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Sanguine Revival 5/? (Spike/Darla/Lindsey, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
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TITLE: Sanguine Revival 5/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter- Spike/Darla/Lindsey
SUMMARY: This chapter- Spike, Darla, and Lindsey bathe, get ready, discuss plans, and have some hot sex.
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SPOILERS: Through Season 5 BtVS: Fool For Love, and Season 2 Ats: Darla.
WARNINGS: Het sex, m/m slash, threesome(m/m/f), oral sex, bloodplay, piercing, enforced male chastity.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
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Length: 7,994 Words.

Coming up to the door of Lindsey's apartment, Darla pulls out her key. Unlocking the door she leads the way inside. "Lindsey? Are you here?"

Lindsey is pacing, waiting for them to get home. He looks up as they walk in. "Yes Mistress." It's been a long and stressful day.

Dropping her purse on the side she walks over to him. Tilting her cheek she says, "Good evening Pet."

Lindsey moves over, tentatively placing a kiss on her cheek. "Evening Mistress."

Spike comes over and grabs Lindsey from behind, nipping the back of his neck. "Hello Pet."

Lindsey groans. "Evening Master."

Curling up on one end of the sofa Darla instructs Lindsey to tell Spike what he told her on the phone earlier. Spike pulls Lindsey over to the couch and sits him between them. He handles Lindsey a little roughly, forcing his movements.

Lindsey can tell the chip is gone. He shivers a little as he speaks. "Holland Manners is complaining that Darla isn't doing her job, making Angel dark. He wants her in to speak to her about her plans to take care of him now."

"When does he want to see me?"


Darla hisses slightly annoyed, and not a little nervous. "Where?"

"At his office." Lindsey sighs. "I'm worried, Mistress."

Rubbing one hand over her eyes Darla agrees. "I'm worried too. Wolfram and Hart are too powerful to disregard. Do you know if Holland is speaking for the Senior Partners or from his own position?"

Lindsey shakes his head. "Sorry, Mistress, I don't know."

Spike reaches across to Darla. "M'coming with you."

Darla smiles at Spike, "Thank you Darling. We can see if they know about the chip being gone already. If not it'll be interesting to see how he reacts."

Spike nods. "It should be. M'not letting them hurt you."

Smiling again she squeezes his hand. "Any ideas about what to tell them? I don't want to reveal *all* our plans."

Lindsey sighs. "Well...Mistress...If I could suggest?" Turning to face him more fully Darla indicates he should continue. "You could simply offer the idea of you and Spike double-teaming Angel."

"We could." She nods. "Would he be willing to accept that our plans are more long term - with the intent of making sure his soul cannot be returned?"

Lindsey's eyes widen. "You can't tell him that! They don't want him soulless. They want him souled and evil."

Perplexed Darla asks, "Why do they want him *souled*? I was under the impression they wanted Angelus? And an alliance with him."

"They need him souled for the prophecy, about the apocalypse. A souled vampire decides it. Either he fights for good or for evil. They want him souled and evil."

Blinking Darla looks at Spike, "Well, that certainly makes things more complicated."

Spike nods. "We need to lie to them. Tell them what they want to 'ear. Because how we start this will look very much like what they want."

"With the double approach of destroying both Angel and the slayer's groups you mean?"

Spike nods. "And the way we'll be tempting Angel to try to get the soul gone."

"We need to make more concrete plans as to what we want to do with each person," Darla says musingly. "But first, what time does Holland 'request' my presence?"

Lindsey looks at his watch. "8 p.m. About two hours from now."

"That gives us enough time to plan a little, and decide what exactly to tell him. And time to get ready." Darla nods. Standing she sends a coy look over her shoulder. "I think I might plan better in that lovely big bathtub of yours Lindsey. How about you boys?"

Lindsey moans and nods. "Yes Mistress."

Spike grins and gets up to follow, hands on Darla's hips. "I'm game."

Entering the bathroom Darla strips off quickly, turning around in Spike's arms. "Lindsey. Run the bath."

Lindsey nods. "Yes Mistress." He bends over to start running the bath.

Spike pulls Darla close, kissing her. "God you're breathtaking, Darla."

Running her hands up from his waist, taking his T-shirt with her Darla leans forward to press her mouth to his chest, "And you're not?"

Spike chuckles. "Well then we both are."

Stripping his shirt up over his head Darla presses her breasts against his chest. "We must be." She giggles.

Lindsey turns and watches the two of them with a pang of jealousy. "Should I strip, Mistress?"

"Of course." Darla replies distractedly. "You can't get in the bath with your clothes on can you?" With that she starts to undo Spike's jeans, pushing them down over his hips.

Lindsey sighs and starts removing his clothes. Spike smiles at Lindsey's distress, leaning to kiss Darla and stroke his hands over her hips. Returning the kiss briefly Darla drops to her knees to untie and remove his boots and jeans, resting her face against his thigh. Spike moans and strokes her hair as she works, moving as he needs to. He licks his lips and begins to harden.

Kissing up Spike's thigh, Darla pauses to nuzzle at his balls and hardening cock, running her tongue up it's length before pressing kisses to his stomach. Her kisses trail up the muscles of his abdomen and onto his chest as she stands. Taking a nipple into her mouth she laves it a little before nipping at the tiny nub.

