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Sanguine Revival 8/? (Spike/Darla/Lindsey, Spike/Darla, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
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TITLE: Sanguine Revival 8/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter- Spike/Darla/Lindsey, Spike/Darla.
SUMMARY: This chapter:- More Lindsey torment. Spike and Darla plan (OMG! A plot driven scene!)
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SPOILERS: Through Season 5 BtVS: Fool For Love, and Season 2 Ats: Darla.
WARNINGS: Het sex, oral sex, bloodplay, voyeurism, bdsm, humiliation, ass play.
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Length: 5,914 words

Small worksafe manip beneath the cut.

Lindsey stirs in his bed as he hears the door open. He looks at the drawn shades, and the clock. They just barely beat the sunrise home. He's slept, at least, spent after being allowed to cum. And the tube is much more comfortable than that metal contraption.

Darla giggles as she falls through the door behind Spike. Her eyes are bright and she's more than a little tipsy. "Shhh. Mustn't wake the pet." She whispers, too loudly.

Spike chuckles holding Darla to him. They'd made a few minions and settled them into a makeshift lair. They were drunk on blood, as well as the alcohol and drugs in the blood of those they'd taken.

Pressing herself against him, Darla rubs her cheek against his peaked nipple through his shirt before turning her head and nipping it through the material. Her body's humming from drinking so much of Spike's blood, making her feel feverish.

Spike moans. "Time for the pet to get up anyway. Should we torment him before we sleep, or just push him onto a cushion on the floor?"

Her head rolls back on her neck and she smiles up at him. "Whatever you think is best my darling."

Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulls him down into slow kiss. Spike purrs and wraps his arms around her waist and presses into the kiss. He scoops her up into his arms and walks towards the bedroom. Threading the fingers of both hands into his hair she tilts his head up so she can kiss and lick at his neck as he carries her. Spike surrenders to her licking and kissing.

They've been touching and fucking all night, as well as playing with the toys they acquired at the club, but their hunger for each other isn't sated.

Trailing her tongue up to his ear, Darla sucks wetly on his lobe. "What are you going to do to our pretty slut of a pet?" She asks, after letting it go with a soft pop.

Spike grins. "I have an idea. Have to go back to the kitchen though." He enters the bedroom, seeing Lindsey in bed. "Get out, on your hands and knees on the floor. Your Mistress needs the bed." Lindsey gets out and drops to hands and knees. They've been fucking all night and not even a ‘by your leave’. He's betting that whoever they hunted got more attention than him.

Spike lays Darla carefully on the bed, plumping the pillows under her head. "I'll be back in a moment, my lovely." He heads to the kitchen and comes back with a bowl filled with ice cubes. Darla wriggles happily on the mattresses, stretching luxuriously.

Watching Spike return, she asks, "What are you doing with those?" Trying to make her tone sound innocent.

Spike grins back wickedly. "I'm thinking our poor pet needs some soothing for his poor abused arse." Lindsey's eyes widen in alarm. There are a *lot* of ice cubes in that bowl.

"Oh darling, you're so kind to think of his comfort like that." Darla says wide-eyed. The effect is spoilt a little by her dilated pupils.

"I try to be considerate." Spike's wicked tone gives the lie to his words, as he crouches down behind Lindsey and pulls out the buttplug. Lindsey groans as he feels it being removed.

Crawling across the bed, Darla settles onto her stomach, resting her chin on her folded hands to watch.
Spike looks up at Darla, licking his lips. "Do you think I can fit all these ice cubes in there?" He starts pushing them, one at a time, into Lindsey's pucker.

"I don't know." Darla replies, amused, "You'll just have to find out."

Spike threads a hand in Lindsey's hair, jerking his head back. "Don't you dare push these out or tighten up. I'll know." He lets go and pushes in more cubes. Lindsey whimpers as the cold spreads deeper into him and he can feel the cubes stretching his delicate tissues even as the cold contracts them.

Sitting up quickly and pulling her dress over her head, Darla lies back down and starts to rub herself against the mattress, watching avidly. Spike has gotten most of the cubes inside and he looks up at Darla, licking his lips as his eyes caress her body. "So, my love, should I put in a plug or make him hold them without one?"

Grinning wickedly, Darla replies "Without."

Spike chuckles. "I love the way your mind works." He pushes in the last of the cubes, and Lindsey's passage is stretched and painfully cold. "You stay like that, pet. Keep them in. No water on the floor. You may get up and expel them when your alarm goes of and you go to shower, and put your plug back in."

