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Sanguine Revival 6/? (Spike/Darla/Lindsey, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
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TITLE: Sanguine Revival 6/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter- Spike/Darla, Spike/Darla/Lindsey, Lindsey/OC.
SUMMARY: This chapter- Spike, Darla, and Lindsey go to meet with Holland, and then have some fun eating dinner out.
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SPOILERS: Through Season 5 BtVS: Fool For Love, and Season 2 Ats: Darla.
WARNINGS: Het sex, m/m slash, threesome(m/m/f), oral sex, bloodplay, mild bdsm, voyeurism.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
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Length: 8,965 Words.

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"I wonder how this meeting is going to go. Do you think they'll be willing to let us get on with our plans if we can convince them that making Angel dark is part of it? That we in fact want him dark and not unsouled?"

Spike nods. "M'sure we can convince them. And once we have Angelus back...even Wolfram and Hart can't stop us."

"Especially if we as a family are strong enough by the time we get rid of the soul." She nods. "They should believe that our plans for the slayers will contribute towards corrupting Angel. A two for one deal." She snorts delicately. Grabbing her makeup purse of the side where she left it earlier, she quickly and efficiently applies eye and lip makeup. Even though she's human again she doesn't need anything more.

"Yeah." Spike nods. "Tormenting and killing the Slayer will make him darker. They just don't know how far we plan t'take it."

"Let's hope they don't find out until it's too late." Standing and facing him she does a twirl, saying, "Will I do?"

"You're ravishing. And I fully intend to ravish you later." Spike's eyes are glowing, with just the faintest hint of amber.

Giggling coquettishly Darla answers, "I look forward to it."

Takes Darla's hand, Spike kisses it softly and gallantly. "God I love you."

Turning her hand she cups his cheek. "Love you too." Moving closer she kisses him softly. "We're gonna put this family back together you and I. And then we'll never be parted for so long again."

"Never again." As Spike speaks Lindsey comes out, dressed and ready to go. "Shall we?" Spike asks.

Taking a deep breath Darla replies, "We shall."

Spike holds out his arm and escorts Darla out to the truck, leaving it to Lindsey to scramble to close and lock the door and rush out to unlock the truck for them.

Settling into the truck beside him Darla smiles at Spike. As Lindsey starts the truck she smirks before reaching over to stroke over the metal of Lindsey's cock cage beneath his loose trousers.

Lindsey whimpers. The metal is cold and much more restricting and uncomfortable than the black tubing. And Darla's tease just reminds him of his confinement.

"Don' worry Pet. When you get home you have permission to change back into the black one. So that you can sleep more easily." Darla smiles sweetly, petting him. "Though be warned, Spike will know if you've cum."

Lindsey nods, grateful for that concession. "Thank you Mistress."

Having done her bit of mercy Darla continues to stroke over his encaged cock and balls, caressing his inner thighs. Lindsey continues to squirm and whimper as he tries to concentrate and drive.

"We'll try not to wake you up when we return." Smirking wickedly Darla explains, "We'll make sure to do all our fucking while we're out." Lindsey whimpers. So much for maybe getting to cum tonight.

"Something wrong Lindsey?" Darla asks as he whimpers again.

"Nothing Mistress."

"You're lying," She singsongs. "Tell us what's the matter. We can't take care of our Pet if we don't know when there's something wrong."

"Mistress, you had said perhaps if I was good I might get to cum tonight?"

"Oh yes. I remember now," Darla says. Turning to Spike she asks, "What do you think darling? Should we let him cum, or wait to see how he acts at the meeting?"

Spike's eyes sparkle with mischief. "Oh, I think we should wait."

Darla's eyes glitter in reply. "Of course dear, whatever you think is best," She says sweetly. Lindsey shivers a little in response, but there is at least a chance.

Continuing to caress Lindsey's thigh, Darla slips her other hand onto Spike's in a matching caress. "I can't wait till afterwards when we get to the club."

Spike purrs and strokes a hand lightly over Darla's neck and the top of her chest. "I know. To hunt again; to prowl through those crowds of barely-dressed mortals and pick out a tasty morsel."

Her eyes slip shut and Darla shivers at the combination of his touch and words. "Gods yes."

Spike hand drops a little lower, fingertips brushing lightly over her breasts and peaked nipples. "To have you watching as I fuck her for your pleasure and drain her life away..."

"Oh Will..." She moans. "Such lovely words, thoughts. I just know it'll be a magnificent sight."

"It'll be all the better since you're there to see it." Spike leans over to brush a kiss onto her neck.

Tilting her head she bares her neck to his kiss, her hand coming up to cup the other side of his jaw. "It's getting me wet just talking of it," She says candidly.

Spike slides his other hand up under her dress, the side-slit making it very easy, and dips a fingertip into her, bringing it back and licking her juices from it. "So it is."

Unable to stop herself Darla groans loudly. "Such a tease Baby." Pulling his mouth to hers she brushes her lips against his, tasting herself on them and moaning again. Spike purrs and kisses her again, deepening the kiss. His hand keeps stroking on her neck and the other touches her hair.

Surrendering to the kiss Darla tilts her head into it, sucking slightly on his tongue. The hand on his jaw slips down to stroke over the silk of his shirt. Spike moans as Darla's hand strokes over him. He pulls back finally from the kiss and growls a little. "I hate that we have this bloody meeting first."

Panting a little she lets her head falls back. "Me too. I could ride you right here, right now if we didn't have to go."

Spike moans at that. "Fuck, Darla, going t'be so good tonight."

"Oh yes. It is. Shame that Lindsey has to go to work tomorrow, else he could come too," She says with a faux-sad tone.

Spike chuckles. "A pity."

"Let's hope that the meeting will be short."