"Now," she says,wrapping her arms around his neck. "Plans. We've decided that the Slayer is to die, after lots of pain and suffering. And that her Watcher is to be turned, so that you can take your revenge on him eternally." Pulling his head down she kisses him hotly, obviously pleased by the thoughts of their revenge.

Spike kisses her back with equal fervor. "Yeah. So far, so good." He smiles with a cruel twist to his lips. "Giles will 'ave an interesting experience being my childe."

Letting him take her weight, Darla brings her legs up to wrap around his waist. "I can't wait to see you bugger the bastard dry."

Spike holds her easily. "You are such a lovely wicked woman. Yeah, I have a long list of torments in mind for him. And of course you are more than welcome to watch... and help."

"Lovely... generous... man," she says between hard kisses to his mouth. "So... good... to... me."

"I intend t'keep on being good to you." His hard cock is pressing against her outer lips. "Very good, if you'll let me."

"God yes." She moans, rocking against the tip of his shaft and stomach, curling one hand into his hair and drawing him into a long, hot, wet kiss. Spike tangles his tongue with her, making an intricate dance.

Lowering her just a bit, he lets his cock impale her bit by bit. Darla groans as he lowers her onto his shaft, the slow penetration delicious.

Spike works up into Darla, his hands gripping tightly on her ass, feeling the soft skin and firm flesh in his hands. He can feel her warmth, smell her blood. His eyes slide golden as his demon responds to her.

Running her tongue along his teeth she laps at his still-human canines as she flutters the muscles of her cunt around his cock. Spike groans at her manipulations, bucking up into her and letting his fangs slide out. He can't help it. She's family and his demon hungers for her.

Moaning with satisfaction Darla wraps her tongue around one fang, sucking on it. Switching to the other she lets it graze her tongue a little, a few drops of blood pooling between their joined mouths.

Spike purr-growls at the incredible sensations of her tonguing his fangs. They're so sensitive, extended like this. He savors the drops of blood like little bits of nectar, and bucks up into her again.

Pulling away from the kiss, Darla catches her breath. "Lindsey, come here."

Lindsey comes over, panting a little from watching them, hard in his enclosure. "Yes Mistress?"

Letting go of Spike's neck, knowing her can hold her up, she reaches out to pull Lindsey behind her. Leaning back against him she draws his hands around her waist. "Brace me." Raising her hands she wraps them around his neck, causing her back to arch away from Spike's chest, thrusting her breasts upwards.

He holds her as he's instructed. At least he's getting to touch her. It's excruciating, though, only being used to brace her so Spike can have her. Spike leans down to those perfect offered breasts and kisses them, licks them, nips at the peaked flesh.

Gasping at the nips, Darla flexes her muscles, undulating between the two men, pressing down on Spike's cock. Spike growls and pushes back harder, into her. He lets his fangs gently brush against her nipples, scraping just enough to raise pearls of blood.

Whimpering at the stinging little pains, and the ache in her stretched cunt as he thrusts into her she moans "Fuck me baby. Fuck me, so good." He growls again, possessively, a low sound of lust and desire, as he presses hard into her and starts to pump his hips.

"Yesss Ssspike." She hisses, nails digging into the back of Lindsey's neck. Lindsey whimpers and moans at the bite of nails, and his guts twist inside. Spike can offer Darla everything he can't. Like Angel, but without the guilt and the self-righteousness.

Spike looks up at Lindsey with feral eyes, growling. He can smell Lindsey's desire and right now Lindsey can't have her. Darla moans loudly. Spike's possessive behavior sends a thrill through her and a rush of heat as her cunt floods with wetness around his cock.

The vampire's attention is pulled straight back to Darla. Golden eyes stare into hers as he nuzzles her neck, right over where he has bitten, and pounds harder and deeper into her.

Whimpering and moaning Darla arches against his thrusts, her shoulders pushing against Lindsey's chest, her head on his shoulder. Her hands move to knead Spike's pecs, scratching at his skin and across his nipples.

Spike moans at the attentions to his nipples and chest. He opens his mouth to tease with fangs on her soft skin, raising drop after drop of blood as his cock keeps pounding into her.

Raising her head she looks into his golden eyes. His fangs on her skin and lips painted the faintest red with her blood. How can she do anything but come hard at the sight? And she does, writhing, waves of pleasure making her pant and whimper.

Spike feels her insides flutter and tighten on him, and he lets go, howling, hands gripping her ass tight as he thrusts a last few times. His howl of release seems to vibrate down her spine as his release shoots high into her body and Darla shakes as she comes again, gasping for breath, clinging to the men with arms and legs.

Letting his human face come back, Spike kisses her, pulling her back to him. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders she returns the kiss moaning deeply, still shivering a little with her pleasure.

"Shall we bathe now?" Spike asks with a little grin.

Giggling she lets her head drop to his shoulder, "That'd be a good idea. I don't think I can stand." Spike walks to the bath and steps in with his characteristic grace, sitting down in the water with Darla wrapped around him.

Sighing at the warmth of the water Darla lets her legs drop from his waist, settling against him with his cock still inside her. "Come get in Lindsey. We need to continue our plans."