Darla squirms against the bed at the sight of Lindsey's despairing face at Spike's pronouncement. He's so pretty when he's suffering. Spike looks back at Darla as he strips and crawls into bed with her. "So, love...what should his penalty be if he fails on any of those points?"

"I think," Darla starts as she leans against Spike's body, "That if he does fail, you should do it again, this time using so many ice cubes that the last one sticks halfway out of his hole. Take pictures. Then send those pictures to *Angel*." She makes sure to put emphasis on the name for Lindsey's benefit.

Lindsey whimpers and squirms as Spike chuckles, pulling Darla to him. "Perfect. Hear your mistress, pet? You'd best not fail."

Prowling over Spike's body, Darla presses herself against him as much as she can. "I'm so hot for you baby." She tells him nuzzling his chest, licking and kissing at the skin. "Fuck me again?"

Spike purr-growls as she rubs over him, his hands moving to cup her ass. "Of course, my love."

"Oh good." She breathes, raising her head to his for a kiss. Spike captures her lips, nibbling hungrily, sliding her up so his hard cock can press between her thighs. Moaning as his shaft brushes over her opening, she squirms downwards, taking the head inside her slick pussy.

Lindsey can hear them, smell them, as he shivers in agony on the floor. The ice is slowly melting in his heat. *Very* slowly.

Spike groans as he feels her heat on him, her wet hot cunt surrounding the sensitive head of his cock, and he presses up a little further inside her.

Pushing against the hold on her hips, Darla tries to press down quickly. Whimpering with frustration when she can't, she pouts at him, "Please? Please baby, I need you in me." Spike nods and kisses her hard, pushing up deep inside her. He raises his knees for traction and starts stroking hard and fast.

"Oh God!" Darla cries out as he fills her, head dropping back on her shoulders. "Oh yes, fuck me!" She writhes on him at the fast pace. She's practically on the edge of orgasm already, as she has been all night.

His hands move to her breasts, rough on her skin. He's alternated all night between gentle and teasing and hard and rough. Right now he's fucking her with urgent hunger. He nips at her lips. Groaning at the sharp nip on her swollen mouth, Darla kisses him hard. Her hands come up to rest on his shoulders, holding still only a moment before starting to restlessly claw at his skin. He growls at the feel of her nails and bucks harder into her. "Can't get enough of you, Darla. Want you all the time."

Her dilated eyes meet his as she pulls a few inches away from his face. "When everything's sorted, when the family is strong again. We can stay in bed for a *month*. Nothing but fucking and feeding."

Spike growls again in agreement, his hands tightening on her breasts. "Oh god yes please, Darla."

Circling her hips as he slides into her, Darla moans roughly. "Make Angelus green with envy when he can't get to either of us." She says, ginning ferally.

Spike chuckles darkly at that. "Yeah. Drive him mad wanting us."

"Desperate. Make him beg." Darla moans.

"Those stupid Watchers never understood. Angelus may be the alpha male, the Master, but he has a weakness for us."

Giggling breathily, Darla nods, nipping his jaw. "He thinks with his dick. Always has, always will."

Spike groans and pushes harder and faster into her. "Hell yeah."

Pushing upwards against his chest, Darla starts to grind down against him. "After a month, we'll make him watch while we fuck and then lick us clean." Her eyes flicker at the thought.

Spike growls and pushes up to meet her. "God, Darla, I love your wicked mind." Their fucking is punctuated by whimpers and whines from the suffering Lindsey.

"My, doesn't our pet make delicious noises." Darla asks, panting. "Just like a little puppy."

"Yeah," Spike groans. "I like it. Like lovely music while we fuck. He suffers very well."

Lindsey can feel water in him as the ice melts just a bit. He clenches hard, not knowing how he'll possibly manage not to spill it. He can hear them talking about him and it makes him moan and whimper. The worst part is that he's hard as a rock inside his confinement.

Scratching her nails down Spike's chest, Darla ups the pace. "Shall we let him lick your lovely cum out of my pussy when we've finished?"

"Might as well. He needs to be useful around the house."

Leaning down, eyes glittering with mischief, Darla whispers "Do you know what?" Her tone is as if she's about to impart a great secret.

"What?" Spike asks, as he keeps thrusting into Darla.

"Our naughty little pet wants to push his pretty little prick into me and shoot his come all the way inside."