Lindsey snorts. "Not likely. Holland loves the sound of his own voice."

"Well," Darla smirks. "Perhaps Spike can persuade him that it's not all that brilliant a sound."

Spike grins. "I have been known to be persuasive from time to time."

Sharing his grin Darla says, "That you have. In many different ways." Darla sighs as a happy memory washes over her of Spike persuading Angelus to do something rather embarrassing with a goat. Revenge for some slight of Drusilla.

Lindsey pulls up into the garage at W&H. "Here we are."

Grimacing, Darla flops her head onto Spike's shoulder. "Bastard Lawyers."

Spike strokes Darla's hair. "I know, luv. The real vampires."

Sighing again, this time definitely not with happiness, she sits up straight. "Come on then, let’s go and bullshit the biggest bastard of them all."

Spike gets out of the truck and puts a hand to help Darla out. He pulls her close, arm around her waist, as they walk to the elevator. Lindsey trails behind. Leaning against Spike as the elevator ascends, Darla breathes deeply, gathering her nerves. Spike strokes his hand reassuringly on the small of Darla's back.

"We can handle him, luv. We're Aurelians."

Lifting her chin, she smiles sunnily at him. "We are. And no arrogant pissant is going to bully or threaten us." She is not some pathetic human; she is Darla, favorite childe of Heinreich Nest.

Spike smiles back at her. "Exactly."

The elevator doors open and Lindsey guides them down to Holland's office. The white-haired lawyer gestures them in. "Please, sit down." He eyes Spike somewhat warily. Spike helps Darla into a chair and sits next to her.

Darla sits regally in the chair indicated. It's a horribly uncomfortable thing, obviously intended to make her feel intimidated. "Holland." She nods politely, but coolly. Smiling at Spike, she makes a point of *not* introducing him to the lawyer on the other side of the desk.

"Darla, Lindsey." He looks over at Spike. "And from what Lindsey tells me, you must be Spike. William the Bloody."

Spike inclines his head. "I am."

"So, Holland. Why don't you tell us why it is that you demanded my presence?" Darla asks haughtily.

"Well, Darla, from what my field agents tell me, you've completely failed in your mission."

Raising one perfectly styled eyebrow Darla drawls, "Really? Have I now?"

"Yes. You were supposed to turn him dark. Instead, he now seems even more intent on do-gooding than ever."

"You really expected him to give in so soon?" Darla replies. "I think I find that a little insulting that you think so little of him. Don't you Spike? If he was that easy to sway, one might wonder why you couldn't do it yourselves." Her tone is obviously derogatory.

Spike nods. "I do indeed." He looks over at Holland. "As far as turning him dark, I think perhaps I can help."

Holland raises an eyebrow. "Can you?"

"When you decided to bring me back, you must have done some research into our family," Darla says, before pausing and smirking a little. "Or didn't you know it would be me when you did the ritual?"

"We did," Holland says. "There are rumors, of course, about the relationship between William and Angelus. But they haven't been close in a hundred years."

"But you can say the same about Angelus and myself," Darla points out. "It didn't stop you from sending me out to turn his head."

"Yes, but you were his Sire. You made him what he was."

"And he made William what he is," She counters.

Spike speaks up. "Between the two of us, *Holland*," his tone clearly a little contemptuous, "We can twist him into knots."

"Of course," Darla puts in smoothly. "Much depends how easily you want those knots to be to unraveled."

Holland looks over at Lindsey. "You trust Spike?"

Lindsey nods. "I do, Holland. Implicitly."

Holland looks a little dubious. He looks over at Darla. "So what is your plan now?"

"Well, as I've said, it depends on how dark you want him, and how long you want that darkness to last," Darla asks smugly, leaning back in her chair as if it's the most comfortable chair in the world.

"Dark. But still souled. We want him tipped over to the dark side for good. Make him give up this ridiculous desire to atone."

"Then we need to think in longer terms than you have been," Darla says.

Holland sighs. "I suppose so. So do you have a plan?"

Darla smiles slowly, wickedly. "Oh yes. We have such a delicious plan. Don't we?" She turns to Spike, eyes glittering.

Spike eyes meet Darla's, returning the wicked gleam. "We do indeed." He looks at Holland. "Stay off our backs. If he sniffs you, it'll ruin everything."

Holland looks skeptically at Spike. "You really think you can do it?"

Spike nods. "Yes. We certainly can't do any worse that you have."

Smirking as Spike's dig hits its mark, Darla says determinedly, "You'll need to remove your spies too. We don't want to alert him or the slayer, or their minions."

"The Slayer? What does she have to do with this?"

"The slayer is his 'Guiding Light'," Darla explains with a twist of her mouth. "We'll need to remover her, as well as his pet humans. But in a way so as to weaken him, not anger him."

"Hmm. We hadn't considered that. All right. We'll give you your shot." Darla bristles at the condescending tone. "Problem, Darla?"

"Just a little surprised at your attitude, considering that I had more success in two months, than you or your staff did in two years," Darla replies coolly.

Holland shrugs. "I suppose you're right."

Darla smiles sweetly at him. "So we are agreed then. You will leave Spike and I to deal with Angel as we see fit. No interference. No spies. Lindsey will be our liaison." She stands up and, despite her petite stature, looks down on him. She is every inch her sire's childe as she looks upon the pathetic man. Holland actually blanches a bit.

"Agreed. So glad you could come in, Darla."

Darla waits until he stands and starts to raise his hand to shake hers, before turning away. "Glad we have things sorted out."

"What about resources?" Holland asks.

Spike waves him away. "There's no need for that. We can manage everything on our own."

Holland nods. "Very well then. I suppose I'll be hearing your progress from Lindsey."

