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Sanguine Revival 7/? (Spike/Darla, Spike/OC, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
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TITLE: Sanguine Revival 7/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter- Spike/Darla, Spike/OC.
SUMMARY: This chapter- Spike and Darla go to a club and Spike finally gets to hunt.
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SPOILERS: Through Season 5 BtVS: Fool For Love, and Season 2 Ats: Darla.
WARNINGS: Het sex, oral sex, anal sex, bloodplay, voyeurism, killing(vamping).
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
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Length: 9,521 Words.

Small completely worksafe manip behind the cut.

As Spike speaks, his voice rumbles through Darla's body and she shudders a little with aftershocks. "Will," She murmurs.

Spike strokes her hair and whispers in her ear. "What, my love?"

"Did you mean it?" Darla asks hesitantly.

"About wanting to take you and claim you right now? Yes. Very much so."

Turning to face him, her eyes are wide as she says "But, you never... never acted as if you wanted to before?" Her tone is soft and unsure.

Spike strokes her cheek, looking into her eyes. "The more I'm with you, the more I want to take you and keep you forever."

Letting out a deep shocked breath she looks into his eyes, hardly daring to believe that he means it. After Angel's cruel rejections, to be faced with Spike's sincere love, is hard for her to fathom. "And if we are able to make me as I once was? You're grandsire once again? Or is it because... because I'm human now?" Her voice wavers on the last few words as she drops her eyes.

Spike strokes her cheek. "I can't deny that your being human is part of why I'm so possessive of you, so bold with you. But..." He sighs. "We've never been like this before. Just the two of us. When I was your grandchilde, there was always that little tug-of-war over Angelus' affections and attention, and we never got the chance to really just relate to each other."

"He always did like to play us against each other." Darla nods, smiling wryly. "But for now it is the two of us leading the family. Will things stay like this? If we find a way to turn me back? Or would you rather, turn me yourself?" Leaning against him, Darla rests her head against Spike's firm chest as she waits for his reply.

"Mmm, now that is a question." Spike's hands run lightly over her shapely soft back. "For your sake, I'd like to see you get your powers back. But I have to admit I want you. Want you very much. Want to put a claim mark on that lovely throat of yours."

Darla shudders at the covetous tone of his voice. Closing her eyes she makes another suggestion, voice low, fearing that he'll say no. "We could wait? Claim each other?" Biting her lip, she holds herself still.

"You'd let me do that, even with you being my grandsire again?" Spike's voice is a little tremulous as he asks.

Looking up at him, Darla nods "Yes. I would. You know what it would mean?"

Spike looks at her intently. "I do." His eyes glow, and he takes her hand, kissing the knuckles gently.

"You'd want that, with me?" She asks, threading their fingers together. "Even though you and Angelus...?"

"I could ask you the same." He smiles at her. "And perhaps when we have him back, we can make it a troika. All claimed mutually to each other. But whether or not we have him, I want you."

Eyes filling with happy tears, Darla throwing her arms around his shoulder and burying her face in his neck. "I want you too."

Spike holds her close, cupping the back of her neck and sliding his other hand to the small of her back, cradling her with infinite tenderness. "My love," he breathes softly.

"William, Sweet William," Darla sighs into his skin. "I love you. Love you so much baby."

"I love you too, Darla, my sweet goddess." He buries his face in her golden curls, inhaling her delicate fragrance. Darla curls close into him, one hand threaded with his and the other resting on his shoulder as she nuzzles against the delicate skin of his throat. She's concentrating so much on the feel of him against her, she doesn't notice when Lindsey and Richard come back into the room and approach them.

Spike's only peripherally aware of them. He ignores them for a few minutes, making them stand there, and then softly whispers to Darla. "Time to get cleaned up, love, so we can get dressed and go hunting."

Shivering as he whispers to her, Darla raises her head to smile at him. "I can't wait to see you hunt. It's been so long."

Spike nods. "I've missed it so much. It will be perfect, having you there with me."

Smiling again, her eyes lighting with anticipation, Darla climbs from his lap. Sitting beside him on the couch, she imperiously gestures to Lindsey and tells him to start cleaning his Master. Lindsey comes over with a basin of warm water and a rag and soap. He starts wetting and soaping the rag, washing Spike carefully clean.

Richard looks over at Darla, whispering hesitantly, "Should I...clean you?"

Darla turns and smiles at Richard as he speaks to her. "Would you like to?" She asks coyly.

He nods eagerly. "Yes please!"

"Then you may," Darla answers, as if granting him a great honor, and gestures for him to approach. Richard moves forward, eyes down and shining. He also soaps up a rag and starts gently cleaning her, shivering a little as he does so.

Leaning back against the couch, Darla spreads her legs to allow him access. Her ego is gratified at his reaction to her body, and she hides a smug smile.

He's very shy and tentative as he starts to clean her more intimate areas, and his arousal is obvious as he touches her. "You're so beautiful," he whispers.

"Thank you Richard." Darla replies, lowering her lashes. "It's very nice of you to say so."

"I've never..." His voice trails off. "I've never seen two people as beautiful and perfect as the two of you before."

"You're a very handsome young man yourself," Darla says sweetly. Standing, she turns around to let him continue cleaning her.

He slides his hands down her back, carefully washing her, almost reverently. "Thank you."

Darla meets Spike's eyes and smiles at the sight of him sprawled indolently on the couch. Spike smiles back, a wicked grin as he arches a bit for Lindsey to wash his back.

Grinning at Spike's teasing of their pet, she asks lightly. "So where are you taking me dancing?"

"Well, *sister*, I thought we'd go to Dante's." He chuckles. "I thought the name appropriate."

"Oh yes," Darla purrs. "Very. What type of club is it?"

"A very hot club. Live music, very trendy. The place where the beautiful people go to see and be seen."

"Plenty of pretty young things to *play* with then?" Darla smirks. "I'm sure they'll be falling all over themselves for the chance of sneaking into a quiet corner with you."