Spike laughs. "I'm sure he does. Filthy little beast. Think we should punish him for his wicked thoughts?"

"Oh yes." Nodding solemnly, Darla wriggles her hips and ripples her muscles around Spike's thrusting cock. "He's been very naughty thinking such things. And naughty pets need to be punished properly."

Spike purr-growls as Darla milks him expertly. He shudders and pushes back harder into her. "Mmm. We'll have to think of something appropriate while he's away at work. Once he's home, there's hours we can use to punish him. He doesn't need much sleep." Lindsey whimpers on the floor, hearing them casually discuss how they'll torture him.

Moaning and gasping for breath, Darla bends down to nuzzle into his neck. After a moment she rolls them till he's on top. She lifts one leg to hook it over his shoulder. "Fuck me baby. Show the filthy little pet what he can never do." Spike nods and groans, pushing hard and fast into her. Pushing to the edge of what her human body will take without damage.

"Oh yes!" Darla starts to cry out at each thrust, tossing her head against the pillow, scratching her nails over his shoulders. Lindsey turns his head, instantly regretting doing so. He can see Spike slamming into that beautiful body he's worshipped and lusted for.

Darla gasps and writhes, her body shuddering as she flies over the edge of orgasm for him. "WILL!" She wails as her body arches hard beneath his, before suddenly going limp. Mewling quietly she trembles as aftershocks of pleasure shoot through her nerves.

Spike cums again inside her, feeling her arching and fluttering on him. He can't even count how many times they've fucked since sunset. He keeps himself supported on his arms, nuzzling her neck, feeling her body quiver against him.

Her heart pounds in her chest, and her breasts heave as she gasps for breath. " good baby." She manages to pant out the words as she forces her fingers to loosen their hold on his shoulders.

"You awright, love?" Spike asks, a little worried for her heart.

"Y...yes." Nodding shakily Darla lets her arms fall to the pillows on either side of her head. "I don't think I can't feel my toes though." She says, lips quirking as she flexes the foot behind his head.
Spike chuckles and eases down a bit so Darla can lower her leg. He doesn't quite pull out though.

Sliding her leg down his arm and back to the mattress, she squirms a little at the feel of him still inside. Pouting she says in an exaggeratedly breathy tone, "Was it good for you too baby?"

Spike nods and nuzzles down between her breasts. "So very good." Threading the fingers of one hand through his damp curls, Darla shivers as he presses his face to her chest. Her head turns tiredly to the side where she spots Lindsey, still on his hands and knees, wide longing eyes fixed on them. She smiles wickedly at him.

Lindsey is caught by her gaze, whimpering. He shivers as she looks at him, wondering what torment she has in mind. It's still two long hours before the alarm goes off.

"Enjoy the show Lindsey?" She asks sweetly.

"Yes, Mistress," he groans.

"Have you been a good boy and done what you're Master told you to?"

"Yes Mistress." So far, he adds mentally. His ass is clenched tight, the ice-cold water threatening to leak at any moment.

"Good Pet." Darla sounds almost disappointed that he's managing it.

Spike chuckles. "Still want him to clean your pussy?"

"I don't know." Meeting Spike's eyes, she tilts her head. "Do you think he deserves to?"

Spike grins. "I'm really wondering how he'll manage crawling up on the bed without losing any water."
Lindsey groans, knowing all too well it's nigh impossible for him to do.

"Shall we see if he can?" Spike nods, an evil twinkle in his eyes. Pecking him on the nose, Darla grins up at him. "I'll stay here like this then shall I?"

Spike nods. "I'll pull back so I can watch, and so he can get to your pussy." He pulls back slowly, sliding off to the side. "Up, pet. Time to clean your mistress."

Moaning as Spike, pulls out of her, Darla relaxes into the bed. Parting her thighs a little she smirks over at Lindsey. Lindsey bites his lips and starts to move, as slowly and carefully as he can. As he starts to climb onto the bed, he can feel it. The slow trickle of ice-cold water from his ass. He whimpers and shakes, knowing he's done for.

"Something wrong Pet?" Darla asks solicitously.

"Sorry Mistress." Once on the bed he can hold it again, but it's too late.

Spike grins. "Well we know at least one punishment he's due for tonight then. We'll need to get more ice. Pick it up on the way home, Lindsey. Two bags, I'm thinking."