Pausing in the doorway, Darla turns to look back at Holland. She nods. "Yes, Lindsey will keep Wolfram and Hart abreast of what is happening."

"Good. I look forward to your success." Holland is obviously trying to regain a little traction in these negotiations.

Nodding once more, Darla glides from the room. Through the glass windows of the office, she can be seen walking towards the elevators, head high and gait graceful, sexy and predatory. Spike follows behind, equally graceful and powerful. Lindsey nods to Holland and scampers to catch up.

As Spike comes up beside her, she links her arm through his with a smile and they step into the elevator. Spike leans down to kiss her as the elevator closes. "Perfect."

Returning the kiss Darla relaxes a little. "He's a pissant." As the elevator start to descend she turns to Lindsey and her smile turns vicious. "Make sure the Senior Partners know, that once they grow tired of Manners, we'll be happy to destroy him for them."

Lindsey shifts uncomfortably. "Yes Mistress."

"Is something wrong Lindsey? Don't you think it went well?" Darla asks at his discomfort.

"I think it went well. But Holland isn't going to be very happy with me."

"I'm sure he won't. But he can't very well act against the liaison to the Aurelian Order now can he? Not when he knows we could demand reparations from the Senior Partners," Darla points out.

"I guess you're right, Mistress."

"I know I am. And it will only make things clearer when you become an official Pet of the Order." Darla smiles as she strokes a hand over his caged groin. Lindsey whimpers, eyes down. Spike smiles as Darla torments Lindsey.

The doors of the elevator open, and they exit back into the garage level. Spike helps Darla into the truck and settles beside her, sliding a hand up under her dress and along her creamy thigh.

Pressing close to him, Darla takes comfort from his nearness. She slides her hand beneath his shirt to stroke the muscles of his stomach. Spike purrs softly at the contact. His Seducer nature, he's so very tactile, so addicted to the senses. He leans to inhale her fragrance.

Tilting her head, she leans her cheek against his. "So glad that's over and we can go out and enjoy the rest of the night."

Spike brushes his lips over her cheek and whispers in her ear. "I'm ready for the hunt. But I think we need to feed you first."

Darla pouts and sighs, nodding in agreement. "I suppose." Turning to Lindsey she asks him if he ate while she and Spike were out earlier.

"No, Mistress."

"Take us to a restaurant then. I think I should make sure I'm well fed to keep up with Spike at the clubs." She smiles at Spike, leaning up to kiss him.

"Yes Mistress. Any preference?"

Spike cups the nape of Darla's neck as he kisses her, hand still sliding up and down her thigh. "Hmm I don't know. Spike?" She murmurs against his lips as she parts her legs a little to his caresses.

"Italian? Something creamy and decadent." Spike rubs a little higher. "To match your skin."

Giggling coquettishly, Darla presses into him. "Something meaty with plenty of sauce."

Spike smiles wolfishly and slides his other hand down to the small of her back, pulling her onto his lap and against his stiffening cock. "Sounds lovely. Italian it is."

Wrapping her arms around Spike's neck, Darla presses her breasts against his chest. "Hmm yes, very lovely." She sighs, nuzzling her lips against his jaw. Spike moans softly and rubs back against her, only the thin silk of his shirt and the satin of her dress separating them. Lindsey whimpers a little in his seat as he steers them towards the nearest Italian restaurant.

Darla's mouth reaches his ear and she takes his lobe into her mouth, giving it a sharp nip. "Wonder if we can drive our Pet to begging right there in the restaurant," She breathes hotly.

"Oh, I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult. He's practically panting already, just sitting there."

Wiggling against Spike's cock Darla chuckles evilly. "Shall we let him cum when he begs?"

Spike groans a little as Darla rubs against his shaft. "Oh, no. I don't think he's been good enough for that."

"Unlike you. You've been very good baby." Darla moans at the feel of his cock pressing against her center through their clothes. Hitching up her dress she settles back down. "Don't want to get my dress damp do we?" She giggles, gasping as her cunt comes into contact with the cool leather of his trousers. Spike moans and purr-growls as he can feel her against him, and catches the full scent of her arousal.

"No, of course not." He slides his hands over her now-exposed legs, stroking up to cup her ass. Lindsey glances over, unable to stop himself, and he grips harder on the steering wheel.

Darla moans louder at Spike's touch and her muscles tighten, her ass gripping tight onto the clip of her ass jewelry. "Not sure if I can wait until after we eat baby. I want you in me so much," She pants.

Spike nuzzles onto her neck. "I'm sure I can't." He moves his hands to her shoulders, sliding the straps down enough that he can lift out her breasts, cupping them, leaning to lick each pert nipple.

Gasping again, Darla throws back her head, thrusting he breasts into his hands. The light from the streetlamps causing the sapphires to glitter against her pale skin. "Oh Gods!"

Spike licks around the nipple huggers that cause Darla's nipples to stand out so perfectly, and pulls back to admire the sight of her. "You're so magnificent. So perfect."

Lifting her head so her dilated eyes meet his, she whimpers "Fuck me Will. Fuck me now."

"With pleasure," Spike murmurs hoarsely. He undoes the tight leather jeans, freeing his cock, and guides himself into her, his eyes fixed on hers.

Darla's eyes flutter closed as he fills her and her face shows her pleasure. "Oh Will!" She sigh-groans, pressing down onto his cock. "God, so good in me." His cock stretches her open and the chain of the pussy jewelry pulls taught across her clit, adding an edge of pain. Spike purr-growls and licks down her neck, feeling her heat encompass him. He nuzzles at the hollow of her throat, thrusting into her, and stroking and caressing her bejeweled breasts.