Spike chuckles. "I'm sure. Half the battle of hunting is to find the proper hunting ground."

"Oh indeed it is." Darla chuckles with him.

Richard frowns a little as he dries Darla's back. He's a little confused, he's never heard it called hunting before. Maybe it's an English thing?

Lindsey finishes drying Spike and brings over his clothes, helping him into the tight leather jeans. Spike smiles down indulgently, stroking Lindsey's hair. "Such a good pet."

Stepping away from Richard now that she is dry, Darla stretches, pointing her fingers and toes and arching her back. The movement causes her breasts to thrust forward seductively, and she looks at the men through flirtatiously lowered lashes.

All of the men are watching her little stretch and display, all eyes appreciative and hungry. Spike's eyes add a little possessive gleam.

Sashaying over towards the chair where her dress is draped, she looks back over her shoulder. "So, which one of you boys is going to help me into my dress?" She asks, fluttering her lashes.

Spike pushes the other two aside with a growl that makes them both step back, and prowls over to her with panther-like grace. "I will."

"Why thank you my darling William," She breathes, turning towards him with a slow, syrupy smile.

He strokes a hand over her cheek and brushes a kiss lightly over her lips. His hands move to pick up the satin dress, and his grin turns predatory. "Almost a shame to cover such beauty."

Giving him a teasing smile Darla replies, "Well I suppose I could go to the club naked. See how all the 'beautiful people' react..."

Spike chuckles. "I'm sure they'd fall down and worship you. A goddess, walking naked in their midst. So I guess I'd better put your dress on."

Pouting prettily, she sighs. "Well I suppose. If you're sure you don't want all those men looking at me."

Spike cups her chin in his hand, and runs a thumb across her lips. "Oh, they'll look. I just don't want them utterly blinded."

Darla smiles brilliantly at him, and leans into his touch, nipping lightly at his thumb. Spike chuckles, and leans in to kiss her hungrily.

Returning the kiss with a light moan, Darla melts into him, her hands coming up to wrap around his neck. Spike's hands slide down to cup her curvaceous arse. "Mmmm," He says as he pulls back. "We'd best dress you before I have to take you again."

Giggling, Darla replies, "And we don't want that do we? Not when you've promised me a show."

"Yes. I want to give you what I've promised." He slides the dress on over her body, letting the satin fall around her. Darla shivers as the cool material slips over her skin, feeling her nipples pucker beneath it. Spike slides his hands lightly over the fabric, starting at her hips, over her belly and cupping her breasts lightly. "Fortunately this really doesn't conceal much."

"No..." Darla tilts her head consideringly, feeling her skin tingle beneath his wandering touch. "Is that why you chose it?" She asks with a smile.

"Yes. That and because the color becomes your skin and hair and eyes so well. And matches the lovely sapphires you're wearing underneath."

"Thank you Spike." Pressing her hands against the silk of his shirt, she runs her hands upwards, rubbing the material against his skin. Spike purrs and presses against her touch.

He licks his lips. "We keep this up and I don't think we'll make it out of the room tonight."

Sighing she thrusts out her bottom lip, "Promise to ravish me later?" She asks in a little girl voice.

Spike nips that protruding lip lightly. "I do. Over and over again."

Giggling, she backs away. "I look forward to writhing beneath you after I watch you hunt and fuck and feed."

Spike purr-growls, pulling her back to him, wrapping an arm around her waist. "What a lovely picture." He tosses a thick wad of bills on the table. "Give Lindsey your number, Richard. Lindsey, get it and catch up with us." Spike starts walking out with Darla at his side.

Wrapping her hand around his waist in return, Darla wriggles her hand into his back pocket, as they move back out of the restaurant. Lindsey runs to catch up with them, a little out of breath by the time they reach the truck. Spike helps Darla in, settling next to her as Lindsey starts up the truck, driving them towards Dante's.

"So, Lindsey, was Richard good?" Darla asks curiously as she leans against Spike's side.

Lindsey nods. "Nice and tight." He smiles. "And of course getting to cum was a definite plus."

"Well, I think it was very generous of your Master to let you do both," Darla says, nuzzling against Spike's chin. "You should thank him. Don't you think?"

Lindsey nods. "Sorry, of course Mistress. Thank you so much for letting me fuck the boy, and for letting me cum."

Spike smiles wickedly. "You're quite welcome. Probably the last you'll get to cum for a while." Lindsey whimpers.

Darla smirks and nips lightly at Spike's jaw. "Are you sure you'll manage to behave yourself while we're gone?" She asks their pet.

Lindsey nods. "Yes Mistress."

"Remember, your Master will know if you do anything you shouldn't."

Spike purrs at Darla's nipping. "I will. Don't forget to put on the black tube when you get in, and lock it."

Lindsey nods. "Yes Master."

"So," Darla looks up at Spike, one hand trailing up and down Spike's muscular thigh. "Any preference as to prey tonight?"

Spike purrs louder, sliding a hand to the small of her back. "Mmmm. Well female obviously. Probably small, and dark."

"Not a small, arrogant, bottle blonde?" Darla asks teasingly.

Spike chuckles, running his fingers through Darla's curls. "I'm rather fond of blonde hair at the moment."

"Ah well, in that case we can just wait until you can kill the slayer herself then."

Spike purrs. " Yes." He licks his lips. "I think we should shave off that fake hair of hers before I kill her."

Darla eyes glow, "Oh yes, put her in front of a mirror so she can watch each lock fall."

Spike chuckles and brushes lips over her forehead. "I adore your wicked mind. We match so well."

"Like bookends." Darla giggles. "No wonder Angelus liked one of us at each end."

Spike purrs and wriggles a bit against Darla, remembering those nights. "Oh yes, he certainly did."

Pressing closer, Darla rubs back against him, her breasts pressed into his side. "Hmm, yes. I think the wordless begging sounds gave him away." Spike purr-growls as Darla pushes closer to him. The touch of her is electric, and his eyes are gold-rimmed, his demon riding close to the surface.