"Yes Mistress." Lindsey gets in, hissing a little as the water hits the scratches on him.

"How are we going to persuade Holland that we want the same thing for Angel as Wolfram and Hart?" Darla asks, resting her head on Spike's shoulder.

Spike grins. "Well, obviously we wouldn't want an insane Angelus on the loose now, would we?"

"Good point." Darla replies dryly. "But will Holland believe that we're stupid enough not to think of safeguarding his sanity? Lindsey?"

Lindsey nods. "He will. He...has a problem with underestimating the intelligence of others."

"Well that will certainly make things easier. Between the three of us we should be able to come up with a number of things that he won't expect."

Lindsey nods, grateful to actually be included in the planning. Spike chuckles. "Powerful men like that are used to 'earing people agree with them. 'e'll see what 'e wants to see if we make the right noises."

Darla nods her agreement to Spike's words. Leaning back from his chest she turns around on his lap so she can face Lindsey where he sits near them. "And as for our real plans...?"

Lindsey looks at Darla. "What *are* our real plans?"

Smirking at Lindsey she kisses Spike's jaw. "William darling, do you think you may be able to carry off the act of still having the chip around the Slayer and her minions?"

Spike nods. "M'certain I can."

"Well in that case, I may have the start of a plan."

Spike grins. "Oh, please, let me hear."

Darla starts to explain, "I noticed when I was in Sunnydale before... well, before. That the Slayer's strength comes from having her friends around her..."

Spike chuckles. "Liking this plan already."

"Perhaps the best way to destroy her, and torment her in the meantime, is to remove those friends one, by, one." Darla punctuates the last words with kisses along Spike's jawline.

Spike purrs and strokes Darla hair as she kisses him. "Perfect. We should start with Captain Cardboard, I think."

Lifting her head to meet his eyes Darla says with amusement "Captain Cardboard? Who might that be?"

"Riley. One of those government soldier-boys that captured me so the scientists could cook my noggin. Buffy's shaggin' him."

Darla eyes glint with anger that quickly changes to maliciousness. "Two-for-one then. Remove one of the slayer's friends and get revenge on him for the chip." Smiling cruelly she continues, "I think his actions warrant a great deal of long term suffering."

Spike nods and purrs. "Oh yeah. Love to see that big block of wood suffer and scream."

"We'd have to be careful of course, not to do too much damage too quickly." Darla said with slight disappointment. "Unless... unless we go about things in such a way that he'll return to a healed state periodically,” she said slowly, with a growing smile.

Spike nods. "Mmmm. Lots of ways t'go about that."

"Any suggestions Lindsey? For one of the bastards who hurt your Master?"

Lindsey thinks. "I can probably find a supplier for healing elixir. It won't be cheap, but it can be gotten."

Pleased with his suggestion she asks, "Could we get hold of the recipe?"

Lindsey shakes his head. "Probably not. Besides, it takes a really skilled alchemist to make it."

Turning to Spike she brings up the subject of the witches and the watcher that were mentioned the night before. Where any of them powerful or skilled enough?

"Alchemy's a whole different bag, luv. Though they might be powerful enough t'do the 'ealing directly, working together."

Pouting a little Darla drops her head to his shoulder. "We'll we can always use a number of different methods according to our resources. Are there any other members of the bitch's group who we haven't mentioned?"

"Well there's Anya and Xander."

"Who are?" Darla prompts, squirming around in Spike's lap, rubbing against him. Reaching her feet across the bath she rests them on Lindsey's thighs.

Spike wraps arms around her and strokes over her belly. "Xander's an unassuming young chap with no powers, and Anya is the ex-vengeance demon he's shacked up with."

Blinking with surprise Darla questions "Ex? Vengeance demon? I didn't think there was any such thing?"

"Yeah. Dunno the details, but she's human now."

"Poor girl." Darla says with complete sympathy.

Spike nods. "Yeah. Gotta be terrifying."

Nodding Darla curls closer. "To suddenly be so weak after the strength that comes with being a vengeance demon, or vampire." Shaking herself she asks, "What was her specialty?

"Vengeance for wronged women."

Breaking into giggles Darla presses her face to his chest. "Oh the irony. If only she were still active I could call vengeance on your sire."

Spike chuckles. "That *is* irony. But 's more satisfying t'get our own revenge, don't you think?"

"Oh yes." She nods, "*Much* more... satisfying." Leaning her back against the side of the bath she arches her spine, pushing her rump down against his cock. Spike groans and pushes back against her. Lifting her knees she lets them drop open. "So what do you think we should do about... Anya and Xander?"

Spike ponders. "Not certain. Xander's never really hurt me all that much. More like semi-friendly insults back and forth. And Anya's always been nice. We're in sort of the same boat, she and I. Oh, and there's Joyce. Buffy's mum. She's always been nice t'me. Even before the chip. And Dawn, the Slayer's little sister. Sweet and very taken with me."

Darla listens to the tone of Spike's voice as her talks of the Slayer's family and barely prevents a sigh of exasperation. The boy has obviously gotten attached. She remembers the Slayer's mother, the taste of her blood - it was lovely. Sweet and still full of youth, with a sharp tang of something extra below. Frowning a little she tries to remember the sister. "Sister? I don't remember her having a sister when I was in Sunnydale?"

