. "So wot did you have in mind for the good doctor next?"

Leaning down she whispers in his ear, just loud enough for John to hear, "I want you both in me."

John opens his eyes wide. "Darla," He says, licking his lips.

"Yes John?" She says turning to him and moving back down onto her hands and knees.

"Could you...face me?" He reaches up and strokes hands over her skin. "You're so beautiful. Both of you, so beautiful and perfect."

Dropping her lashes Darla replies coyly "Thank you." Bringing her hands up she runs them down his chest, from shoulders down over his pecs and onto his stomach. "You're not so bad yourself." He moans and presses into her touch, arching to bring his body closer to hers.

Meanwhile Spike maneuvers behind her, sliding one lube-slicked finger into her. Moaning quietly Darla arches her body so that her breasts brush over John's chest as her hips push against Spike's probing finger. John reaches his hands to cup her breasts as he leans his head up to kiss her. Spike strokes his free hand over Darla's back as he works the finger in and out of her.

Angling her head Darla kisses him back deeply, shivering as Spike's hand caresses her spine. Reaching down she curls the fingers of one hand around his cock, stroking from root to tip. John groans and pushes into her grip. He kisses her in slow, soft kisses, pulling back to let her breathe and then kissing again. His hands, with their long strong fingers, caress her breasts and play across her nipples.

Moaning as his warm hands cup her breasts, clever fingers on her peaked nipples, she moves her hips to straddle his, lowering to brush the head of his cock over her opening. Spike works a second finger into Darla, thrusting and stretching, moving with her movements. John groans and bucks up a bit with his hips, wanting to be inside Darla.

Lowering her hips another couple of inches she guides his cock inside her. Using her muscles she squeezes his cock as she rises back up. Smirking she repeats the motion, moving another inch downwards each time.

"Oh Darla please!" He groans. The teasing is almost unbearable, those muscles grabbing him and squeezing him tightly each time. Spike pushes a third finger into Darla, chuckling just a little at her teasing.

Taking pity on him she slides all the way down on him, seating herself fully and rocking forward to allow Spike's fingers access. Moaning she gasps out her encouragement for him to hurry.

Spike slicks his cock once he sees Darla is settled on John's cock, and starts to push into her, feeling John's hard cock just on the other side of that delicate wall of flesh. Darla cries out, clutching at John's broad shoulders and groaning loudly as Spike's cock stretches her, filling her ass while her cunt is already full.

Spike groans, holding Darla's hips as he pushes in slowly. John reaches one hand to stroke Spike's side and back as the other still caresses Darla's breasts. Gasping, Darla can feel her muscles clenching at the fullness and the slow burn of the stretch. As Spike's balls come to rest against her ass she sighs as she lays down on John's chest, keeping her knees up high and spreading herself to the dual penetration.

John moves his hand up to her face, stroking her cheek, kissing her, as he starts to move in and out of her. Spike matches his movements, so Darla is emptied and then filled over and over again by the both of them.

Whimpering Darla sucks on his tongue as her body shivers with pleasure and her fingers loosen their grip, massaging now over the bones and muscles of his shoulders and upper arms.

Spike moans and kisses on Darla's back. John groans at Darla's touch. "So good, your hands so soft, and it feels so good being inside you."

Mewling she drops her head to nuzzle and mouth at his the skin of his neck. "So good."

"Love that you're feeling so good." John nuzzles into her hair.

Spike purrs against the back of her neck. "Sweet Darla." Bracing her hands against the floor her hands grip the furs. Lifting herself slightly she starts to thrust back against them, her hips rocking up and down, meeting first one then the other.

They both buck harder into her, matching her motions. Their excitement and arousal grow, their hands moving to stroke over her skin and over each other's. "Yess." She hisses. "Take me."

Their motions get more and more frenzied. The three of them become a tangle of arms and legs and stroking hands and licking and sucking and kissing. Whimpering and groaning Darla claws at the furs, her body writhing between their hard bodies as they thump into her. Her breathing becomes labored as her eyes roll back in her head and she arches hard in orgasm, choking on a scream.

The two of them let go within a few beats after her orgasm, as she tightens on both of them and milks them hard. They thump and buck and bury inside her, holding her close. Darla shrieks as they buck hard into her, their cum spurting into her, cool and warm, and she slams into a second orgasm on the tail of the first.

Spike and John hold her close between them, kissing her, stroking her, as they all come down slowly from their mutual releases.

Her body relaxes and Darla slumps down against John, breath gasping and heart hammering. As she lies there weakly, a sudden sharp pain in her chest causes her to arch up and cry out, hand over her heart.