Shivering at the gold in his eyes, Darla moans reflexively and arches against him. "Oh yes, can't wait to watch you tonight." His hand strokes softly against the small of her back and slides his other hand off her curls and strokes over her neck, fingers feeling her pulse as her heart beats faster. "Watch the pretty little girl come as you drain the last of her blood."

"And then ravish you, when I'm flush with her lifeblood, every sense alive."

Darla moans again, eyes dilating. "God yes," She breathes.

He licks his lips. "I want you to drink from me then. Let my blood make all your senses vampire-sharp, even if only for a little while." Darla whimpers and presses even closer, he body growing hot at the thought.

Turning to Lindsey, her eyes dark with arousal she asks, "How far are we from the club?"

"Almost there. Just a few blocks."

"Thank God," Darla sighs, nearly shaking with excitement.

A few minutes later they pull up in front of the club. Spike helps Darla out. He turns to Lindsey. "Go home. We'll make our own way back. I expect to find you secured and asleep when we get there." Without waiting for a response, he guides Darla towards the entrance of the club. Darla waves at Lindsey over her shoulder, grinning wickedly.

Lindsey groans and hangs his head, pulling away from the curb to head back to the apartment.

Darla leans into Spike as he guides her towards the head of the queue. Already she can feel the admiring glances of other women sliding over Spike, before they glare at her. Spike keeps a proprietary hand at the small of Darla's back. He notices the glances too, and the hungry look of men at Darla.

He greets the bouncer, greasing his palm with the accustomed bribe to get them in, which still wouldn't suffice if the two of them weren't beautiful and stunningly dressed. The bouncer lets them walk inside.

Entering the club beside Spike, Darla looks around. The club is stylish and modern, and the theme is quite obviously Dante's Inferno. Hence the name.

There is a band playing trance music. Lots of people dancing, the smell of sweat and sex and alcohol and drugged pheromones in the air. Spike smiles. "Ecstasy."

Darla feels a twinge of disappointment and regret that she can't sense everything fully, the way Spike can, but quickly shakes it off. "Drink?" She asks Spike, knowing he can hear her. "Or a quick circuit first?"

"A drink. Moving to the bar will give us a chance to be seen."

She nods and lets him lead her through the crowd. Spike glides the two of them effortlessly through the crowd. He projects just the barest edge of his aura, using it like a wedge to make the crowd part for them, and drawing attention at the same time.

Sensing Spike's aura, Darla lets it wash over her, knowing that the humans around them will be barely aware of it. She lets her hips sway enticingly as she follows his lead, drawing many appreciative looks. Spike purrs softly at Darla's swaying. He's keenly aware of the attention they're drawing. He pulls out a seat for her at the bar, helping her into it, and settling next to her.

Darla smiles at his help. "Thank you Spike."

Spike smiles. "You're welcome, my lovely sister." He draws the attention of the bartender, and orders drinks for them both.

As they wait for their drinks, Darla looks around at the other people at the bar. A number of them are looking curiously at her and Spike, while others studiously try to appear as if they aren't. Spike chuckles as he leans forward to nuzzle Darla's neck. He whispers, "We're quite the attraction, aren't we?"

"Yes, it appears so. Especially as you're being very naughty by touching your sister so, suggestively," Darla whispers back. "I wonder if we've shocked anyone already?"

Spike chuckles again. "I certainly hope so."

Darla grins at him. "Well, if we haven't, I'm sure we can quickly change that."

"Oh? Something specific in mind?"

"Not really, maybe a little dancing." Darla shrugs elegantly. "But how are we going to make sure that the right people know that we're 'siblings'?"

"Not sure." Spike grins wickedly. "Though we can make sure to mention it to our intended prey."

"Hmm. See anyone you like yet?" Darla takes a sip of her cocktail and takes another look around, swiveling slightly in her seat.

"Yes." He leans over and whispers. "See that little dark beauty there? Big eyes, obviously too young to be here, innocent despite that low-cut dress she's wearing?"

Eyes flickering over this girl and that until she finds the one he's talking about and Darla smiles slowly. "Oh yes. She's perfect," She purrs. "She won't be able to resist you."

Spike smiles and sighs happily. "I'm certainly counting on that. Rare to find a virgin in this day and age, especially one so pretty."

"Will you turn her?"

"I'd consider it. Shame to waste her. What do you think?"

Darla tilts her head as she thinks. "Well, we do need to think about getting some good minions. The best way to ensure their loyalty is to create new ones."

He purrs. "Then we'll start with her. A pretty little ladies-maid for you."

"Thank you darling." Stroking the back of her hand over his cheek, Darla smiles brilliantly at him. Spike closes his eyes and rubs against her hand.

"Shall we dance a little?" She asks with a smile. "See whose attentions we can garner?"

"Of course. And I love dancing with you." He downs the rest of his drink and stands up, extending his hand to her.

Finishing the last of her own drink, Darla takes his hand and lets him lead her out onto the dance floor. Spike pulls her close, hands sliding down over her back and resting just above her ass, as he starts to grind against her.

One hand coming up to rest on the back of his neck, Darla follows his lead, their hips rocking together lewdly. Her other hand rests against the center of his chest as they move. Closing her eyes she lets the music sink into her body, the hard base driving her and making her insides throb. Spike groans and purrs, feeling her against him. It's less dancing than a rehearsal of fucking while clothed. And the people around them do notice. Their grace in moving together is all-too-obvious.

Arching her neck backwards, Darla presses her breasts against his firm chest, her hand trailing round to rest against his back. She can practically feel the heat of the eyes on them and, exhibitionist that she is, she can't help but feel aroused by those hungry gazes. Spike whispers to her. "They're all watching. Can't help themselves." He moves one hand from her ass to trail down her neck and over her breasts.