"Yeah. She's always had a sister." Spike looks at Darla in puzzlement.

"Why don't I remember her? My sire's spies never mentioned her and there were only two scents in the house."

Spike furrows his brow. "That's odd. Very odd. You certain?"

"Yes." Darla nods. "Could she have lived elsewhere until recently? Isn't the father still around somewhere?" She suggests.

Lindsey nods in agreement with Spike. "She's always had a sister living with her, Darla."

"That's strange and a little... suspicious. Could my memories have been affected while I was... gone?" Darla asks, still disconcerted.

Spike blinks, and his eyes widen. "No. Maybe *ours* have." Briefly he explains about Glory and the Key she is looking for.

"And this Glory is just running around Sunnydale? Nobody has made any move to stop, or approach, her? The Watchers? Wolfram and Hart?" She asks worried. This being could cause harm to them and their plans.

"So far s'just been Buffy and her friends."

Turning to Lindsey Darla asks him how Wolfram and Hart view such powerful players, especially those not involved with themselves. Lindsey shakes his head. "I'm not privy to the Senior Partners' thoughts on everything. I don't know."

"Well, we'll have to bear her presence in mind." She says. Changing the subject she returns to their plans. "You have become very fond of these humans that surround the Slayer haven't you William?"

Spike smiles a little ruefully. "Some of them, yeah."

"You've not changed at all. Still so very human. Always needing new companionship." She sighs fondly stroking her hand through the curls that in the humidity of the bathroom have escaped the gel he wears.

Spike drops his eyes a little and sighs. "Yeah, Darla. I know, m'weak that way."

"I've never said it made you weak." She points out.

He looks up into her eyes. "They were nice. They din't have t'be. They liked me. They treated me like a person, and not a thing. Made all the rest bearable."

"My darling," Darla murmurs, pulling his head down to rest on her chest. "My poor Baby." Pressing kisses to his hair and stroking over the skin of his shoulders she continues. "Then their kindness to you has spared them from our revenge."

Spike purrs at Darla's touch and her words. "Thank you. M'glad. Din't want to hurt them."

"Then we shan't. We'll see about turning the witches as you suggested, and see what can be done about the others." Bringing his mouth to hers she kisses him gently. Trailing kisses along his jaw she whispers in his ear, "I think we need to turn our minds to something more enjoyable. Cheer you up. What do you say?"

Spike moans and nods. "I think so too." His hands stroke up her back, and move around to cup her breasts.

Grabbing the bottle of oil that they used the night before, she passes it to Lindsey. "Kneel up Pet. Prepare yourself for your Master." She instructs.

Lindsey grabs the bottle with a whimper. "Yes Mistress." He pours oil on his fingers and starts working it into him.

Spike smiles and chuckles, kissing Darla. "Want t'watch me buggering our Pet then?"

Nodding Darla smiles, "After all one must make sure that new pets know who they belong to as often as possible." Sliding off his lap she strokes her hands down his chest and stomach, wrapping them both around his cock.

Spike groans and presses his half-hard cock into her grip. "Oh yeah."

Lacing her fingers together she stokes firmly up and down a few times, before one hand moves down to cup and massage his balls. Leaning close she nips at his ear. "Fuck him hard baby. I want to see it. Want to hear your balls smacking against his ass."

Spike chuckles and nuzzles along her cheek. "I will, sweet Darla. I'll split the little Pet in two."

Moaning she presses her cheek back against his. "Gods yes. Just the thought..." Taking his hand she presses it between her legs. "...See how wet it makes me?"

Spike moves his fingers a bit in her and feels her wetness even in the water and moans a little. "God I love you Darla." His fingers in her and his words make her moan louder as she gets wetter, her cunt squeezing his fingers.

"I love you too Will."

He kisses her hard and then moves over behind Lindsey, pulling his hands out and pinning them to the sides of the tub as he starts roughly pressing his cock into Lindsey, no gentleness at all. Lindsey whimpers and moans as Spike stretches his ass tight over his huge cock. Darla watches eagerly, eyes glittering and panting a little in excitement.

Spike revels in his new freedom. He pushes harder, rougher, almost tearing Lindsey, his hands gripping bruisingly tight on Lindsey's wrists. Lindsey whimpers and whines with the pain but doesn't dare resist the master vampire.

Pushing up to sit on the corner ledge where the huge tub touches two walls, Darla leans back. Legs spread she slides a hand between them. She's so wet watching this that three fingers slide inside her easily, soon joined by a fourth as she fingers herself harshly. Moaning she brings her other hand to her breasts, rolling and pinching one nipple and then the other.

The water sloshes with the force of Spike’s movements as he starts a brutal, punishing rhythm in and out of Lindsey, the slap of wet flesh loud. Lindsey is crushed against the side of the tub over and over, crying out and whimpering in the pain and pleasure of it.

Hips rolling in time with Spike's thrusts into Lindsey Darla can feel herself approaching orgasm already, her juices coating the hand between her legs. "Yesss," She hisses. "Fuck him good Baby."