Giggling maliciously, Darla looks from one to the other. "I hope you have a good camera Lindsey."

Lindsey groans and nods. "Angel? You're really going to send them to Angel?"

"I believe that was what I said." Turning to Spike she asks, frowning as if trying to remember. "Isn't it?"

"Oh yes." Spike chuckles. "I'm thinking maybe pretty pictures of our pet in all his gear as well."

"Oh yes. A nice set of pictures so that Angel can be sure what, or rather who, it is he's seeing." Darla smiles. "I'm sure as an artist he'll appreciate them."

"I'm sure he will. But you were right the first time. It's what. You're property, aren't you, pet? Completely owned."

Lindsey drops his head and nods. "Yes, Master."

"Weren't you given an order pet?" Darla asks, using her foot to raise his chin.

"Sorry Mistress." Lindsey crawls forward and begins licking out Darla's cum-filled pussy.

Reaching out, Darla wraps one hand around Spike's half-hard cock as Lindsey licks her. "See how much better things are when you do as your told Pet? You get nice treats then, like a good little puppy."
Lindsey whimpers as he licks, but never stops in his attentions.

Spike smiles and purrs, his hand reaching over to stroke Darla's hair. "He is a pretty little puppy. I think he should have to eat like one, and sleep on a cushion at the end of the bed when we don't need him."

"Oh!" Darla smiles brightly. "You have such wonderful ideas my love." She turns her head to kiss his palm. "Don't you think your Master has good ideas pet? He always knows just what you deserve."
Lindsey whimpers louder, his eyes looking up at the two of them. Spike and Darla loved to torment him, he could tell.

"I do hope he remembers to make his purchases on the way home. You don't think he'd purposely forget do you darling?" Darla asks with false concern.

"Oh I would hope not. That would mean adding another bag. Get some canned beef stew as well, and a couple of dog dishes and a chew toy. Don't want our puppy feeling neglected." Lindsey's heart sinks. It's not just a joke, Spike actually means for him to be a puppy.

"No, we don't want that." Darla giggles a little as she replies. Gripping the back of Lindsey's head, she pulls his face closer to her pussy, forcing him to lick deeper. "Though, considering how much he likes to lick cream, maybe he would make a better kitty?"

Spike chuckles. "No, kitties are too independent. He needs to be a good obedient dog."

"Ahh. Good point." Lindsey moans and licks harder. The two of them, discussing him like he's not even there. But they are both so beautiful, especially when they're being cruel.

Darla smirks as she says, "Are you going to fuck our little pet before we send him to work? Does he deserve it?" Her tone is a little breathless from the feel of Lindsey's tongue between her thighs, and the sight of his humiliated face.

Spike looks at him consideringly. "I don't think so. But I think we may have to pay him a visit at the office today. Make sure he's behaving himself. Send a car for us, Lindsey, one with that special glass."
Lindsey's eyes shoot up to meet Spike's, and he nods, whimpering.

Giggling, Darla presses her face against Spike chest. "Should we give him some rules for the day?"

"Mmm. What rules are you thinking of, my lovely?"

"Well obviously he's not allowed to sneak off to somewhere quiet to do anything...naughty." She grins lightly at him before pouting her lips consideringly. "But we *must* be able to come up with something better than that."

Spike chuckles and gets up, going over to the nice sacks of toys they brought home, and pulls out a pair of nipple clamps. He brings them back over. "Your adornments for the day. Now obviously, pet, you can't wear them *all* day - circulation and all. But I want them worn fifteen minutes of every hour. I don't care what you are doing, you will excuse yourself and put them on and wear them. I'll be able to tell by the state of your nipples when we get there if you have." Lindsey squirms but just nods and whimpers again, still obediently licking between Darla's legs.

Licking her lips, Darla smiles cruelly down at Lindsey, "I believe your Master asked you a question Pet." Bracing her foot on his shoulder, she shoves him away.

Lindsey sprawls back onto the floor, then looks up at Spike. "Yes, Master. I'll make sure to do that." His voice is soft and full of his humiliation. Everyone would be able to see those metal clamps under his shirt, there'd be no way to properly disguise them.

Pushing herself into a seated position, Darla sways a little, still high, before moving onto her knees on the edge of the bed so she can wrap herself around Spike. "Anything else for today? Or do you think the clamps are enough?"

"I think enough for now. We'll be visiting him, after all. I think the rest we can do in person."

"Hmm." Darla hums and nods, resting her head on his shoulder.