"Question is, which of us do they want to be?" Darla murmurs back.

Spike chuckles. "That *is* the question."

Turning around in his arms, Darla presses back against him, arching her ass into his groin and writhing with the music. Spike slides his hands down onto her belly, stroking over the smooth skin through the fabric as his leather-covered cock rubs against her ass.

Moaning quietly, Darla slides her hands behind her to rest on his hips. Tilting her head to the side, she rests it on his shoulder. "Is your prey watching yet?"

Spike chuckles softly. "She is. She can't take her eyes off us."

Darla shivers as his chuckle vibrates against her back. "Wide eyed and breathless?"

"Oh yes. I can smell her from here. Shall we move over and pull her into our dance?"

"Do you think she'll scare if we do?"

"No. I think she's ripe."

Turning to face him, Darla says, "Then by all means. Let the games begin." The look in her eyes is wicked, and her lips slowly move into a grin that is just as wicked. Spike returns her grin and starts moving them across the dance floor until they are in front of the girl.

Spike extends a hand to her. Just the barest brush of aura against her, to lower her defenses. "Come dance with us." Looking over her shoulder, Darla smiles sweetly, nodding her agreement.

The girl's eyes grow wide, and her skin flushes as she shakes her head in a nervous no. But Spike can smell the sudden peak in her arousal. He uses just a little more of his aura, reaching that hand up to stroke her cheek, looking into her eyes. "But you're the loveliest woman I've seen all night. You must."

Swooning a little at his touch, she starts to nod helplessly. Taking her hand, Darla helps her down from her stool, and guides her to stand half between them.

"You don't want to upset my brother do you?" She asks the girl in an innocent tone, leaning forward and speaking into her ear. "It's the first time he's been out for ever so long, and he noticed you as soon as we got here. Please?"

The poor girl gives a little shiver, and a nod at Darla's words, but she's unable to drag her eyes from Spike's blue, blue gaze. Spike puts a careful hand at the girl's waist and another on her shoulder, gently caressing. He starts moving with her, looking up at Darla and winking slightly before turning his gaze back to the girl.

Returning the wink, Darla raises her hands to rest lightly on the girl's hips. Still leant close to her ear, Darla asks, "What's your name Sweetie? Mine's Darla, and my brother here, his name's Will."

"M...Miela." The girl replies, in a tentative whisper, eyes *still* fixed on Spike's.

"Miela," Spike purrs. "And a fitting name too. Honey sweet, just as you are." Spike leans in closer, his lips only a bare inch away from hers. "Will you let me taste you and be sure?"

Moaning quietly, Miela nods again. She can hardly believe what's happening, to be so close to such a gorgeous man. The way he's looking at her makes her feel like a, a goddess, and he wants to kiss her!

Spike leans in the rest of the way and brushes his lips across hers, gently, then more firmly. The hand on her shoulder rises to cup her neck. He deepens the kiss little by little as she yields to him.

Melting against him, Miela sinks into the kiss, nearly mewling with pleasure. The only coherent thoughts in her mind right now are ‘Oh god, so good, oh god, so good.’

Darla watches, eyes glowing, with lust and wickedness, as the pretty little girl gives in so very easily. Tightening her fingers on the slight hips, Darla scratches gentle patterns over the material of Miela's skirt.

Spike can feel her surrender, and he can see Darla's obvious pleasure. He lets the hand on the girl's neck slip down onto her chest, just stroking over the soft skin right below the hollow of her throat. "You are so very sweet. Just like honey. I bet you taste sweet all over." Miela's eyes flutter dazedly open to look at him adoringly. As his words register, her breath quickens at his obvious meaning, and she moans again.

Spike brushes his lips across her again, keeping his gaze fixed on hers. "Will you come with me someplace quiet, Miela? Someplace with soft silken sheets where I can peel off your clothes and taste every last inch of you?"

Miela feels lost, unable to think, and she nods again. She knows she should say no to this man that she's only just met, but she can't. She feels as if his eyes are looking straight into her soul, offering her all she's ever wanted, all she's ever dreamed of. Common sense seems to have disappeared along with her friend who told her she'd be right back more than half an hour ago.

Spike wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her in close. He gestures to Darla to come to his other side, and wraps her against his hip with his other arm. He keeps his aura tightly wrapped around the girl, and makes eye contact with her as often as possible. She's too juicy a morsel to let escape.

Darla watches Spike overcome the girl's senses effortlessly and struggles to hide a proud smile. Moving against his other side, she wraps her arm around his waist, so that her fingers rest against Miela's side. "That was too easy," Darla whispers beneath her breath. "You're amazing my darling."

Spike chuckles and whispers back. "My aura is much stronger than it was when you knew me before." He walks them down to a hotel just a block away from the club. He hands cash to Darla. "Get us a room, would you, sister?"

Darla nods and heads for the desk. In moments she's back with a keycard glad to be away from the drooling attendant, who hadn't managed to drag his eyes away from her chest once. "Here we go brother, I thought a small suite would be best," She says.

"Perfect," Spike says. Miela is deep under now, completely focused on him. He strokes her face. "Come on, my little sweet candy. I need to go unwrap you." He guides them over towards the elevator.

As the elevator rises to their floor, Darla looks quickly at the leaflet she picked up from the desk detailing the hotel and its amenities. It folds out to show a plan of the lower two floors. A grin breaks over her face at realization that they can leave the hotel a number of ways other than the main entrance. That means that they can bring more than one prey back to the room before they finally leave. Wonderful.

Spike ushers them all down the hallway and into the suite. It's lovely, lush and well-appointed, but Spike bypasses the living room to head straight for the larger of the two bedrooms. Miela is utterly under his spell, barely aware of anything but him.

Darla follows more sedately, looking around at the living room and ducking her head into the luxurious bathroom. Entering the bedroom she hangs back to enjoy the show.

Light-headed, Miela is guided by his hand on her back. She can't believe that such a gorgeous man would have looked twice at her. The voice in the back of her mind warning her is sounded muffled and far away, and she ignores it so very easily.