Lindsey is helpless to do anything but ride out the brutal fucking. He loves it, but his cock is constrained. Held in the chastity device, he can't fully harden, and there's no way he can cum. He whimpers and keens still more in his frustration.

The delicious sounds from Lindsey and the slapping of their bodies together. The knowledge that Lindsey can't possible cum and how desperate he must be, how more desperate he will become sends Darla into a first orgasm. Her cries echo off the tiled walls, piercing.

Spike purr-growls in happy approbation at Darla's orgasmic cries. He keeps taking Lindsey, all his repressed anger and tension boiling up, and poor Lindsey the recipient of it. He manages to keep from causing actual damage, but he pushes right to the edge. Lindsey will be raw and sore as hell when Spike finishes with him.

Coming down slightly Darla stares at them through dilated eyes, glazed with lust. Reaching forward she grabs Lindsey's hair with the hand covered in her juices. Tugging she says to Spike, "Move him over here." Spike pauses long enough to comply with Darla's instructions, pulling Lindsey over to Darla.

Still gripping his hair harshly she pushes his face between her spread thighs. "Lick me." She orders. Holding her other hand out to Spike she urges him to lean over Lindsey, leaning forward herself to meet his kiss.

Lindsey tries to comply with Darla's orders, licking her as best he can while Spike so viciously impales him. Spike purrs as he leans forward and kisses Darla, tasting her warmth and sweetness.

Spike's harsh thrusting pushes Lindsey hard into her, his nose bashing against her clit and she groans against Spike's mouth as he keeps kissing, nibbling hungry kisses as he keeps thrusting hard into Lindsey's tight ass.

Lindsey whimpers into Darla's wetness as he keeps licking, being thoroughly used at both ends. Grinding her hips against Lindsey's face, Darla comes hard again - so hard she can't help but bite Spike's lip hard enough to draw blood as she screeches against his mouth.

Spike groans hard as Darla bites his mouth, feeling and tasting the blood pass between them as he keeps abusing poor Lindsey. He thrusts hard a few last times and cums hard, deep inside Lindsey, the cool fluid providing a little relief for his bruised insides.

Licking the drops of blood from her lips she pulls away gasping for breath. Dropping her eyes to the sight of Spike's cock still thrusting in and out of Lindsey's cum leaking hole she groans again. "So hot, look at him, being fucked so hard and yet he was, is, practically begging for more. Such a dirty little cock slut."

Spike chuckles. "He is. Filthy little whore. A very apt Pet."

Pulling harshly at Lindsey's hair she pulls his eyes up to meet hers. "That's true isn't it Pet? You're a dirty cock-loving whore for us."

Lindsey whimpers and shivers. "Yes Mistress."

Grinning wickedly at him she asks, "You'd be happy if your Master's cock could be inside you *all the time* wouldn't you? So hungry for it. Hmm?"

Lindsey closes his eyes in humiliation. "Yes Mistress." Darla loved this. Love dragging out every secret from him. Making him admit his weaknesses.

Shaking him slightly by the hair she orders, "Say it. Say what you are. What you like, want."

"I'm a dirty little cock whore. I want Master's cock in me always. Want to crawl for you both, do whatever you desire."

Smiling widely Darla speaks lowly, "Good Pet. I'd best give you some of what you want then." With that she pushes his face back into her dripping quim.

Lindsey moans into her, licking and pressing his tongue deep into her. Spike is still hard, just keeping himself in Lindsey, not moving at the moment, just watching the two of them and moving his hands to caress her breasts.

Arching into Spike's hands she meets his eyes. Smirking at him she bucks her hips up hard against Lindsey's face holding him to her. "Do you want your Master to fuck you again Pet?"

Lindsey's ass is raw and sore, and his cock unbearably hard in his constraints. But he does, he knows. He wants Spike to fuck him again. He nods and moans into Darla.

"Then you need to persuade him to. Use that pretty little ass and your muscles to convince him," She says.

Spike chuckles at Darla's sweet torture of poor helpless Lindsey. His fingers move to stroke and twist and pull slightly on peaked flesh.

Lindsey groans and begins to move his ass, squeezing down as hard as he can with tender flesh on Spike's hard cock, whimpering with the pain of it.

"That's it slut. Fuck yourself on that big cock, beg him with your need," Darla moans. The harsh touch on her breasts passes straight down to her cunt and her clit pulses. Grinding on Lindsey's clever tongue, a stream of juices coats his tongue and mouth. Lindsey laps up her juices as he keeps trying to tempt Spike to fuck him again. Spike groans softly at the feel of Lindsey on him and he moves just a little, then a little more.

Arching her head against the wall Darla asks, moaning and panting herself, "What do you think Spike? Does he deserve another fucking?"

Spike considers and purrs. "Could be. Not to cum, of course, but I think that tight arse deserves another good shag."

Chuckling breathlessly at his answer she bucks her hips against Lindsey's mouth again. As she does his tongue brushes over her g-spot and she comes hard again suddenly, shuddering and gasping. Lindsey moans again as Darla's juices flood his mouth, and groans as Spike starts fucking him suddenly in earnest.

Shakily Darla lifts her feet, resting them on the side of the bath and raising her hips slightly. Pushing Lindsey's head down a little she tells him to lick her asshole Letting go of his hair finally, she braces her hands on the side of the bath beside her hips.