Humming with pleasure Darla starts to ride him hard and fast. Kissing and nipping at his face she pants as her arousal spirals quickly. Spike bucks up to meet her on each downthrust, pressing deep into her. He rocks and twists inside her, trying to hit every secret spot as he moves. One hand moves to bury in her hair, pulling her head back slightly as he licks and nips on her neck.

Shuddering as he fills her so perfectly, Darla starts to mewl as his mouth works on her throat, holding it in place with a firm grip. Spike can't help it, the smell of her blood and the pounding of her heart are so intoxicating. His fangs descend and he just breaks the skin, bringing up pearls of blood to lick.

The slight sting of his fangs causes Darla to cry out as her cunt clenches tight around his thrusting cock. "Oh God Will! Will!" Her hips twist and writhe as she comes around him.

Her clenching muscles and the feel of her release trigger his own, bucking deep inside her as he spends himself. He licks the little scratches closed and slides the straps back up, covering her breasts again as they pull up to the restaurant.

Darla leans against him weakly, her muscles still twitching around him, as he straightens the top of her dress. "God, it's always so perfect with you." She sighs into his neck.

"You make me perfect," Spike whispers. "Never been with a woman more magnificent than you."

"No," Darla says quietly as she lifts her head. "You were born to be an Aurelian. Born to compliment each of us, as we compliment you." Her hand cups his cheek as she smiles lovingly at him. Spike's eyes glow lovingly in return, and he nuzzles into her hand, kissing it as he purrs.

"Grandsire," he whispers. "I've missed you so."

Kissing him gently, she whispers in return, "And I you, Sweet William. Precious Boy."

Spike lingers in the kiss and then pulls back, a wicked gleam in his eyes. "It seems we need a little cleaning before we can go in. Should we use our Pet?" Darla feels a shiver of joy at the wicked look in Spike's eyes and nods.

"Hmm, yes. We may as well make use of him some."

Spike looks over. "You heard your Mistress, Pet. Come over and clean us. With your tongue."
Darla leans back from Spike's chest, raising herself up and off his cock with a quiet moan. "Make sure you do a good job," She tells Lindsey, "We don't want any stains on our clothes."

"Yes Mistress," Lindsey says with a groan shivering and leans across the seat, pressing his head down and starting to lick.

The jewelry between her legs sways gently as she squeezes her muscles, forcing thick globs of cum to trail slickly from her cunt. "It always seems a shame to clean your essence out of me." She sighs looking at Spike.

Spike reaches over to stroke her cheek as Lindsey obediently licks her. "You flatter me so."

"No more than you do me." She replies leaning into his hand. "All those lovely compliments. They're enough to turn any woman's head."

"You deserve them." Lindsey finishes cleaning Darla and moves to start licking Spike clean. Darla smiles brilliantly at him. Lindsey finishes the work and moves back. Spike tucks himself away, petting Lindsey on the head, ruffling his hair like a dog.

"Good pet," he says. Lindsey bristles a bit but says nothing. Spike helps Darla out of the truck, not waiting for Lindsey who scrambles to keep up with them.

Hiding her smirk at Spike's treatment of their pet, Darla leans against his side as he escorts her into the restaurant. Spike smiles at the hostess as he enters. "Table for three," he says. "Non-smoking. Someplace private, please." He palms her a bill as he shakes her hand. She smiles in return and guides them back to a private room.

As they walk through the restaurant, Darla can feel the appreciative stares of the other customers as they look her and Spike over, and she smiles up at him. Spike smiles at her as well, sliding his hand to the small of her back. Lindsey is clearly unhappy at being the third wheel but is quiet as they are escorted into the private room.

Darla moves to take the seat that will place her between the boys and winks at Spike as he pulls out her chair. "Thank you darling."

Spike leans to kiss her. "You're quite welcome." He sits next to Darla. Lindsey settles on the other side. Spike grins wickedly. "We really need to bring a cushion so that Lindsey can be in the proper place for a pet at mealtimes."

Laughing as the hostess blanches Darla nods her agreement. "Indeed my dear. We'll have to see to it soon."

The hostess recovers her poise. "Richard will be your waiter. He'll be in soon." She retreats, closing the door behind her.

Giving him a mock glare Darla says, "Really William. We need to be more careful to not shock the silly humans."

Spike ducks his head, but doesn't lose the grin. "Sorry, grandsire."

"Hmm." Darla can't help the twitch of her lips as she turns to Lindsey where he's sitting, looking slightly sulky. She raised one eyebrow at his expression. Lindsey starts a bit, realizing Darla is looking at him. He smoothes his expression into a more agreeable one.

"Something wrong Pet?" she asks coolly.

"No, Mistress," Lindsey replies.

"I don't think he's being truthful," Spike says. "Or a proper pet. Definitely not deserving of getting to cum anytime soon." Lindsey whimpers pitifully.

"Hmm, no, I don't think he is." She turns to face Spike and asks consideringly, "Should we make him sit and eat on the floor?"

"I do. We have privacy here. No one else to see but the waiter, and we can tip him well in consideration of his inconvenience. Lindsey needs to learn his place."

"Of course dear, so very true." Darla smiles at Spike before turning back to Lindsey with a glare. "Well? You heard your Master. You don't need that chair, so you may as well move it out of the way." Lindsey swallows hard, getting up and moving the chair back, kneeling down on the floor.

"Under the table. Hands and knees, like a proper pet, so we can feed you tidbits." Spike's tone is firm.

Nodding, Darla picks up a menu and starts to browse through what's on offer. "What do you fancy Spike?" She asks. Lindsey closes his eyes and the muscles in his neck visibly tighten, but he ducks his head and crawls under the table. Darla peeks over the menu at Spike and her eyes glitter with amusement and lust.