Spike slides his hands down Miela's body, speaking to her in that same honeyed voice. "So beautiful. I want to see your body. Please let me, let me see how lovely you are."

Nodding vaguely, she reaches behind her to the zip of her skirt, unzipping it and slipping the material down over her hips. Her eyes are caught in his burning ice gaze once more. Spike nods, letting his eyes travel down her and then back up, noting her long tanned legs with appreciation. "Now the top."

Catching the hem, she starts to pull her top upwards. As her hands brush against the lower curves of her breasts, she hesitates a little. Though her will is totally subsumed, it seems she can still feel insecure. Biting her lip she drops her eyes, blushing prettily.

Spike reaches out his hand and cups her burning cheek. "Go ahead, Miela. You're so very lovely. I just want to see you."

Her doe eyes flicker up to meet his, as she lifts her shirt up over her breasts. Closing her eyes, she pulls it up over her head and drops it to the floor. She's left in a very pretty cream bra and panty set, silky stockings covering her thighs.

Spike lets his eyes caress over her body before meeting her gaze again. He lets his fingertips feather over her skin. "Beautiful."

Shuddering at his touch, her eyes fly open and she blushes even deeper. "Th...thank you," She whispers, her voice soft and shy. Spike leans in and brushes his lips across hers, then kisses her, gently at first, then more demanding. His hands slide to the small of her back and pull her close.

The young girl gasps against his mouth, as he kisses her. Feeling his body pressed along hers, she starts to tremble a little. She really cannot believe she is here. No-one has ever looked twice at her before.

The smell of her arousal and nervousness and innocence are intoxicating. He breaks the kiss to let her breathe, and his fingers start to slide up her back, working to unhook her bra.

Darla watches from across the room, her eyes bright at the sight. The contrast between Spike milky white skin and the soft honey color of Miela's is lovely, and the girl is reacting so beautifully.

Panting lightly, Miela feels her legs tremble as Spike unclasps her bra. Spike smiles over at Darla, catching her eyes, and then he scoops Miela up in his arms and lays her down on the bed. The bra is unhooked but still covering her breasts. Spike slides his tank shirt off, letting it fall to the floor, and crawls onto the bed. He starts near Miela's feet, working up along her body, kissing as he goes.

Gasping first at being laid on the bed, Miela gasps again at the sight of his bare chest. She can feel her heart thumping as he moves along her, the kisses on her skin making her shiver and whimper.

Smiling softly Darla moves slowly closer to the bed. She's missed this, watching a member of her family hunt and play with their food. She can't wait until she can return the favor.

For his part, it's all Spike can do to continue with the slow, careful seduction. It's been so long since he was able to hunt. But he's keeping this one, and he wants her tame and loyal. He meets her eyes, and slowly slides the bra down her shoulders, exposing firm, ripe breasts.

Eyes wide on his as he removes her bra, Miela feels feverish, her stomach swimming with butterflies. Her dark nipples are erect from arousal and nerves and her chest rises and falls as she pants. Spike caresses over her breasts with his long fingers, cupping them, rubbing his thumbs over the sensitive nipple tips.

Arching her back and moaning quietly Miela shivers at the sensations rushing through her at his touch. She's never had anyone touch her like this before, and it's almost like some dream.

"So beautiful, Miela. I want to see the rest." Spike slides back down her body, hooking fingers in her panties and sliding them off.

Lifting her hips instinctively, Miela stares down at him. She's just let a stranger take of her panties. Mousy little Miela - she's heard them talking behind her back. If only the girls at college could see her now!

Spike runs his fingertips through her soft downy curls. "I'm going to taste you now, Miela." He pushes her thighs apart and lowers his mouth to her sex.

"Oh!" Miela gasps, as his words penetrate the haze in her mind. She whimpers as he opens her and moans loudly as his lips press against her mound. Spike licks with the tip of his tongue over her lips, and then pushes it between them, into her wetness. She *does* taste sweet, completely innocent.

A breathy squeak comes from Miela's mouth as he licks her. 'Oh. My. God.' She thinks with the barest coherency.

Sliding down to sit beside the bed, Darla settles on the floor, careful not to draw the girl's attention. Spike presses his tongue into her, feeling her intact hymen. A complete, intact virgin. Damn, he wasn't expecting that. So completely rare in these days. His teeth itch, wanting to taste her blood.

The feel of his cool tongue in her tight channel, sets Miela's stomach muscles a-fluttering. "Ohhh." She breathes, her body following instinct and pushing against his touch. He pulls his tongue back, not wanting to break the membrane yet, and curls it around her clit.

Her hips jerk and she emits a surprised sound from the back of her throat. She'd only touched her clit a handful of times, too uncomfortable with the intimate touch even on her own, but this.... so soft, so cool. It's incredible. Spike, encouraged by her response, flicks his tongue back and forth across it, pressing under the hood to find the sensitive nub.

A breathy cry sounds from her throat as Miela's hips buck in his hold. Her glazed eyes stare at the ceiling and she moans, feeling a tightening in her stomach.

"Good girl. Feels good, doesn't it?" Spike pulls back and slides his hands over her skin, moving up her body til he's licking on her neck. The head of his cock just brushes over her outer lips.

She mewls as he moves his mouth away from her intimate flesh. "Y...yes." Her quiet moan turns into a shocked gasp as his cock grazes over her. She knows what's going to happen and feels a flutter of fear through her arousal. Spike can smell that delicious fear and it only adds to his hunger for her. His eyes flicker over to meet Darla's as his teeth descend.

Darla's eyes are glittering as she watches, nearly trembling with lust. Beneath the skirt of her dress, her thighs are wet and slick with her juices. The scent of her arousal peaks as she watches his fangs elongate. Spike moves one hand into Miela's hair as he continues to lick, stroking softly at first, then tightening slightly and exposing her throat to him. He pushes the fangs through. They're already dripping with the chemicals to transmute pain to pleasure. He tastes her innocent blood, laden with arousal and fear.