Lindsey moves his tongue down and circles her delicate pucker, slowly pushing his tongue inside her, feeling the muscles contract around his tongue as he pushes. Moaning at the wet penetration Darla starts to rock her hips. Meeting Spike's aroused gaze she groans again at the heat in his dilated eyes.

Spike is viciously assaulting Lindsey's ass as he leans more forward still again to stroke long fingers over Darla's skin, feeling her heat, her soft skin.

"Will!" Darla gasps, her skin shivering at his touch.

"Darla," Spike moans in return. "God, love the feel of you."

" the feel of your hands on me."

Lindsey whimpers. He's between them, being thoroughly used, but their minds are full only of each other.

"Can't wait till I'm a vampire again, so you can fuck me hard like this." She moans eyes once more on his cock pounding Lindsey's sore hole.

Spike moans. "Fuck yeah. Want to bury myself in you, us bite each other, demons entangled, auras entangled."

Whimpering Darla grinds against Lindsey's mouth once more. "Yes, Will! Need it. Need you."

Spike nods and his hands move a little firmer on her body, more insistent. "God Darla. Can't hardly wait."

Moaning louder at his firm touch she brings up one hand from where it was bracing her to bring her fingers to rub at her clit, needing to cum again. "Gonna be strong again. Fuck and love like vampires should."

"I swear, you will. We will."

"YES." Crying out she comes again, ass muscles squeezing Lindsey's tongue hard.

Lindsey groans as he feel her cum, his tongue still thrusting, his ass being impaled over and over again on Spike's relentless cock. Spike holds his hands on Darla as she cums.

"WILL!" She cries. Relaxing she meets his eyes, hips still rocking, "Cum for me! Fill that slut’s arse."

Spike howls and thrusts in hard, staying in deep as he shakes and shudders and lets go. Darla gasps, eyes wide. "Gods. So hot baby. So pretty when you come."

Spike groans and slumps back, sliding out of Lindsey's abused ass and resting in the warm water. "God. Sweet arse on our little pet."

"He licked me very nicely. Was he a good boy for you? Do you think he deserves a reward?" Lifting Lindsey's head from between her legs she smiles sweetly at him.

Spike nods. "Yeah. 'e's been good. Give him a little something, Darla. Poor boy is panting for you." Lindsey's blue eyes look up at her pleadingly, full of want and need.

"Come here then Lindsey, kneel up." She says, showing a little mercy. "Going to show you something. Let you do something for me."

Lindsey moves as she instructs. "Yes Mistress."

"Wrap your arm around my waist." Taking his other hand she presses it between her legs she tells him the put two fingers inside her and his thumb on her clit. Lindsey moves in close, loving the chance to feel her body against his at last, as his other hand is inside her.

Wrapping one arm around his shoulders, she braces the other against the tub. "Now, keep rubbing and pressing at my g-spot. I'll tell you when to stop." Lindsey's fingers move in and find that spongy spot and start to work. Spike reclines in the hot water, watching them both.

Gasping as he starts to rub she presses her head against the tiles, arching her back and pressing down against his hand. "That's it." Lindsey keeps stroking, feeling her against him, nuzzling down onto her chest as he keeps stroking inside her.

"Ohhh Mistress..."

"Good Pet." She sighs moaning. Her hips start to writhe. She's so aroused and so wet, it's not gonna take much. She can already feel her insides tensing and quivering. Lindsey's fingers press harder and faster, feeling her tighten. He's trembling as he holds her.

Riding his hand she's getting wetter and wetter. She can feel her orgasm approaching and she starts to whimper, needy and hot. Lindsey moves his mouth to suck in one perfect hard nipple and licks hard across it. He keeps stroking, pushing, rubbing. She's so close, her orgasm's just out of reach. Desperately she wraps her legs around him to brace herself and brings her bracing hand to press down on her abdomen, just above her curls.

"Don't stop," She moans. Lindsey keeps up his attentions, daring a little to just lightly nip on the pearled nipple between his teeth. The bite is enough. Slamming into orgasm, she screams loudly. Her hips snap upwards and the built up pressure is released as a jet of cum squirts out of her grasping cunt, soaking Lindsey's hand and spraying against his stomach. Lindsey groans as gasps as he feels it. Knowing he did that, that he was able to give her that pleasure.

Gasping and whining she pushes his hand away from her overstimulated flesh. "Stop! Stop." She's still shuddering, internal muscles spasming as her body shakes in his embrace.

Lindsey drops his hand, still holding her close. "Ohhh Mistress thank you!"

Collapsing against him she whimpers, breathing harshly. Lindsey enjoys the feel if her in his arms. He strokes her back and holds her. Darla curls closer into him. Despite of the humidity of the room she starts to shiver. "We need to get ready." She mumbles against his chest.

Lindsey nods as Spike gets out of the bath, helping the two of them out. Lindsey gets a towel and starts drying Darla.

Leaning heavily against Spike as Lindsey dries her, Darla tries to help, but her limbs still feel weak and shaky from her series of huge orgasms and the sheer power of the last one, so she's not much use.