Spike reaches down to pet Lindsey's head. "Good pet." He looks back at Darla, returning her smile. "The veal looks good, with some fettuccine Alfredo on the side I think."

"Hmm, yes. It does. But so does the rest." Putting aside her menu she bats her eyes at him. "I think I'll let you decide."

Spike gives a small chuckle. "Rather unlike you to leave me in charge. I remember many nights on my knees before you."

Darla shakes her head a little. "But I was a vampire then. And your elder."

Spike takes her hand and kisses the knuckles tenderly. "You'll be a vampire again. I swear to you."

"Thank you Will." She leans over and kisses him. Smiling a little wickedly she breathes, "And when I am, I swear I'll bend you over and give you the hard fucking I know you've been craving." Spike chuckles and moans at the same time.

"You know me so very well."

"Comes of all those nights watching you beg for Angelus' cock." Darla grins.

Spike smiles. "Oh yes." He sighs happily. "It will be so lovely when we have all the family back together again."

"The family all together. Bigger and better than ever." Darla matches his sigh with a hopeful smile.

A discreet knock on the door heralds the arrival of the waiter. "Ready to order?" He asks politely before spotting Lindsey's feet and blushing.

Spike orders, getting the veal and the fettuccine and some other dishes, a nice assortment of food, and orders some wine to go along with it. He ignores the waiter's discomfort. Darla reclines back in her chair, lifting her heeled feet and resting her legs across Lindsey's back, and smiles brightly at the embarrassed young human.

The waiter blushes deeper still, but takes the order and leaves. Spike chuckles with amusement. "Humans can be so entertaining."

"Hmm. I wonder how he would have reacted if we'd have had Lindsey naked and servicing us?" Darla giggles. "I wonder how much we can embarrass him?"

Spike grins. "I'm betting we could push it pretty far, as long as we tip him well."

"Do you have much cash for such a generous tip?" She asks, tone obviously debating some other method of tipping the waiter.

"Cash, yes. And of course we can always sweeten the deal. He was quite pretty."

"You have such delightful ideas William." Darla purrs, reaching over to slide one hand onto his thigh. Spike purrs in return, his cock taking a distinct interest as Darla's hand slides up his thigh. Darla's stomach rumbles and she blushes, pouting prettily. "I guess we'll have to wait until after we've eaten to play."

Spike smiles and leans over to kiss her. "Frailties of the flesh." The waiter comes in with the appetizers and salads and drinks. Spike looks him over appraisingly. He says. "We'll need two bowls. For the pet."

The waiter blushes again, even more. "Yes, sir. I'll just get them." And he scuttles out of the room.

Covering her mouth, Darla giggles again. "Poor boy, we're really opening his eyes tonight."

"He must be new to LA," Spike says.

"Must be."

The two of them start eating as the waiter comes back in with the bowls, setting them on the table.

"Thank you Richard." Darla thanks the waiter with a soft smile and breathy voice.

The young man shivers a bit at Darla's obvious attention. Spike smiles at his reaction. "How many tables are you working this evening?"

The young man stammers a bit. "Ummm, six right now."

Spike nods. "Send the manager in if you don't mind. We'd prefer personal service. I promise to make it worth your while."

Nodding wide-eyed, the waiter leaves the room to fetch the manager.

The manager, a greasy looking older man soon enters the room and begins to flutter about, asking if everything is all right, all the time staring at Darla's cleavage.

Spike distracts his attention with a few bills. "We'd prefer to have Richard taking care of us exclusively. Take him off his other tables, put him in here."

The man nods. "Oh course Sir. Right away." He turns and leaves the room.

A few minutes later Richard is back. Hesitantly entering the room, his wide eyes fix on Spike as he asks, "Um, is there anything I can get for you?"

"Not at the moment. But we prefer having a waiter on call. Why don't you come sit down here, next to Darla?"

The man's jaw drops as his eyes slide towards where Darla is patting the seat opposite Spike. "Umm, ok, if that's what you want."

"It is," Darla purrs, giving him a sultry look.

He walks over and pulls the chair back, settling next to Darla. Spike is preparing a bowl of food and one of water, setting them under the table for Lindsey.

Darla takes a bite of her food and turns to ask, "So Richard, why don't you tell us about yourself?"

"Ummm. I'm not that interesting. Typical story, came to LA to be an actor. But mostly I'm just waiting tables and going to auditions."

Continuing to question him, Darla manages to winkle out a good amount of information, with Spike making frequent contributions, and the time starts to pass quickly until they are ordering desert. Lindsey has been very quiet, playing good pet under the table, even though he really resents being ignored while they toy with the waiter.

While Richard is out of the room, Darla peeks under the table to look at Lindsey. "Ok down there Pet? You're being very good. Are you starting to realize your place?"

"Yes, Mistress," Lindsey replies, dropping his head to hide his eyes from her.

"Tut tut. Spike, I think our pet is lying to us again. I don't think he's very happy at all," Darla says, looking up at him.

Spike shakes his head. "I think he needs more education. Lindsey, out from under the table." Lindsey crawls out, obediently. "Now strip." Spike's tone brooks no refusal. Lindsey whimpers but begins to remove his clothing. He knows the waiter will be back soon.

Darla squirms slightly in her seat, excited at Spike's dominant tone, and Lindsey's impending humiliation. Spike takes the clothing away as Lindsey removes it, hanging it up on the coat rack, out of Lindsey's reach from the floor. "Back under the table, pet." Lindsey whimpers and crawls back under the table, trying to huddle to cover himself.

Richard walks back into the room with dessert and his eyes bug wide at the sight of naked Lindsey.

"Wonderfully wicked man," Darla murmurs quietly to Spike as she takes in Richard's delightful reaction.