Shrieking, Miela arches up into the burning pleasure at her neck, body pressing into his. Her vision graying around the edges, she shakes beneath him. Spike keeps drinking her, making it slow, making it last, as he starts pressing his cock firmly into her waiting heat. He can feel her stretched so tightly over his cock, and he growls.

Digging her fingers into the side of the bed, Darla bites her lip to stifle her moans as her cunt spasms, eyes fixed on the sight of Spike drinking the girl's blood. Miela shrieks again as he starts to enter her, the thick head of his cock spreading her open near painfully. Spike feels her maidenhead, and pushes in sharply, breaking it, thrusting deep inside her.

The pain makes her arch beneath him, her breath catching in a silent scream, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. It *hurts*, but feels so very *good*. Spike can smell her virgin blood in the air now, and taste the pain in her blood. It's enough to make him drunk. So good, after so long. He begins to move inside her, rocking to make sure to give her as much sensation and pleasure as he can. He can smell Darla's arousal, too, and his eyes fix on her.

Shivering as his amber eyes fix in her, Darla watches hungrily, eyes flickering from his fangs in the girl's neck, down to wear his hips move between her thighs.

Little gasping mewls in the back of her throat, Miela starts to move her hips against his, her tight quim gripping his cock so hard, it's like she doesn't want to let him go. Spike's free hand moves over to stroke down the column of Darla's throat. He can feel her fluttering pulse, her excitement. He's in heaven, fucking this tight virgin cunt with Darla watching him.

Moaning at his touch, Darla quivers. Needing to get closer, she stands. Lifting her dress over her head, her trembling hands lay it over a nearby chair. Dilated eyes fix on the curve of Spike ass where he thrusts into Miela. Crawling onto the mattress, she presses against side, hand coming up to stroke down his spine to caress his firm cheeks.

With her knelt beside him, Spike's hand slides down her belly and onto her dripping mound, pushing two fingers inside her and flicking over her clit. She gasps, her dripping cunt aches from the teasing touch.

Miela's attention is focused utterly on the dual penetration of his cock and fangs, and she writhes beneath him. Spike keeps thrusting his fingers into Darla, and he purr-growls at the feel of Darla's hand on him. He's utterly lost in sensation now, and rapidly draining Miela even as he pushes her towards orgasm.

Weakening, Miela's movements start to slow, her limbs becoming heavy and tingling with blood loss. Darla watches from over Spike's shoulder as her eyes become clouded, her hips riding his hand as she moans huskily. Spike takes his hand from Miela's hair and starts stroking Miela's clit, wanting her to cum before blood loss makes her lose consciousness.

Sliding her hand between his legs, Darla brushes her fingers over his hole and onto his balls, cupping them gently. Moving down further, she strokes over the base of his cock, feeling the wetness of Miela's juices. She lets her fingers trail over the girl's flesh, feeling how it's stretched around his cock.

Miela can feel her head becoming heavy, even as she spirals towards orgasm, still unaware of exactly what is happening to her. Spike can feel Miela's climax coming even as her life slips away, and moans Darla's at fingers on him. He can feel the girl's muscles flutter and clench on him, then relax as blood loss finally overtakes her.

Spike feels her go slack, and he pulls his mouth up, ripping his wrist and forcing the blood into Miela's slack mouth.

Moaning weakly, Miela's orgasm crests over her, her already gray vision whiting out for a split second before returning to gray. She gasps for breath, heart struggling to pump blood that is no longer in her veins. Suddenly she becomes aware of a sweet stickiness in her mouth, and a sudden burning thirst makes her gulp down the fluid. Darla watches, body tight with near orgasm, moaning.

"Good girl," Spike murmurs, letting her drink just enough to do the trick, not enough to make her more than a minion. He pulls back his wrist and licks it closed. Then he turns to Darla, eyes gold and filled with hunger. "Want you now," he growls.

"God yes!" Darla pants, quivering as she reaches for him. Spike pulls her close, hands sliding over her body, feeling her feverish arousal, heat radiating from her flesh. He rolls over on top of her, pushing fiercely into her, no prelude, taking her hard and fast.

Sighing as he sinks into her Darla throws her head back against the pillow. "God, yes. Fuck me baby." She moans starting to meet his hard thrusts after the merest moment.

He purr-growls, eyes flaming as they meet hers. "Feels so good. God, you're magnificent." His hands clutch at her possessively, his demon roused.

Mewling at the vibration of his growls and the possessive hold, Darla writhes a little, grinding her hips against his, "So are you, it was so hot watching you, it made me so very very hot."

"I can feel your heat. Could drown in it." He licks across her lips and then captures them in a kiss.

Opening her mouth to his, Darla sucks on his tongue. Wrapping her arms wound his ribcage, she digs her nails into his back, scratching him harshly. Spike hisses at the feel of nails and growls, continuing to rock in and out of her hard and fast. His eyes are still golden, and he nips on her neck with blunt teeth.

"Ohh!" Darla moans at his teeth on the skin of her neck. Needing him deeper, she raises her knees high along his sides, sliding her hands up to his shoulders.

"God, Darla, want you so much." Spike pushes deeper still into her. He takes advantage of the angle to make sure he hits her g-spot as he thrusts.

Her eyes roll back as he thrust against her g-spot. "Want...want you too. Oh God!" She whimpers.

The hot human blood running through him has him hot and aroused. He wants still more of Darla. He slides a hand down her back and presses one long finger against her delicate pucker as he keeps thrusting hard and deep.

"Sshhit." She hisses as his touches between her asscheeks. Meeting his eyes she pants out, "Is that what you want Baby? Want to fuck my ass?"

Spike growls and nods. "Yes. Want all of you."