Spike cradles Darla. "Need a little pick-me-up, luv?" Rolling her head on his shoulder she murmurs her affirmative. Spike turns Darla to him, cutting a wound on his chest and cupping the back of her head.

Pressing her mouth to the small wound eagerly, Darla moans at the taste of his blood. Even to her dulled senses it tastes sweet and strong. Spike moans lightly as she sips the offered blood. There's something sensual about it, even if there is no contact of demons. He strokes her hair as she drinks. After a moment the cut is already healed, but even that small amount of blood is enough she knows, and it will take only a few minutes for it to take effect.

Darla wraps her arms around his waist, resting her cheek against his lean chest. "Thank you Darling."

"You're welcome, luv. Want you t'be your best for when we deal with this lawyer. Can't trust any of them." He snickers as Lindsey starts, then realizes Spike is trying to bait him.

Smiling at the by-play, Darla strokes the small of his back, scratching lightly. "This one is especially treacherous."

Spike chuckles and moans all at once. "I can believe it."

Lifting her head she nuzzles along his jaw. "When we've finished at Wolfram and Hart. We can get you fed properly. You can hunt."

Spike purr-growls at that and his eyes flash gold. "A good and proper hunt. I've missed it."

"I can't wait to see you in action again." Darla breathes against his neck. "Are coming to watch Spike hunt Lindsey?"

Lindsey ducks his head. "What does Mistress want?"

Turning to him, eyes bright with amusement Darla says approvingly, "Oh *very* good. You are learning aren't you? That every choice you have is no longer yours. That everything you do is at our will."

Lindsey whimpers and shifts. "Yes Mistress."

"Good Pet," She says. Smiling up at Spike she asks, "Perhaps, if he continues so well, we *may* let him come sometime before work tomorrow?"

Spike considers and nods. "Perhaps."

Darla smiles sweetly back at Lindsey. "See, if you're very good, you'll always be rewarded." She flashes a wicked grin. "Well, mostly. When we feel like it."

Lindsey nods and moans. "Thank you Mistress."

Patting him on the cheek Darla smiles again before walking out of the bathroom calling over her shoulder, "We should go out after the meeting. You need to try out your freedom Spike."

Spike smiles. "Yeah. A nice hunt, I think. Feel like going to a club?"

"Oh yes." Darla sighs, almost purring. "It's been so long since I've seen you hunt. You were always wonderful to watch in a crowd."

Spike comes over to Darla, pulling her into an embrace. "And I want t'dance with you. Been entirely too long."

"And I you." Wrapping her arms around his neck once more, Darla nuzzles along his cheek. "Remember what I said I wanted to happen the first time you hunted without the chip?"

Spike nods and purrs. "Oh yeah. Fully intend t'give you your wish."

"I can't wait." She says rubbing against him. "Help me dress?"

"Of course, luv," Spike kisses her softly and lets her go, walking with her to the closet.

Walking into the closet Darla trails her fingers along her clothes. Dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, corsets, trousers. "Anything you want to particularly want to see me in?" She asks coyly.

Spike puts his hand on a dark blue dress with a slit up the side. "You always looked smashing in blue."

Taking down the dress she holds it up against herself. "You want me to wear this?" She looks down at the dress and smoothes her hand down the blue satin. Looking back up at him through lowered lashes she asks "And what shall I wear underneath it for you?"

Spike purrs and licks his lips. "I'm tempted to say just the jewelry." Hanging the dress up on a small hook on the wall she slowly runs a hand down her chest and stomach.

"If that's what you want Will. After all we're celebrating your freedom," She says huskily. "Why don't you go choose me some and put it on me?"

Spike smiles with a glitter in his eyes and moves to look through the jewelry. He comes back with a matching set with sapphires. "To match your eyes," he says.

"Such a lovely compliment. You've always been such a silver-tongued charmer." Arching her shoulders she thrusts her breasts forward for him to attach the breast jewels. Spike gently strokes her nipples to hardness and then slides on the jewels, one at a time.

"Really they're no match for your eyes, luv. But you should always be adorned."

Darla's eyes dilate at the gentle touch followed by the slight pinch of the clips. "And people say Angelus was a smooth talker." She smiles. Leaning against the wall she lifts one leg, hooking her knee over his hip.

Spike reaches down and very carefully works on the pussy jewels, placing it so the chain will rub across her clit. "God, love the thought that these will be on you all night."

Rubbing against his hand as he starts to pull away Darla murmurs her agreement. "For you." Using the leg on his hip to draw him closer she rubs against him again, the dangling sapphires rubbing across the skin over his hipbone. "Just these ones?" She asks batting her eyes. "Or do you want to adorn my asshole too?"

Spike groans a little. "You'd wear that all night for me?"

"Of course darling. I want to look good and be bejeweled for you," Darla replies. "You've been so wonderful to me these last days."

Spike strokes a hand across her cheek. "You've been just as good t'me." He calls back to Lindsey to bring over the piece he wants to use. Darla leans into the caress for a moment.

Dropping her leg Darla turns around. Crossing her arms on the wall she leans forward pushing her ass out towards him and parting her legs. Spike runs a hand down her back and then strokes over her soft curvaceous ass. He slowly pushes the jewelry into place. "Perfect."