Spike looks up at Richard. "Best set the desserts down before you spill the tray." Richard sets the tray down. Spike gestures for him to come over. He slides a hand up onto Richard's ass. "You like it, don't you? The sight turns you on. I can tell."

The young man tenses for a moment, but then shivers violently in reaction. "Y...yes," He replies timidly.

Spike smiles, stroking his hand over Richard's tight ass. "You wonder what it would be like, belonging to someone, serving them, obeying them." Wide eyes look into Spike's as the Richard blushes hard and nods jerkily.

"You're in luck. Because we can show you, for a little while at least. Lock the door, Richard. Then take off that uniform." The waiter dazedly walks over to the door, locking it. Turning around he looks at Spike, and then Darla, and reaches shaking hands up to start unbuttoning and removing his clothes.

"Very good," Spike says, eyes fixed on the young man. "Isn't he a good boy, obeying so well, Darla?"

Darla smiles as she sips from her wineglass. "Oh yes, he is. So eager too." Reaching out she trails her fingers over Spike's shoulder and down his arm. "I do so love watching you play," She says beneath her breath.

Spike purrs at her touch and whispers back. "It's good to be able to play again. Thanks to you."

Leaning over she kisses him tenderly. "I want to watch you. I just know that when you've finished, he'll always crave your touch, and never be able to find a Master like you."

"You think maybe we should get his number? Make him a minion eventually? We'll need minions."

"That's true. Or maybe a servitor. Either way, it's something we need to start thinking about."

Spike nods, then turns his attention back to the now-naked Richard. "Hang your clothes up. And bring me your belt." Leaning back in her seat, Darla settles back to watch Spike work. Richard hangs up his clothes on the coat rack and then comes back over with the belt in hand.

"Turn around, and cross your wrists behind you," Spike says. Richard obeys, and Spike uses the belt to strap his wrists together.

Watching, Darla can see that the boy is hard, and shaking with anticipation, or maybe nerves. Catching his eyes, she reaches out and scoops up a fingerful of chocolate mousse. Bringing her finger to her mouth she curls her tongue around it, licking of the mousse with a small moan.

The boy whimpers and moans a bit, watching Darla, and Spike is also watching, his expression hungry and amused all at once.

Turning to face Spike's gaze she flutters her eyelashes, "Where do you want me while you show Richard the life of a Pet?"

Spike looks around the room. "There's a nice couch over there. And perhaps we should both get these clothes off. I have the feeling things could get a little messy." Spike jerks on the loose end of the belt. "On your knees, boy." Richard kneels with a groan and a whimper.

Darla smiles and stands, stepping away from her chair to stand behind Spike's. She rests her hands on his shoulders for a moment, before sliding her hands slowly down his chest, pausing to brush teasingly over his nipples. Taking hold of the hem of his shirt, she pulls the silky material upward to bare the muscles of his abdomen to Richard’s rapt gaze. Spike purrs as Darla touches him, and lifts his arms to let her pull off the shirt. He looks down at the lovely jewel she pierced into him earlier, and over at the kneeling waiter's hungry look.

"We both are bejeweled tonight," He says, as he slides his hands down her legs and lifts up the hem of her gown.

Shaking out the material, Darla carefully drapes the shirt over the back of her chair. She smiles at Spike's comment and holds his eyes as he strips off her dress, leaving her clad only in her body jewels. Spike gingerly folds the dress and places it to join his shirt, eyes travelling over her perfect, lush form, gleaming in the soft light of the room.

Richard whimpers a little, eyes goggling at the sight.

Gratified by the young man's reaction, Darla lifting her arms behind her head, and gives Spike a slow twirl, looking coyly at him beneath her lashes. Spike moans softly. "God, Darla, you are perfect. An absolute temptation."

A soft smile curling her lips, Darla glides towards him, dropping her arms to rest on his shoulders and pressing her breasts against his chest. Pouting and dropping her eyes she says, "One that your sire is all too able to resist."

He shakes his head with a snort. "It's the bloody soul, makes a monk of him."

"But he hurt my feelings," Darla says in a little girl voice, looking up at him with big blue eyes.

Spike looks down and brushes his lips against hers. "We'll make sure he pays for that," Spike says.

Smiling against his lips she asks brightly, "Hurt him for me?"

"Oh yes," Spike whispers. "Anything for you."

"Sweet William." Darla sighs, kissing him sweetly. "Anything?"

"Anything." Spike traces her jaw with one slender finger.

"Fuck the pretty wannabe-Pet for me?" She asks, turning her gaze on the wide-eyed, panting Richard.

Spike chuckles. "Of course. How do you want to see him? Bent over one of the chairs, perhaps?"

"Hmm I don't know. Maybe you should get our Pet to help you?" She replies, sending a wicked smirk towards where Lindsey is peaking out from under the table.

Spike laughs. "Come out here, Pet. I think you're going to get to suck some cock tonight. Not mine, of course." Lindsey groans a bit as he crawls out from under the table, and Richard looks up with a slightly startled glance, then drops his eyes again. Darla's laugh joins Spike's as she rubs herself against Spike's body.

Spike purrs and raises a hand to cup Darla's face. "Would you do me the favor of taking off my pants? I love the feel of your hands on me."

"Of course darling." Darla replies, leaning into his hand for a moment, before gracefully sliding down to kneel at his feet. Unlacing and removing his boots she tosses them aside, and then runs her hands slowly up his leather glad legs to cup and stroke his cock.

Spike groans and presses against her stroking hand. He hardens quickly underneath the leather as she touches him. He looks down at Lindsey and Richard. "You both understand this. When I fuck you tonight, boy, it'll be for her. Because she wants it, because her touch makes me hard."