"Take it. Take me." She moans, arching her hips down to press against his exploring finger. Spike groans and presses his finger in, feeling the tightness of her, as he continues to thrust in and out of her wet cunt. He's getting increasingly possessive of her, the longer they're around each other. With his demon so much in ascendant, he's having to work hard to find other ways to claim her short of turning her right now or placing a claim mark on her.

Mewling at the feel of his finger stretching her hole, Darla rocks her hips up into his thrusts and down against his finger. "I can't wait till I'm back to my true form," She tells him with a wicked smile.

Spike smiles back, wolfishly, and nods in agreement. "You're reading my mind." He adds another finger to the first inside her.

"Do you know what else I miss?" She asks, gasping with pleasure at the second finger.

"What, my love?" He asks, feeling her stretched onto his fingers, buried in her heat.

"The sight of three of Angelus’ big thick fingers stretching your darling little hole," She purrs, grinning up at him. "And you writhing wantonly, desperate for more."

Spike chuckles and kisses her hard. "If our plans go as we want, you'll get to see that again as well." His eyes glow more warmly at the memory.

"I'm sure we'll manage to get him back." Darla's own eyes sparkle, remembering nights long past. "Though I'm sure he'll be more than a little pissed at the sight of us wearing each other's claim."

Spike nods, his fingers working more roughly in and out of Darla. "Which will likely work in our favor. The more we can rouse that possessive old demon, the better for our plans."

"Oh yes. The more possessive he is, the more easily we can manipulate the bastard." She giggles breathlessly. "And the more thoroughly he'll fuck us."

Spike grins at that, chuckling. "Oh god yes. A century of repression? I'm sure it will take the both of us *and* Lindsey to sate his appetites."

Darla grins back. "I'm sure you'll be willing to lend him the services of your childe too?"

"Of course."

"I'm sure he wouldn't even have to ask." Darla smirks, moaning a little as she grinds her hips back against his.

Spike can feel that little clip cool against his fingers as he is moving his fingers in and out. "I love the way you think." Darla gasps as the edge of the jewelry clip catches a little against her delicate skin. Her eyes catch his, her breasts heaving with her pants, as she presses down on his fingers.

Spike slides his fingers out, taking the ass-jewel with him. His fingers pull a small tube of lube from the pocket of his jeans and he squirts some on his fingers, pushing them back in again.

Hips jerking at the coolness of the gel, Darla moans again. "So good Baby, so good feeling you in both my holes at once. Your wonderful fingers and that lovely cock thrusting inside my cunt."

Spike leans down to kiss Darla, nibbling at her lips. "Can't get enough of you, it seems."

"You must be taking advantage of having my all to yourself." Pouting prettily she continues, "Soon you'll have your new childe to take up your time."

"She's just a minion, Darla. She'll be handy as a servant, nothing more."

"Not *her* silly, the Watcher." Darla says, pouting a little more.

Spike nibbles her lips. "Well you'll have other diversions as well. But my first devotion will be to you."

Sighing at the nibbles to her swollen lips, she smiles. "Such pretty words. Such a smooth talker you are Will. Always know just what to say."

Spike grins. "Because I always mean them." Spike nuzzles down onto her neck even as he slides his fingers out of her. He pulls his cock out of her wet quim and starts pressing slowly against her delicate pucker.

Arching her neck, she moans as he presses the head of his cock against her. Rocking her hips upwards, she tries to relax her muscles to allow him inside. He purr-growls, feeling her tightness as he moves in, inch by inch. "I know you'll watch, though. When I bend the Watcher over and make him beg for my cock."

"Oh god yes." Darla groans, as his cock stretches her open with a delicious burn. "I can't wait. I want to see him beg and plead for you to fuck him till the blood runs down his thighs." Spike growls, eyes flashing, and he pushes harder into her. She always did know how to inflame him with words. Darla's back arches as she presses back, moaning. She lets the slight pain from the stretch wash over her, increasing her arousal. "But let him just try to overstep his bounds, and you'll make the
bastard scream for mercy," She whispers.

"I will. Fucking Watcher has no idea what fire he played with." Spike leans down and sucks an erect nipple into his mouth, teeth playing just above the clip.

Pressing her breasts up against his mouth, Darla shudders as he seats himself all the way inside her. "So good Will." Spike purrs loudly at that, moving his mouth to the other nipple as he starts a slow grind in and out of her nether passage.

"Should we make the slayer-bitch beg for his life?" She asks, mewling at his slow movements in and out, reaching her hands down to hold her ass cheeks apart for his thrusts.

"Thought we were going to take him before the Slayer knows what's going on." He groans at the tightness of her on his cock.

"Take him, but keep him alive till we have her." Darla explains, eyes glittering. "Play with him a little, let him think he can escape, or help the others, or save her..."

Spike grins and purr-growls deeply. "Such a lovely wicked mind you have."

She returns his grin, pressing up to feel his growl vibrate against her. "And for each... infraction... he can be punished. We might even manage to break him before you come to turn him." Spike groans and nods, his grin growing more predatory. "He can watch as we torture the Slayer. And she can watch as you turn him," She adds, moving her hips against his.

"Fuck, yeah. I'm not normally so much for the prolonged torture thing, but I want all of them to *suffer*."

"You deserve it Will. Deserve to make them suffer for hurting you."

"You're so good to me, Darla. So good *for* me." He picks up the pace, moving harder and faster in her.

"You deserve that too," Darla moans. "You deserve so much, and I'm gonna make sure you get it." Her neck arches at the faster pace. "You've been so good to me too."

Spike growls possessively and scents over her neck. "I want you so much Darla. Can't wait til we can claim each other."

"God yes," She cries, shivering at his growl. "Seeing my mark on your neck, feeling yours on mine, loved, claimed." Spike thrusts harder still into her, hands gripping her hips and pulling her close. His demon ripples to the surface, visage changing, and his fangs tease across her throat.