Spike grabs Darla, pulling him to her. "Darla!"

Clinging to Spike's supporting arms as he pulls her close she gasps out "Pills... in... my... purse."

Spike scrambles for the purse and pulls out the pills, putting one of them under her tongue. He recognizes them. Nitro. "Oh, luv, your heart. We've got t'take care of you soon."

Still grimacing in pain she leans against him as the pill quickly dissolves in her mouth. Spike holds her close, rocking her against him. "I'll take care of you."

As the pain eases she wraps her arms around his waist. "I know Will. I'm sure you will." She murmurs against his chest.

John looks on, concerned. "Something perhaps I can help with?" He's genuinely concerned for the blonde beauty.

Looking at the doctor Darla hesitates a moment before speaking, "When my Sire turned me originally I was dying of syphilis. It seems that when Wolfram and Hart decided to play god and pull me out of hell into a human body, the illness passed over into this new form. The syphilis itself they've been able to treat, but not the damage to my heart."

"Ahh," John says, pain in his voice. "Not within my power, I'm afraid." He looks at Spike, then back at Darla. He has a pretty good idea of how Spike intends to treat her. "I think I've done the best for you I can be treating William."

"I understand." Darla nods, "And we are thankful that you've been able, and willing, to help William."

John nods. "It's been my privilege. Had I known..." He looks down.

Darla frowns as he trails of. "Known what?"

"If I had known why you needed the chip out, I probably wouldn't have charged."

Darla blinks, extremely surprised. Looking up at Spike she gives him a perplexed look before moving over to wrap her arms around the kindly doctor. "It wasn't the only reason. And we were happy to pay. We were surprised that you were willing at all, since you are human."

"I don't believe in discriminating against demons. Predators are meant to walk the earth. Vampires have as much right to hunt as wolves or bears. They're predators of man, same as wolves and bears hunt the deer and the elk."

"That is a truth many human's don't wish to face." Darla points out. Taking his face between her hands she kisses him softly. "You are a wonderful man John Whiteagle."

John smiles back and kisses her, letting his hair fall like a curtain around them. "And you're an exceptional woman, Darla."

"Thank you." She says blushing, without artifice.

He looks over at Spike, who has moved close to join the embrace. "And you as well, William. I would be honored to keep knowing you both."

"It is an honor we would be happy to experience in return," Speaks Darla formally. "William and I are seeking to make Aurelius strong once more, and good friends can only help in that endeavor."

John nods and extends his arm to hug Spike to him as well. With a little chuckle, he says, "Well, I think we are well on the way to being friends."

Darla giggles as the tension dissipates from the room. Spike laughs as well. "I like you John. Aside from being gorgeous, you've got a sense of humor. My favorite human trait."

Cuddled up to both men Darla sighs gently. The moment is spoiled by the sound of her cell phone. Pulling away with a pout she moves to retrieve it from her purse. "Hello? Lindsey? What is it?"

Frowning Darla meets Spike's eyes. "Ok. We'll meet you back there." Hanging up the phone she drops it into her purse with a moue of annoyance.

Spike sighs. "What is it now, my lovely?"

"Holland is causing problems. He wants to know what I'm doing about Angel." She replies dropping back down onto the furs.

Spike growls. "Angel. Bloody thorn in our side."

Reaching out she smoothes one hand down his spine to calm him. "We should go," She says, sounding a little disappointed. "We don't want John getting mixed up in our problems with Wolfram and Hart, and I'm sure he has other patients to see."

Spike nods. "You're right." He brings Darla's clothes to her and John's to him before pulling on his own.

Quickly dressing in her skirt and shirt Darla reaches out to kiss John once more. "Thank you again."

John kisses back. "No, thank *you*. Both of you." Spike comes over to claim his kiss as well. "The most memorable surgery of my life, I can guarantee that."

Picking up her purse and Spike's coat she hands the coat to him smiling at the doctor. "We'll *definitely* be in touch."

Spike grins and nods, grabbing another quick and passionate kiss. "And an extra thanks from me, doc."

John flushes a bit, shifting in his jeans. "I look forward to both of you being 'in touch' with me again."

Shaking her head at Spike's antics Darla walks over to the door opening it. Giggling at John's reply she turns to say, "I'm *very* glad that you are."

John escorts them both to the door of the office, watching as they both walk away.

Spike wraps an arm around Darla's waist. "I have t'say I *like* Lindsey's referral."

Throwing back her head Darla laughs delightedly at his words as they head for the car.

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