Spike looks back over at Lindsey and the puddle of water where he's leaked some more after being pushed away. "As for you, you still have an hour and a half before you're supposed to get ready for work. Go get another bowl of ice and come back."

Lindsey nods and whimpers. "Yes master." There's still some unmelted ice inside him, and ice water runs down his legs as he gets up to go to the kitchen.

Smirking against the skin of Spike's neck Darla presses even closer to him. "Poor little pet."

Spike chuckles and nuzzles on Darla's neck. "He loves it. Loves us humiliating him. He couldn't be any more perfect for this if we'd raised him ourselves."

"Hmm. Though maybe it's a good idea that we, I mean you, created the minions tonight. That way there's some that he outranks."

"Yes. He'll be a good major-domo I think. Take out his frustrations on them, keep them in line."

"Leaving us to concentrate on...other matters you mean?" Tilting her head, Darla smiles coyly at him. "Like torturing your sire?"

"Mmm, yes. We must give some serious thought today on our opening moves."

Nodding, Darla rubs her cheek against the soft skin of his chest before trying to stifle a sudden yawn.
Lindsey comes back in with the bowl of ice. "Good Pet," Spike says. "Down on hands and knees again."

As Lindsey moves into place, Spike gets a towel and drops it on the floor. "After I fill you back up, you can crawl around and clean up all the water you spilled." He then leans down and starts shoving ice in again. He has a sudden inspiration and goes into the bathroom, coming back with a drain plug and shoving it into Lindsey's abused hole, effectively plugging the ice inside. "That should keep you from making any more of a mess."

Darla snickers quietly and lolls back on the bed, stretching slowly. Lindsey whimpers and takes the towel, starting to mop up the water. Spike heads back to the bed and crawls in with Darla. "We're going to rest now. You get ready at the proper time, and wake us to put in your proper buttplug before you go. Understood, pet?"

"Yes, Master," Lindsey replies quietly.

Spike wraps his arms around Darla, pulling her close, then reaches down to pull covers over them.
Humming her pleasure, Darla wriggles back in his arms, pressing her bottom into the curve of his hips. Linking her fingers with his, she yawns again. "I had fun tonight." she comments sleepily.

"I did too, my sweet. More fun than I've had in a very long time." Spike kisses the back of her neck and wriggles into the soft bed, getting comfortable, settling Darla spooned against him.

"Hopefully it'll be the first of many such nights."

"I think it will." He yawns a bit himself. It's been a while since he did quite so much in one night.

"Night." With a final yawn, Darla settles down to sleep. Spike quickly joins her. Neither of them pays any attention to the soft pained whimpers of Lindsey as he crawls on the floor.


Spike lounges indolently, sipping on a glass of bourbon. "So, what can you tell me about my Sire's current set-up? I haven't seen him as recently as you have?"

"Well," Darla sighs quietly, sinking down into the cushions of the leather couch with her own glass. "He's set himself up in a huge tired looking hotel, an Art Deco style one. He's done the bare minimum of renovation to make it serviceable - in other words, not even half a dozen bedrooms are livable and only the lobby, an office and a dinky little tagged on modern kitchen are usable downstairs."

Spike rolls his eyes. "Typical. What about his little human pets?"

"The girl lives in an apartment building about half-hour away. The Watcher has his own flat somewhat nearer. There's some street kid hanging around occasionally too, I don't know much about him at all." Darla shrugs. "Very rarely do any of them stay at the hotel. And none of the clients do."

"What about the Mick that was here last time I came? He still about?"

Shaking a head with a small frown considers his question. "I think Lindsey mentioned something about one of his humans dying..."

"Ah. Well then. So he's gotten a Watcher? How did he manage that, I wonder..."

"Apparently the boy disgraced himself and they, well not turned their backs so much as turned up their noses and gave him the cold shoulder, leaving him in America on his own to redeem himself." Darla shrugs before smiling a little mischievously. "Have a guess what he looks like."

Spike grins at that. "Slender with blue eyes. And English, most likely, being a Watcher."

"However did you guess?" Darla feigns wonderment.

Spike chuckles. "He's nothing if not predictable. Knowing how he flagellates himself, I'm betting he hasn't tasted him, but he'd never turn down a chance to keep temptation close at hand."

"True enough. Especially as it took Angel less than week to offer the watcher a job." Darla chuckles too, inching across the couch to sit closer.