Darla moans a little as the cool metal slides into her. Standing up she clenches her muscles causing the clip-like insertion to move slightly inside her. She moans again. "It feels real nice." She breathes, "Just that little bit of sensation. Teasing me with the memory of your cock inside me."

Spike nods and purrs, touching the clip. "S'like m'touching you the whole time. Inside you."

Turning around she leans against him, pushing up on tiptoes to kiss his lips. "I know. And when you've hunted, you can put the real thing inside me again." Running her hand down his chest she cups her small hand around his cock. "Will you wear something for me darling?"

Spike nods. "Whatever you like, luv."

Smiling widely she moves over to her jewelry box. "Well decorating your pretty cock isn't on the cards for tonight. We don't want to scare off your prey when you do get to fuck her. But... I have another idea."

Taking something from the box she moves back to him. Dropping to her knees she presses her mouth to his belly button, tonguing it wetly, thrusting her tongue in and out of the small indent. Spike groans as she tongue-fucks his navel. It's always been sensitive and he moves his hands into her hair.

Pulling back she meets his eyes. Opening her hand she shows him what she's holding. In her palm she holds a belly piercing. "I got it for you when I was choosing clothes. Do you like it?"

It is a white gold banana bar. The normal lower ball has been replaced with a claw setting holding a generous sized diamond. The upper ball is diamond cut to catch the light.

Spike smiles and nods, his face lit up. "S'beautiful. Absolutely perfect."

"I'm glad you think so." Darla smiles, relieved. She wasn't sure if her would find it too much. But she couldn't resist buying it for him. "Do you want to put it in yourself straight away or do you need a needle to pierce your skin first?"

"Probably best to pierce the skin first."

Nodding Darla stands up. "Lindsey do you have anything suitable?"

Lindsey nods. "Yes Mistress." He moves off and comes back with a large needle, obviously much too big for sewing."

"Thank you Lindsey." Darla says to him. "Will that do?" She asks Spike.

Spike nods. "Should do."

Taking the needle from Lindsey Darla kneels in front of Spike once more. "Would you prefer me to sterilize?"

Spike shakes his head. "No need."

"Hold this." Darla instructs Lindsey, passing him the piercing. Holding the needle between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, she uses the same fingers of her left to pull slightly on the skin at the top of his belly button.

Looking at it closely, she holds the needle close to the skin, choosing where to make the hole. When she's decided she pushes the needle through the skin and gristle slowly until half the needle has passed through, knowing he'll enjoy the small pain.

Spike hands are in Darla's hair as he watches the whole process, gently stroking and curling in the silken locks. At the little sting of pain, he moans slightly at the thrill that runs through him.

Taking the piercing from Lindsey she unscrews the top and hands it back to him. Removing the needle she quickly slips the curved metal of the banana bar through the hole. Handing Lindsey the needle she swaps it for the ball, which she screws into place.

Leaning forward she laps up the tiny dots of blood off Spike's stomach. She checks her work before asking Spike if he's happy with it. Spike looks down, admiring the glint and sparkle of that diamond in his navel. "I love it, Darla. Thank you so much."

As she stands she bats at the diamond with one finger. "You deserve the best." She smiles. "I bet it'll look wonderful beneath the club lights."

Spike grins. "So what should I wear t'show it off?

Needing no time to think that over Darla immediately replies "Leather jeans. And a skin tight top that'll keep flashing your tummy." Spike grins and goes to get the clothes. He pulls on the soft glove-leather jeans that cling to him like a second skin, and a dark blue silk tank that likewise caresses and shows every curve and muscle.

While Spike dresses, Darla picks out a pair of silk hold up stockings, admiring him all the time. Handing them to Lindsey she orders him to put them on her.

Lindsey kneels and carefully works the silk stocking up each leg, smoothing them, loving getting to touch her legs.

Taking the dress off the hanger, she slips it on over her head, smoothing the satin over her form. It clings to her body and she knows that, once they get to the club, the flashing lights will make it obvious she's not wearing anything underneath.

Spike purrs in satisfaction as he watches Darla slip on the dress. His eyes devour her form and face. So magnetic. He moves over and ghosts his fingers down over her form. "Perfect."

Humming at his praise Darla returns the caress, stroking her fingers over the silk top. "So are you." Smirking she comments "We'll match. Blue-eyed blondes in blue." With a wicked look she continues on to suggest, "Shall we pretend to be brother and sister while we're out? See what kinky individuals we can seduce?"

Spike chuckles and nods. "I love your wicked mind. Yeah. Brother and sister."

Looking at Lindsey with a considering look she asks, "Shall we take our new pet with us? Or should we let him come home after the meeting and get his sleep for work tomorrow?"

Spike looks at Lindsey. "Sleep I think. Want to just concentrate on the hunt and you."

"Very well." She nods. "It's probably best, we don't want him to get into trouble at work for being sleepy. It could get him killed." Spike nods. And Lindsey sighs a little in relief. Much as he is curious about the hunt, he really does need the rest.

Moving swiftly over to Lindsey's clothes Darla picks out another suit and shirt. A more casual outfit than this morning but still smart. Motioning to him to put them on she leads Spike out of the closet and on into the lounge. Spike exits with Darla as Lindsey starts to dress.

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