Looking up at Spike from beneath her lashes, Darla slowly undoes his pants, parting the leather and allowing his hard cock to spring free into the warm air of the room. She holds still to let the Pets get a clear look at the picture Spike makes, his hard cock rising from a nest of dark-gold curls, framed by the dark leather of his trousers.

Spike looks down at Darla and runs a hand through her hair. Both Lindsey and Richard look at Spike, and at the beauty of Darla in front of him.

Sliding the material down to Spike's thighs, Darla leans forward and presses her cheek against Spike's hip, her mouth mere centimeters away from the base of his cock. She breathes deeply through her nose, taking in his scent as much as her human senses can, and breathes out slowly, the air whispering over his balls as she pushes his trousers the rest of the way down to his ankles.

Spike moans at the feel of her cheek against him, her breath over him. He steps out of the pants and reaches down to pull her up to him, kissing her, holding her against him.

Moaning, she leans against him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kisses him back. His hard cock presses against the soft skin of her belly, and she rubs against him.

He purrs as she kisses him and strokes hands down to the small of her back, fingers feathering down onto her ass. "I mean it, you know," He whispers hoarsely. "It's all for you."

Darla moans again as his voice sends shivers down her spine, and her hips buck up against him. "Oh God Will," She whimpers, growing wet at his words and the feel of him.

Spike nuzzles down onto her neck. "Sure you don't want to use the Pet yourself while I fuck the boy for you?"

"Maybe we can both use him?" Darla suggests, wicked pictures filling her mind. "He can help you get the boy good and ready, and then service me. After all, it's not like the show is for *his* benefit."

Spike chuckles. "I love the way your mind works."

"I'll leave it up to you to direct things, then." Dragging her nails down Spike's chest, Darla steps away. Turning she walks over towards the couch, hips swaying as she moves and the sapphires that dangle from her ass twinkle in the low lights.

Spike watches as she moves. Without taking his eyes from her, he orders, "Pet, bend the boy over a chair and get him ready with your tongue. I want him nice and wet for me."

Richard makes a little whimper as Lindsey gets up and lifts Richard off his knees, bending him over one of the chairs.

Settling on the couch, Darla smiles flirtatiously at Spike as she cups her full breasts, squeezing the flesh roughly. Leaning back she wantonly spreads her legs, baring herself to his hungry gaze. Spike chuckles and walks over to join Darla on the couch, never taking his eyes from the show she presents for him. Lindsey pushes Richard's legs apart and leans over, pressing his tongue between his cheeks.

"Is the boy a virgin?" Darla asks quietly, knowing Spike can smell the innocence if he is. Her eyes flicker across to where Lindsey is rimming Richard.

"Unfortunately not. Not in this town." Spike grins.

"Shame." Darla sighs. "But I suppose that gives you more options to fuck him." Her lips curl up into a smile as she continues, "You could get him to ride you?"

Spike nods. "I could. He'd look pretty, don't you think?"

"Ohhh yes," She replies breathily, one hand trailing down her body to stroke the wet flesh between her thighs. "Very pretty." Spike's eyes follow her hand. He leans forward slightly, and obviously inhales her scent, raising one hand to cup her breast.

"No, if he'd been a virgin, it would have taken a bit more persuasion to get the clothes off."

"You underestimate yourself again Spike. He could have been a complete and utter innocent, never been kissed, and he still would have fallen over himself to do what you asked," Darla replies, arching into his touch.

Spike purrs and strokes over her breast, leaning to kiss the tip of her nipple. "You think so?"

"I do." Darla sighs with pleasure as he kisses her breast, loosing the other and stroking that hand through his hair. Spike moves his other hand to replace hers. He licks across the nipple tip, completely ignoring the two men. Richard is moaning as Lindsey presses his tongue deeper into him.

Dropping her head back on the couch, Darla pushes her breasts up into his caress. Parting her legs further, one thigh slides across his lap as she thrusts two fingers inside herself. Spike moves his mouth from breast to breast, licking and sucking on the sensitive tips. "I'm tempted to leave the two of them to it, and kneel and service you myself."

Darla moans, arching her neck, "Oh God, Will. What you do to me." Drawing her hand from between her legs, she reaches blindly for his cock, wrapping her slick fingers around his length. Spike groans and pushes up into her hands. He pulls back and looks into her eyes. "Think maybe we could have the Pet fuck him instead?"

Her eyes are glazed as she looks back at him. "I don't care what you have them do," She groans. "Just *please* fuck me again. I need you."

Spike leans and kisses her hungrily. "I need you too." He barks, "Pet, over here." He quickly unlocks the cage. "You get a reward. Fuck the boy. Make it good, and you get to cum." Lindsey eagerly pulls off the cage and stalks back over towards the wide-eyed and whimpering Richard.

Moaning as Spike moves away from her, Darla writhes on the couch, her hand sinking between her legs again to stroke over hey sensitive flesh. "Will." She whimpers. Spike comes back and sits on the couch, lifting her easily using his vampiric strength, and lowering her onto his erect cock.

Darla cries out as she slides down his shaft. Her knees are spread wide on either side of him and she leans forwards to rest her hands on his knees for balance. The curve of her ass presses against his hard stomach as she settles all the way down.

Spike groans as he sinks into her tight wetness, and he slides his hands up onto her breasts as she settles against him. "God, Darla, can't get enough of you."

"Me neither." She pants, "Gods, how did I ever manage at Court without you and Dru?" Circling her hips, she moves upwards squeezing her muscles around him, massaging his length as she rises up. Spike groans and raises his hips to meet her downstroke, pushing deeper into her.

He strokes long fingers over the tops of her breasts and her nipples as he cups them in the palms of his hands. He keeps half an eye on the two men as Lindsey is spreading the boy's asscheeks and pressing his hard cock against the pucker.