Darla can feeling her orgasm coiling in her belly, making her muscles twitch, her ass squeezing and massaging his cock. Her blue eyes meet his amber demon-eyes and she moans, "Yesss. Bite me, want your fangs in my neck." Spike holds her eyes as he carefully presses the sharp needles into her throat. He can practically taste her approaching climax. She pants as he presses his ivory fangs into her skin, fighting to keep their gazes locked.

The taste of her blood floods across his tongue. He groans and his own release is very very close now. As her blood flows into his mouth and he starts to drink, Darla cries out, body arching and tightening as pleasure crests over her. "Will!"

Spike takes only a few sips, not wanting to weaken her. The feeling of her tightening on him is exquisite, and he lets go deep in her. He bucks a last few times and holds her close as they ride out the pleasure together.

Shuddering at the feel of his cool seed filling her ass, Darla comes again mewling quietly and panting his name. Spike rests a bit, spent, but doesn't collapse on Darla. He waits a moment or two until he can collect himself and then rolls onto his back, pulling her on top of him.

Whimpering as the roll causes his cock to slide free of her, Darla settles against his chest, cheek pressed to the firm muscle of one pectoral. Her breath blows over the skin of his chest, fast and hot. Spike purrs and strokes her hair, savoring the feel of her hot skin, the pounding of her pulse.

Darla smiles as he chest vibrates beneath her cheek. She really misses being able to purr. The two of them always used to curl up purring as they fell asleep. Angelus used to call them his pretty little wildcats. Spike looks down at Darla. "I love you," he purrs out softly.

Lifting her head, she smiles beatifically. "I love you too Sweet William."

Spike strokes his hand down to cup her cheek. "If nothing else, I feel a little gratitude to those stinking lawyers for bringing you back."

"Me too." Darla's smile turns wry as her breath evens out. "We shall have to get hold of the spell. I don't like the idea of them playing with our clan much more."

"Me either."

"Perhaps... perhaps we might use it to suit our own purposes..." She suggests quietly, her eyes going distant.

"What do you mean?"

Darla's tone is hesitant as she speaks, "Well... I don't think bringing my Sire back would be a good idea, he wouldn't manage very well in the world as it is now. But...maybe..."

"Penn?" Spike asks, voice eager.

"Perhaps." She replies. "Do you think it would be wise, for him as well as the family?"

"I think so. He was very strong, and he'd be as eager to help bring back the true Angelus as we are."

"And, once he's back to himself, his strength and experience would certainly be a help in bringing Aurelius back to it's former glory."

Spike grins wickedly. "Not to mention his re-appearance would wrack Angel with guilt, since he held him while that cop dusted him."

"Hmm, I think between the three of us, we could tie him in knots. A few reminders of what he did to Dru might not go amiss either." Darla returns his grin, just as wicked.

Spike chuckles darkly and nuzzles into Darla's soft hair. "Use that much-over-rated soul against him."

"Maybe Penn can come up with some spells to help our endeavor too." Rubbing her cheek against his chest, Darla sighs happily.

"It's settled, then. We'll get hold of that spell."

Darla nods, lifting her head to kiss him. "As soon as possible. Perhaps you could concentrate on that, while I concentrate on how to get hold of my Sire's blood?"

"Of course." He smiles. "We may be Seducers, but we can still plan things when it’s important enough. I've noticed we seem to plan better when we're shagging or right after."

Giggling, Darla nods. "Must be the sex, makes our minds work better."

"Must be." Spike chuckles. "Good thing, since we can't seem to make it terribly long without shagging."

"True," Darla says, still giggling. "It's a good job I don't mind a little pain with my sex. My cunt seems to be permanently rubbed raw since we met up."

Spike's eyes sparkle a bit. "You want a little of my blood? Fix that right up."

Resting her chin on her crossed arms against his chest, Darla's lips twitch as she muses "Hmm let me think on that..."

Spike grins and strokes a hand over her hair. "I do seem to have an near insatiable appetite for you."

"I'm glad to hear it." She smiles, leaning into his hand. "I think, perhaps, I could be persuaded to take a little blood." Her smile turns mischievous. Spike licks his lips and moves one hand over his chest, slicing a cut with one sharp nail. His other hand in her hair urges her mouth towards the wound.

Darla watches him open the cut with a hungry look in her eyes, but then pushes back against his hand, wanting him to force her. Spike purr-growls slightly, pushing her head down to the cut with a little flash in his eyes.

Squirming, Darla puts a little fear into her expression. "What are you doing? Stop it, please. I don't..." She makes her voice high and breathy as she struggles against him.

Spike growls, the struggle inflaming his lust a bit. He knows full well she's playing, but it works on him just the same. He forces her mouth against the cut.

She whimpers as the blood coats her lips, still fighting his hold. She moans raggedly as she swallows the blood, acting like someone being turned against their will, unable to resist the blood but fighting it. Spike groans and his hands tighten on her. He's hardening again fast as she fights him.

Suddenly she lets herself go limp against him, submitting and licking at the closing wound. Spike grabs her arms and slides her up his body when the wound closes, tasting his blood on her lips.

"Want to play another game?" She asks breathily, against his mouth.

"What did you have in mind?" He whispers huskily.

"Let’s go back to the club. I want to dance some more," Darla replies, sitting up on his stomach. "And then I want you to drag me into some dark corner and *make* me suck you off. And see what silly little things fall into our web."

Spike chuckles. "God, I love your wicked mind. Shall we shower first?"

"I don't know. Do you want to?" Darla asks, grinding her ass against his stomach, rubbing his come into the skin.

"Well you know how much I love being bathed...and bathing others."

"Sybarite." She says fondly, stroking his cheek.

Spike purrs and rubs against her hand. "Always have been."

"And always will be." Leaning down she kisses him softly. Spike moans softly into the kiss. Then he sits up, scooping her up into his arms and carrying her off towards the bathroom.

Darla's quiet giggle trails from the bathroom as he starts the water. "Wonder what Lindsey will think we tell him what we've been up to?"

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