Spike reaches out his arm to wrap around Darla, pulling her closer. "But none of the humans live there. So no need for pesky invitations to get in. How shall we start on him, do you think?"

"Well there's the whole thing with Lindsey," Darla muses, "I know we've only been teasing him, but I do think we can, and should, use him against Angel at least a little." Leaning against Spike with a happy sigh, she continues, "What do you think?"

"Mmm. Probably a good idea. Get his passions stirred up, put a little more temptation in his path. I'm sure the Watcher is all circumspect and well mannered. But Lindsey...he's a more direct sort. And a definite whore."

"Oh yes. Though, they have been circling each other for over a year already and Angel hasn't made *any* sort of move, even an unconscious one."

"Yeah, well...he hasn't encountered say, a naked bound Lindsey, ass up, in his bedroom now has he?"

"Oooo, indeed he hasn't." Darla laughs a little. "How do you think he'd react to that?"

Spike grins. "Not sure. But I think it would be interesting to find out. Especially if we tease him first, with some naughty pictures of our pet, and some letters, written in Lindsey's hand, telling Angel about his desires and dirty little passions."

Darla shivers a little in wicked enjoyment, "Torture them both at the same time you mean? I'm sure Lindsey will be utterly mortified to have to write such missives."

Spike grins back with equal wickedness. "Well yes, that's an added little bonus. He's practically panting to have that huge cock shoved up in him, and I think it will do him good to admit it, in writing."

"Well, I can't say as I blame him. Can you?" Darla asks with a teasing tone.

Spike leans over and kisses Darla. "You know I can't. You've seen me beg for it myself often enough."

Smirking into the kiss, Darla murmurs. "And you always look *so* pretty too."

Spike purrs and nuzzles down onto her neck. "Thank you, grandsire." His eyes sparkle merrily. "So that's the opening salvo against Angel. Shall we start checking on what's needed to set things up for Sunnydale?"

Arching her head to give him more access, Darla gives a tiny nod. "Yes. We should get Lindsey to write his first letter tonight." Quaffing the last of the wine in her glass, she tosses it negligently onto the floor before sliding her fingers into Spike's hair. "And we definitely need to get moving on sorting out things in Sunnydale, I don't suppose you can stay away from the Hellmouth for too much longer without notice?"

"Not really. I'm sure they will have started to wonder where I am. The Slayer is used to having her lapdog available."

Hand tightening reflexively in her anger, Darla's lips curve into a sneer. "I can't wait to make the bitch pay."

"Mmm. Me neither. I want that bitch crawling on her knees, begging."

"Begging to suck your cock," Darla smiles mirthlessly, "Begging you to fuck her." Shifting she lays back on the couch, urging him to follow and rest against her. "Begging you to kill her."

Spike moves against her, rubbing himself against her, skin to skin. "I adore how you think."

Giggling lightly, Darla presses closer. "This is going to be so much fun, breaking the bitch and tormenting the souled bastard."

"More fun than I've had in ages." Spike grins. "It's funny, Angelus used to say that neither of us could plan anything because we were too busy shagging."

"Only because we could never be bothered with his kind of games." Darla smirks at him in return. "For all his vaunted skill at mind games, he's always been rather dense about the way people's minds can work."

"Indeed." Spike chuckles, and then he sighs. "I'm going to miss you, dealing with those berks in Sunnydale."

Darla bites her lip, her eyes growing sad, "I could always, come with you, for a few days?"

"Not yet." His eyes are also sad. "Someone has to watch out for our pet and start Angel's torment."

With a sigh and a moue of disappointment, Darla presses her face against his collarbone. "Damn."

"I know. Just a few days, though. I will come visit, soon as I can."

Nodding, Darla sighs again. "So..." Raising her head, she forces her expression into a more cheerful one. "Tormenting Angel. Photographs to start then?"

Spike grins. "Oh yes. If you like I'll help you take them before I leave tonight."

Returning his grin, Darla nods again. "Oh yes. I think we should prepare as much of his torment as possible before you leave." Frowning a little, she continues, "Of course there is the small problem that Angel knows where Lindsey lives."

Spike grins. "Yes. But he can't come in without an invitation."

Blanching, Darla replies, "Yes but he'd be able to smell you in here."

"Mmm." Spike considers. "Call that lovely shaman. I'm sure he would either know how to get rid of the scent, or know someone who does."

"Good idea."