Darla's dilated gaze settles on the show across the room as she moves in Spike' lap. "Can't believe we've been generous enough to let our Pet fuck the boy." She moans as Spike's cock stretches her again and again.

Spike chuckles. "Well a bit of a reward, now and then, shouldn't spoil him too much. Besides, he has to watch me fuck you at the same time instead of getting to lick you as he was going to."

"Hmm. Yes, good point." As she moves up and down, the jewels that she's wearing tickle along his shaft and balls. "Or at least it would be if he was watching us." Darla moans again as Spike's next thrust goes even deeper, making her breath catch.

Spike purr-growls and pulls her closer against his chest. "At this point I don't really care about what either of them do. I only want you."

Dropping her head back onto his shoulder, Darla mewls as the changed angle means every inch of his cock rubs across her g-spot as he thrusts inside her. "Oh God!"

Spike holds her against him as he thrusts hard and deep into her. He licks across her shoulder. "You're a goddess," he moans.

"If I am then, you must be Adonis himself," Darla replies breathlessly, shifting her legs so that her feet rest on his knees as she moves in counterpoint to his thrusts. Her hands drop to knead at the muscles of his thighs.

Spike purr-growls again, nipping into her creamy flesh lightly with blunt teeth. His hands keep caressing and squeezing her breasts. He rubs his face against her skin, possessively marking her with his scent.

Darla whimpers at the little nips, arching her neck up and back so she can press her damp cheek against his. "I love fucking you. The feel of your cock inside me, filling me just right," Darla moans.

"I love being inside you, the feel of you around me. No one else has ever been like you." He licks across her cheek.

The groans and grunts and whimpers of the two men are just background music. Neither Spike nor Darla takes any note of them.

Chuckling through her moans, Darla says, "You know? I think I've worked out why we always left the planning to Angelus and Penn."

"Why is that?" Spike asks with an answering chuckle, though he's pretty sure he knows the answer.

"Coz we were too busy fucking like rabbits."

Spike grins and turns her mouth to his in an awkward kiss. "Yes, well, we're Seducers. It's our nature. And why they prized us both so highly."

Answering is too much bother, so Darla simply hums her agreement and concentrates on the kiss, sucking and nipping on his lips and tongue. Spike just melts into the kiss with her, continuing his steady thrusting into her heat. They had their own special bond, the two Seducers. No one else completely understood their passionate natures, the lust and need that formed their very cores.

Darla suddenly grins against his lips. "What?" He murmurs.

"We didn't tell our Pet that he was free to come." She smirks, letting her eyes travel across to where Lindsey is still fucking the boy. The seat of the chair is already streaked with Richard's cum, but the look on Lindsey's face is starting to look more pain than pleasure, as he struggles to hold off his orgasm.

Spike chuckles. "Should we let him, do you think?"

"It's up to you Baby. This is your show remember?" Darla says. Raising her voice she continues, "Do you think he's made up for his disobedience and earned an orgasm yet?"

Spike looks over and appears to consider, a speculative look on his face. "Well he has been very good holding off all this time while we've been ignoring him. You can cum, Pet." Lindsey releases deep inside the boy with a scream as soon as the words are out of Spike's mouth.

At Lindsey's scream, Darla's muscles clench around Spike's cock and she groans loudly. Richard moans and whimpers as Lindsey comes, bucking and grinding against his ass.

Spike kisses Darla again hotly. "Very pretty, wasn't it, my love?" Spike purrs.

"Hmm? Oh yes. A pretty little show. Shame we were too distracted to see it all," She distractedly says before meeting his lips again. Their kisses become hungry as she rides him faster, their flesh slapping together.

Lindsey collapses into a chair and watches the two of them together, completely lost in each other. He leaves Richard bent over the chair, rubbing an absent hand over his ass. He knows his place now. Knows he can never completely be part of their world. But he can't bring himself to leave them. For better or worse, he's utterly theirs.

Pressing one hand between her legs, Darla rubs and plucks at her clit as she starts to moan and whimper into their kisses, sliding down to feel where his cock is thrusting into her, and then back to her clit. Spike covers her hand with his, joining her in rubbing her clit as he moves in and out of her. He nips her lips and kisses down her jaw and onto her neck, his eyes growing gold and his purr-growls sliding to growls.

"Oh God." Darla whimpers again. "So good, so fucking good." Her neck rolls as his lips travel along her jaw and she arches her neck for him. Her cunt is dripping, and her skin is hot and damp with sweat.

He growls again. "God, Darla, it's all I can do not to claim you, not to take you right now." He licks hard across her neck at the pulsepoint.

Her eyes fly open at his words. As they penetrate the haze of pleasure in her mind, she can just picture it. "WILL!" Crying out she comes hard, body arching and writhing against him as she shudders hard over and over.

Her orgasm triggers his own. Her muscles milking him hard as he bucks up into her, bathing her insides with cool seed. His hands hold her tight and close against him, hot flesh against cool.

Darla has barely finished coming when the feel of his cool seed flooding inside her sends her into another peak and she shrieks as she comes again. Spike licks her neck and keeps her close against him as she shakes and quivers on him again. He moves his mouth to her shoulder and bites with blunt teeth, trying to regain control.

Her eyes roll as his teeth dig into her shoulder and she arches even more, the nails of her bracing hand digging painfully into his thigh. Finally her muscles relax and she collapses against him, a damp and sticky pile of Darla-goo, still shivering with pleasure.

Spike relaxes his hold and his eyes slide back to blue. He looks over at Lindsey and Richard. "The two of you. Get cleaned up and dressed, and go bring warm rags and soap and towels so we can get cleaned properly."

Lindsey and Richard both nod, and Lindsey unstraps Richard’s wrists as they get to work.

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