Spike's eyes glittered. "Besides it would be a good excuse to get 'reacquainted' with him. He was very, very lovely."

"Oh yes." Darla replies with a wicked smile, wriggling beneath him, "He was indeed."

Spike slides a hand down between Darla's thighs. "In the meantime...however shall we pass the day?"

There is a puff of smoke and a small bang, and when the smoke clears a leathery demon stands in the living room. "Sorry to interrupt." About to answer Spike with a coy smile, Darla jumps and shrieks a little.

The demon averts his gaze. "I'm D'Hoffryn, and I think we have some mutual interests."

Gathering herself, Darla raises an eyebrow imperiously, "Oh?"

"Yes. I am a vengeance demon. Specifically, head of a clan of vengeance demons."

Spike nods. "Ah, yeah, Anya used to be one of yours, right?"

D'Hoffryn nods. "Yes."

As Spike slowly moves away and sits up, Darla matches his actions. Her body language, for all the world, like some queen accepting a foreign dignitary's presence, rather than a human woman wearing next to nothing. "Well - Lord D'Hoffryn? - We are very pleased to make your acquaintance."

"As am I. I think we have common interests, in Sunnydale. I want my Anyanka back, and you want to destroy the Slayer and her lot."

Hiding her surprise, both at his words and his forthright manner, Darla nods with a smile. "Common interests indeed."

"Your thirst for vengeance drew my attention. Some of the strongest I've felt in a while. Being both of you demons already, I can't offer you a place in my family, but I can help you."

"What do you propose?" Darla asks, hiding her curiosity at being named a demon when she was, unfortunately, human.

"I can help divide your enemies. Pull Anyanka back into the fold, perhaps even draw in her little human friend." He looks at Darla. "And I can help you with your problem."

Heartbeat suddenly picking up at the implication, Darla glances quickly at Spike before smiling blandly, "My problem?"

"Yes. Your temporary mortality."

"Oh?" Darla queries, heartbeat speeding further in dismay at the thought of being indebted to another demonic powerbase.

"I move across dimensions in my work. Your Sire, in a matter of speaking, still exists in an alternate dimension." Darla freezes at that, eyes wide. "I'm sure, if we were to contact him, he would be only too glad to correct your mortal state."

Eyes fixed on the old demon in front of her, Darla reaches blindly for Spike's hand. Spike takes her hand, squeezing it tightly. Taking a deep calming breath, Darla forces her frozen expression to change into a gracious smile. "That would be terribly kind of you Lord D'Hoffryn. However could my family and I thank you for such assistance?"

"No need for thanks. If I get my Anyanka back, and you two cause the chaos I know you are capable of, I shall be amply repaid."

Hiding her skepticism, Darla nods, lips still curved in a smile. "How may we help you to...retrieve...your errant clanswoman?"

"Make her dissatisfied with her mortal life. Bring her to a state where she wants to come back to the fold."

"And the boy...Alexander is it?" Darla looks to Spike for confirmation. Spike nods.

"Yes. He would be a good addition to the fold."

"Ah, yes. Well, I am sure you have been observing him and would know that better than I at least."

D'Hoffryn nods. "So we have a deal then? You get my Anyanka back, and I'll open a portal for you."

"William?" Darla asks Spike, knowing that the deal will have to be between D'Hoffryn and him, because of her 'problem'.

Spike nods. "It's a deal. I'll get her for you."

D'Hoffryn smiles. "Pleasure doing business with professionals. I'll be watching." He claps his hands and disappears in a cloud of oily smoke.

Staring pensively at where the demon had been, Darla bites her lip. The thoughts in her mind circling with questions about why D'Hoffryn was claiming to need their help? What is it that he'll really want in return?

"Well, that was interesting." Spike looks back at Darla.

"Indeed." She answers quietly.

Spike sighs. "Well. Good news for you. Though I admit to being a little disappointed. I was rather looking forward to siring you."

A small grin makes its way on Darla's face. "I'm sure you were."

"I'm selfish." Spike chuckles. "God, I want you, Darla."

Smiling and fluttering her lashes coyly, Darla asks sweetly, "You do?"

"Yes. So very much." Spike presses her back against the sofa. "So where we?"

"We were discussing how we were going to torment Angel." Darla gives him a wicked grin as she arches up against him. "And you were going to show me your idea for how we should spend our day."

"Ah yes." Spike grins as he leans in again, his hands sliding down her body.

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